Day 258; Footnotes Thoughts on Love Like Lauren and Jeep Show and Shine

If you know me, if you have read some of the things I share…you know I am not one to just jump in the car and go. Once upon a time I did. Once upon a time I felt braver. Time and live and events and a bucket full of other reasons, has me hesitant about going out on my own.

Every once in a while, something will come along that brings out the brave in me. One of those things, is fighting cancer. I, am a breast cancer survivor. I know of having lost three aunts, three uncles, and my brother to cancer. I have other relatives and friends who have fought and won. I have friends whom I have lost to cancer. Why did I survive? Why am I still here? I am not sure, but I know one thing, I will use the time I have been given to fight that demon.

 I participate in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event. Our family has a team in memory of my brother. This past year, I was more with our Jeep group than on my own. Still, I did what I could. The American Cancer Society is a big organization. I know from past experience that they take care of many cancer issues.

 But there is something, very special that I am taking a part in. This will be my first time, and I am so excited about being able to do this. The Jeep group that I am a member of, is called Just Jeepin for a Cause. Their main charity, is Love Like Lauren. Named after a daughter of one of the group founders who died due to childhood cancer.

Love Like Lauren – Love Like Lauren

If I have learned anything at all, about the Just Jeepin’ family, they are family. Not only that, they take the Love Like Lauren beyond words, and make it action. They live that love. I have been a part of a few events, and I have watched others from the sidelines. For this family, love is an action verb that is definitely put into action. While they have participated in Relay for Life, Thin Blue Line, remembering first responders, Toys for Tots, showing love to the young on their birthdays with Jeep parades and many other events, fighting childhood cancer is the main beat of their heart. Not only for the children, but their families. Doing what can be done, to help with their needs.

 On October second, their annual Jeep Show and Shine will take place. This is the major fundraiser for Love Like Lauren. There will be vendors of various types, large and not so large. A while back, a local police officer was killed in the line of duty, his cruiser will be there. There will be raffles and many ways to donate. The event and more information can be found on Facebook.  And there will be Jeeps of all sorts, Jeeps with personality. Those who drive those Jeeps, with hearts bigger than the tires on the lifted. Folks who care, who step up, who love to help and who love to have fun. They duck Jeeps, just because and just to bring a smile.

 If you are local, if you may just be passing through, if you know of someone local, all are invited. All are welcome.

Any and all donations are appreciated. There is a donation button on the Love Like Lauren web site.

If you are local, and would like to sponsor the event, or would like to donate something to be raffled off, contact me. I can get it to those in charge of this event. Help a group of Jeep driving folks, of all types (people and jeeps), who are more than friends, they are family. Help them, as they do what they are able, in the fight against childhood cancer and in the helping of those in the battle.

Today, I did something I don’t often do. My son was at work and I was left unattended. I got in my Jeep named Star, and I drove to the location where the Jeep Show and Shine event is going to take place. I parked Star in front of the banner and took a couple of photos. Just as other members of the group have done, and will do in the coming days. The photos have been shared on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Getting the word out, inviting all within sight and sound, to an event done out of love.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to Day 258; Footnotes Thoughts on Love Like Lauren and Jeep Show and Shine

  1. Webb Blogs says:

    I’m not local but this is such a beautiful event. 💖

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