September Thirteenth; One More

One more….
I watched a movie on Youtube that I had kept seeing previews for on social media. I remember seeing them back when the movie first came out and was curious then, but had not seen it until now. The movie is “I Am Gabriel”. It is a Christian, faith based movie. It is also very well done. I have watched the full movie twice now, and go back for snippets ever so often, the ones that stand out to me. This morning, was the part where Gabe says, “one more…..”

One more.

As Christians we are to understand and obey what has been called The Great Commission.

I do try to live my life as my witness. I try- even though I do stumble- to walk in a Christ like manner. Because people don’t always hear our words, but they do see our actions. They do see when we treat others badly and that leaves them with a poor opinion of Christians.But sometimes, we do need to use words. Sometimes, we do need to share our experiences so that others may see why we walk the walk we do.

When I was around nineteen, I got into the citizen band radio craze. I spent a lot of time talking on the radio or visiting with friends I had made from there. One day I purchased a radio from a friend, who sent it to be checked out before I took it home. When I finally got it home, the person I purchased it from wanted to hear how it sounded. As soon as I had hooked it up and reached to turn it around I was electrocuted. I still have scars on the end of my fingers from that. The doctor at the emergency room told us that had I come into contact with liquid, wood or metal, I would not be there. All of the items were within arm’s reach. It didn’t register then, but I was still here for a reason.

one more…

A couple of months after my fiftieth birthday I was sent for my first mammogram ever. It was November, the test wasn’t as bad as I had feared though very uncomfortable for one so modest. I was informed that since this was my first, not to be surprised if I was called back as they had nothing to compare. When the call back came I took it in stride. As the test progressed I began to understand that there was a problem. They took and retook too many images. Then I was told they needed to do another test for me to get dressed and return to the waiting area. Taken to the next examining room I waited for the technician. An ultrasound was done and I was sent on my way. My mother was there with me, we had intended on doing some shopping but we both had lost all desire to shop. We both knew something was wrong.

 I was sent to see a surgeon who was looking at the results of the tests but wanted to do her own ultrasound. She saw what they saw and wanted to do a needle biopsy. First up, that does hurt. Second, afterward I looked as if I had been beaten from the bruising. Third, I knew what the results were going to be before I left the office.

I returned to work, I moved to a quiet corner and while making it appear I was packing materials, I prayed, “I don’t want to do this”. I have asked before, I’ll ask again, have you ever been chastised by the Holy Spirit? Clearly, as if in conversation with a coworker, I heard, “How dare you? How dare you not want to do this for me, after all I have done for you?”I knew, that all was going to be okay, and that I was not going to fight that battle alone. I didn’t.

 Did I mention that all the while, my husband had been out of work? He had lost his last job and we were searching for another. The day I was diagnosed, he was on a bus headed to go through orientation for a possible job, that he didn’t get. The day of my surgery, he was taking a physical for a job, that he didn’t get in the end.

 All during my battle, during all the treatments, he was out of work. There were those who helped us, blessed us, financially as they were able. However no one called to chat. No one dropped by to visit. No one ever dropped off a meal. For a very long time I was upset and hurt. Especially when I would see and hear of them doing that for others. Now though, I understand that God was teaching me to be dependent on Him and not those around me.

 I put hundreds of job applications in online for my husband. He did not have and had no interest in the computer or internet. I kept a notebook of where I had applied so as not to send duplicates. I would put in the applications, and he would do all the in person stuff, the phone calls, the meetings, the searches at truck stops for new cards or job openings. I was fast running out of options. I didn’t know where else to go. I came in from work one afternoon, yes, I had worked during all my treatments, to find him excited. He had spoken with someone, twice that day. He had to get ready, he was leaving the next day for orientation…for a company that was not on my list anywhere. Three days later he pulled in driving a big white truck. He was back at work. All this time, all of our needs had been met. We lost nothing, did without  nothing.

One night my husband was trying to find a place he was supposed to be making a delivery. His GPS has sent him down a wrong road and he was trying to find a place to turn around. It was late, he was stopped on the road, when someone knocked on his driver’s door. The man asked if he was lost and where was he going. He then told my husband he knew where that was and follow him he’d get him on the right road. Turned around, he followed the guy for a way then at some point he stopped again. The guy walked up, told him exactly how to get where he was going. My husband looked the direction indicated and turned back to thank someone who was just..gone.

One more…

I could share more. Incidents with family, incidents during the time after my husband went home, recent events. There are many times, when I knew, God was all in what was going on. But why share? Why is it important to speak and write of these things?

Because, one more.

If one more person, sees and understands, it is worth sharing. If one more person draws closer to God. It is worth sharing. If one more person, feels the presence, it is worth sharing.God is real. God is alive. God is love. There is a lot that I do not understand, even as I learn more each day. What I do know is that God wants everyone to spend eternity with Him, in love, in joy, in peace. God sends no one the hell, we do that ourselves when we reject His love, mercy and grace.

So as a journey through this life, making my way home, I will walk with an understanding. I may not be able to go into a physical war for others. I may not be the one putting on a uniform to protect and serve. I may not run into burning buildings or drive the rescue vehicle getting one to help. I may not be able to do many things, but,  I will write, I will speak, I will act in a way that shows love, in the hope, of one more, just one more.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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7 Responses to September Thirteenth; One More

  1. John says:

    I’ve applied for numerous jobs online since May, only three have shown interest and I canned those three for different reasons. It does one’s self-esteem wonders…

  2. I have not put in any applications. I only need part time work to pad the bank a bit, just a little more buffer. That however won’t give me any benefits such as insurance. There is also as we have talked, the need for me to be here for my parents. Which I am very blessed and grateful to be able to do.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Beautiful post, Rebecca. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Johanna says:

    I sometimes struggle with finding purpose lately. Thank you.. this has encouraged me to share more. You’re lucky to still have your mother with you.

    • Oh yes, I am so very thankful my parents are still with us. They have both lost all of their siblings for various reasons. I do feel sadness for my cousins, but I am so grateful for mine still being here. I’m glad that my words have encouraged you, sharing, is important for others and for ourselves.

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