September Fifteenth; We are Messengers

“Just the messenger.”

That is another line out of the movie “I am Gabriel”.

I have two books published as an indie publisher that are faith based, inspirational poetry. Blessed and Blessed in His Promises. The first is all freestyle poetry and the second is rhyming. Anyway, I was participating in a small town street festival and a lady walked up to my table, she asked if I had written the books. I told her God wrote them, I simply transcribed them to print. I later told a gentleman the same thing at a different event. Both smiled, both nodded. Just, the messenger.

 I share various parts of my life, in my writing, in my conversations. I share how there have been events where I know, that without God, the results would have been very different.

 Christians are instructed through God’s Word, to share the Gospel, the Good news. Yes, that means tell of Christ, His life, His purpose, His gifts to us. We also, need to share, what He has done for us specifically. Share the talents, the abilities, the materials we have, in a way that others see. We are to be the messenger. 

The Bible shares with us the messengers that have played a part in history. Sometimes large, sometimes one small event, all serving the purpose for furthering our knowledge and understanding. Prophets through out the Bible, shared what God wanted known. John the Baptist told of the coming of the Christ. Jesus the Christ, came into a fallen world to save it, to give of God’s mercies and to be the Messenger of understanding and knowledge. The disciples walked with Jesus, learning, growing in understanding and upon Christ’s ascension to Heaven and their receiving of the Holy Spirit, began their quest of sharing the Message. They had become the messengers. We are all, in our own way, messengers. We determine the message we wish to share.

Through our abilities. We can build, we can create, we can educate. Through our words, through our talents, through our actions. Through our faith and trust and letting it shine in our life. We chose. We can build, we can better, or we can not. We can be positive, be an encourager, or we can be the negative destroyer. One smile, on kind word can build a bridge, one ugly word can set it aflame. We can make a day, or we can ruin a day. As we live, as we speak, as we act, we are messengers.

In the time of fast internet, smart phones and the many ways to create and share video, the message we put out, can be shared in an instant. I have seen, that in a world suffering, many are really strongly desiring to see good. It is no longer only the mean, the ugly, and the cruel that becomes a viral sensation, but good as well. Gentleness, kindness, overcome cruel any day.

Love and hope build a bridge. Education, strengthens that bridge. Compassion, strengthens that bridge. Charity, generosity, caring, strongly support that bridge. Accepting that there are so many differences among us, and that those differences are a good thing, support that bridge. Losing the entitlement attitude, makes a better bridge. A more powerful connection and understanding, a better life for all people.

May we all see, and understand our story, and be better messengers. As sojourners in a temporary journey and life, may we share a message of positivity. May we encourage. May we sow the seeds of truth and hope. May we walk in the strength of love and assurance of peace.

May our passions be for peace, for hope, for compassion, for love. May our message be the message of faith, of forgiveness, of salvation.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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13 Responses to September Fifteenth; We are Messengers

  1. John says:

    Great words this morning, Rebecca! All the MSM spreads are bad, bad, and bad. I think they follow the words of the devil.

    • I do what I can to avoid most news any more. If my son happens in and I have the local news on he wants to know why. Usually it is for the weather but then I get the ‘there are apps for that’ lecture. It has got to the point that all so called news is designed to frighten and intimidate. The sky is falling the sky is falling stuff..

  2. DiosRaw says:

    Beautiful expression of your messenger of Love/God, you articulate your words so well to present your message. Uplifting and gems of wisdom. Thank you! 🙏🏻♥️

  3. Wise Hearted says:

    We are all, in our own way, messengers. We determine the message we wish to share. Yes we are and the older I get the more I understand how important the message is. I want to keep it simple and clear, as clear as Jesus did HImself. I am the way, the truth and the light. If you know me you know the Father, Follow me is my favorite message to me from Him. Lovely post.

    • Yes. Absolutely. I have watched a program called the Chosen. Every time Jesus has looked at someone and told them, “Follow me” it has brought chills.

      • Wise Hearted says:

        Same here, He never made it complicated by added to His, follow me such as get baptised then follow me, join the church then follow me, give money then follow me, get busy then follow me. The chosen is the best thing that has ever come out on the life of Christ and the gospel…

  4. I agree. It has given the viewer a better idea of the personality and humanity good and bad, of those called. And you are right, He did it with two words, Follow Me.

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