September Eighth; Already a Second Pot of Coffee Morning

Who needs an alarm clock when you have thunder?

I wasn’t expecting that manner of awakening this morning. I was actually awake, well not fully, and definitely not out of bed when I heard the first rumble of thunder. It was still somewhat distant so I crawled out of bed, came in here and let Molly go outside. She was able to take care of her needs before the next closer rumble had her running for the door to come back inside.While the storm didn’t last long, it was very angry and mean sounding. The thunder shaking the house while the lightening lit up the sky. Once sounding as if it struck something close though I saw no damage anywhere.

I had left Bella in my bedroom, with the gate across the doorway. I had hoped she would be fine in there while I dealt with Molly in here. I felt in the early morning hours better able to handle one dog’s fears at a time over both together. I’m not sure whether my son moved the gate or for the first time ever Bella moved it, but suddenly she was in here with me.

 Molly had tried several times to hide under my desk but when Bella came in here, she was more calm. Her security buddy was here, all was going to be fine. In the dim light outside I could see the trees swaying crazily and hear the pounding rain. My son was going to have to leave for work in the middle of that, but thankfully by the time he left it had eased somewhat.

 When he left, both dogs followed him outside. Since the thunder had stopped they were fine. It was only slightly raining and they could stretch out on the front porch and watch it falling. Only that didn’t happen.

I suddenly heard crazy, frenzied barking and I knew that could only mean one thing. I ran outside to see the neighbor’s dog running up and down the outside of my fence with my dogs following it on the inside. I had to get my dogs inside before they turned on each other out of frustration. I managed to capture Molly and drag her struggling against me all the way. I had not put the training collars on them at the time. My mistake. I went back out into the misting rain, in my nightwear and barefoot, to catch Bella. Bella is older than Molly, but still quicker. It took a few attempts but I finally managed to grab her by the neck and start dragging her struggling against me to the house.

All the while the neighbor’s dog was trying to get inside my fence. Did I mention I was not happy? Just because the dog’s owners apparently didn’t want to go out into the rain with the dog on a leash. Of course by the time I got my dogs inside and my phone to photograph the dog attempting to get into my yard it was gone.

My two are still at the moment inside, both now have their collars on for when they do go back outside. I know they were only trying to protect their domain, but I need them to listen and respond to my commands.

 Now, the sun is playing games, one moment out, the day is bright, the next hidden by clouds and threatening rain. I’ve spoken with mom. She had her own issues with her small dog who is also terrified of thunder and can’t/won’t be alone during a storm. I haven’t fed the not so stray cats yet, as they too have been in hiding from the rain. Once I see them out and about I’ll take some food outside.

I made a comment yesterday, that I have made many times before. When things happen, I ask myself, what am I supposed to learn from this?

My thoughts on life are not complex. I see life as a journey. As we make this journey we will be presented with a variety of events. We can use those events as a lesson or not, it is our choosing. I think too, that we can experience the event, move on, and then in retrospect, realize a lesson from it through a current event. The lessons can educate us, strengthen us, create understanding and compassion.

We can also learn that there will be things that are out of our control. Teaching us how to let go and let others, or more importantly, let God handle the issues we can’t. For myself, over the last four years, and the last year and a half especially, I have found a growing awareness as I travel. Though I still have a long way to go I have discovered a greater patience and tolerance. I have learned better how to allow others to be who they are and if there are things about who they are I don’t care for, to understand that there are a lot of things about me that people don’t particularly like. Would it serve me any purpose to judge others? No. Does it do me good to do self inspections and see if I need change anything about myself? Of course. Can the things I face along this journey help with that? Yes. 

Do I see myself, somewhat like my two dogs were this morning? Running and barking crazily at something that was attempting to invade their space? Actually yes, I do. And I do imagine the Lord taking hold of me, telling me to calm down and listen. Take a breath, relax, and pay attention. Barking at others or hiding from storms solves nothing.

The morning storm has passed. Everything for now is calm. What did I learn? Fear not, nothing is out of God’s control. Expect the unexpected but with the knowledge that storms and struggles are temporary. Understand that there are going to be mornings when you are going to have to go outside barefooted, still wearing your night cloths and get the attention of your dogs. And that later, when all is calm, you can look back and laugh with the understanding that sometimes, the lesson is a reminder in learning to laugh.

When storms draw near, creating a sense of fear, it is important that we draw near to the One we know protects us. The One who can with a word, calm the storm.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to September Eighth; Already a Second Pot of Coffee Morning

  1. Sarah Davis says:

    I had a trainer tell me that dogs mirror our emotions. I have proved him right many times.

    I also agree that most situations offer insight and/or a learning opportunity.

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