Day 250; Footnotes of We’re Home Now, the Weirdness Can Stop

We’re home already..

We got home yesterday. Somehow something in the universe hasn’t picked up on that yet. Today was…odd. My computer has acted strange all day long. It would pop up notifications that I had no internet, only for the internet to be working. Not well, but working. My email notifications would come up in sections, but I couldn’t open them. I could close out my email, open it back, and I could go through a few of the emails. If I tried to scroll social media, it would work a while, then not. My so called internet home page wouldn’t open at first, then would. If I tried to go to another site, at first it wouldn’t work, close out the tab and try again a bit later, and it work. Frustrating? Oh yeah.

As I was dealing with the internet, mom called and we talked about a half hour. She then had to go because dad was wanting her to make a call for him. Not long later dad was calling wanting to know about the time difference between here and a city in Texas. Knowledge from all the times I discussed time zones with my late husband came back and I gave dad the information he wanted. And recommended that he wait a little longer to give the people he planned on calling time to get in, get settled and ready for calls. My son called and asked if he had woke me? no. Was I home? yes. Was I dressed? no why? He had forgotten something and wondered if I would bring it to him at work. Sure, after I get dressed. Later, mom calls and asked how her phone sounded as she had called the first call didn’t work so she called again and finally managed to get her new cell phone working. It sounded good to me, but suddenly she could barely hear me. She called back later to tell me, “guess what? It was my fault, I didn’t know this phone has buttons on the side and I accidentally turned the volume down. Then my son came in for lunch. After he went back, dad calls and asks me questions about the financial guy we both use and when did I usually call him? Did I mention that all this time I was trying to get a shower? Finally, when it seemed that everyone was calm for the moment, I managed my shower. Also hoping that some kind of technology wizard would slip in, fix what ever was wrong with my computer and all would be right with the world.

No wizard showed and the computer was still annoying.

So I did a scan and found two suspect apps. The scan was running when my son came in from work. I told him what had been going on and that once the scan finished I might need his help. When the two suspect sites showed I went after him. He blocked, barricaded, trashed what ever wizardry he knows, the two sites. He then opened up the task whatsits and checked it out. I use Firefox, for some reason there were a LOT of Firefox browsers running. Why? He closed them all out and so far so good. I still don’t understand why they didn’t close when I closed down the tabs. Do I need to do something else? Something new I haven’t heard about?

There is also a new stray showing up out back trying to eat the not so stray cat’s food. I scared this cat off five times and it kept coming back. I don’t know if it came back the last time, but I know I can’t keep dry food out there like I have been. Feed once and forget, they’ll be fine. We live in the woods, there are plenty of food choices scurrying all around.

But, back to the weird day…as I was finishing up supper, I popped a side dish into the microwave. It ran for twelve minutes. Just as the time finished up and I reached for the door, the microwave shut down. Nothing else cut off, just that microwave. I thought it was burnt up as it really felt hot. But after a while my son plugged it in again and it came back on.  I’m not sure I trust it though. I do know I have had enough weird events for one day.

I’ve also had a lot of concerned folks talking to me about my son’s car hauling that camper. No one (that I know of, I am just now getting to my email and comment notifications) was being overly cruel, mean, or attacking me over the act. But, just so everyone will know. My son was very careful and thorough in his research. He checked weight limits and requirements. He learned exactly what his car could tow safely. He chose the proper size of the camper, without a slide as that would have put the weight over what he could tow, and add a thousand dollars to the cost. His choice was also built using a lighter weight material meaning the camper weighed less. His car is a former police vehicle with the stronger engine and he has done substantial work to strengthen that vehicle. I was here when the parts began coming in, and when he realized he could get much lower shipping if he had parts sent to the dealership. He made sure it could tow the camper safely and protect his car. The issues with the brakes were due to all that stop and go traffic, a traffic signal every few feet,vehicles in front of us who made weird, sudden moves causing sudden stops. I lost track of how many times I would turn and look at my son with a what the?? expression. He would merely shrug and remain silent. Our trip home, brake wise was uneventful. He chose a different route that kept us almost solely on interstates and out of town areas.

I really do, honestly, appreciate and thank… all of the concerned people wanting to make sure that my son doesn’t blow the motor up in his car. He’s had the camper almost two years now, has pulled it from here to Pennsylvania, from Pennsylvania to the coast of North Carolina and back home to the middle of North Carolina. We went from here to Tennessee and back up and over and down the other side of mountains without issues. I do trust that he knows what he is doing and has taken the precautions and actions necessary. I wouldn’t get in the car with him otherwise.

I remember as my son was growing up all the discussions we had on his possible career choice. He is technologically savvy, he has an amazing way with animals, he’s amazing at video games…he would sit through the discussions and smile. Never agreeing or arguing about the discussion. Then, when he had earned his high school diploma, he wanted to go into auto mechanics. He went to NTI in Mooresville, NC and graduated Dean’s honor roll. He has been an automobile mechanic for many years now. His experience and talent growing with the passing of time.

All of his talents, play a part in who he is and his knowledge. He has been and continues to be an amazing help to me and others. God knew who he needed my son to be, and my son has followed that plan.  I thought I would never be a mother, and yet, when the time was right, my son came along. I was thirty-one when my son was born, he was and is my miracle and gift. He is a great blessing in so many ways. One I say thank you for every night.

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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9 Responses to Day 250; Footnotes of We’re Home Now, the Weirdness Can Stop

  1. I don’t think you are very fortunate to have such a gift of a son. I would trust him with my vehicles anyday! 💞

  2. Fagisuwua says:

    that’s good to know

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