September Seventh; Looking Back-Day Two of Darlington and Schmoozing With Drivers

Sleeping in a box in a box.

Saturday morning of our camping adventure I awoke realizing the most horrible of things. I had instant coffee, I usually drink brewed but instant is easier in the camper. I had cream, we had water. I did not have a microwave safe mug. I had forgotten to put one in the camper. The coffee that was in my thermos was cooled to the point of being not good. My son was also nowhere to be seen.

My son had discovered that the restaurant he thought was a mile away, was actually nine miles away. That was not in walking distance. He did find a small convenience store with a deli and from there was where he called me. He was going to get breakfast what did I want? After a quick rundown of what was available, I made my selection and asked about coffee. He apologized saying it would be too difficult to carry. I wish I had thought then to ask about cups, but my still sleep fogged brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders so I didn’t. I went ahead and got dressed while I waited on him to get back. By the time he returned I was awake and hungry. The food was actually very good.

After eating and people watching for a while we decided we would go ahead and walk down to the track to take a look at the haulers and see what was offered in the way of souvenirs. My son purchased a medium icy for him and a small for me. They were good in the heat but very sweet and left my hands sticky. He found a shirt he liked and I purchased a tank top. Expensive but fun to have. We took a few photos and then wandered over to where cars had been set up as displays. Nice corvette, weird colored camaro, a couple of other nondescript Chevy’s and across from them the Fords. Ryan Neumon’s car was over there and of course my son who is a big Neumon fan agreed to have his photo taken near the car. Both of the sites were offering free shirts if you took a survey. No, that wasn’t happening as no shirt was enough to cover what may come from the surveys. I don’t need that many attempts at contact when I have no thoughts of purchasing a car any time in the future.

**side note, spoiler alert** Truck driver Jeff, if you are reading this, you might want to stop here unless you’ve seen this xfinity race and know the outcome. anyway, back to what I was saying..

As we walked we came up on an interview going on with an xfinity driver by the name of Noah Gragson. He seemed very friendly, open and well spoken. After the interview he agreed to sign autographs and take photos. My son took a selfie with him and then a couple of me with him. Photos that almost didn’t happen as he was moving down the line away from me. My son kept pushing me along trying to keep up with him. that in itself was probably funny to watch but in the end, we did get the photos.

Checking the time we saw that start time for the race wasn’t that far off so we would just go find our seats and wait. In the sun. Remember me saying that sleeping in a box comment at the beginning? In my son’s camper there is a full size bed in the nose and two twin size bunks further back. There is a rather small opening to get into the bunks. Being smaller, I volunteered to take the bunk. The bed is a thick cushion placed on a board. I slept (?) in the bottom bunk, trying to get comfortable and trying not to slam my hand or knee into anything when I rolled over, and shifted, and changed position, anything to try and get comfortable. When we had gone to Tennessee I had taken extra pillows to help support my positions. But, like the coffee mug I had forgotten them. So sleep was badly broken which was how my back felt. All that to say sitting still, in the hot sun, caused me to become very sleepy. I did drift off several times which had my son laughing at me asking how the back of my eye lids looked. I still managed to see most of the race and the most important part which was the end. Noah, whom we had met and spoke briefly with, won that race. We were up in the stands cheering him on and glad to see him take that victory.

We watched as his pit crew met him, as he did the required smoking of tires and as the team, well most of the team, climbed the fence. We watched as he did a few more burn outs, then finally headed for the winner’s circle only to show off a bit more along the way. He was one happy driver.

I was teased about having a new favorite driver. I reminded my son that I knew that the xfinity race and the cup race were two different divisions and I could have a favorite in each. He grinned and agreed. I then in my best geriatric voice said, “besides, he was such a nice young man’. If we had been anywhere other than those stands with all those steps down, I think my son would have walked off and left me. As it was, he made sure I got down the steps safely, since I had nearly fallen up them a few hours earlier.

It had been announced that there would be things going on after the race so we hung around to see what was going on. We made our way to where a stage was set up for a discussion among the NBC announcers. As each was introduced and came onto the stage they tossed out two shirts. I managed to get one that was tossed in the direction just to my right, I did grab for it, but only after it bounced off the hands of the guy in front of us. He had already caught one a few minutes prior so I didn’t feel bad. My son kept telling me that I now had bragging rights catching a shirt tossed by Kyle Petty. Too bad I couldn’t get that autographed. And no, I’m not giving that up to my dad either.

After hanging around for a while we headed back to the camper. As we passed this one tent they were playing a song that was very popular for a while and had everyone doing the dance. As I did the two step when instructed as we passed my son looked aghast, shook his head and muttered, ‘just don’t’. One reason you don’t see me attempting to dance anywhere. I don’t want to be the one my own son is shaking his head about. We got to the camper and my son wanted to wander over to where tents were set up along the roadside near the camp ground. He had seen where a youtube personality was going to be there and wanted to speak with him. Dropping off our shirts we made our way over. Finding him and while I was collecting the freebies they were giving away, he spoke briefly with the guy he wanted to meet. Trying to act cool and not lose points off that man card he didn’t talk too long but he was happy. He managed to do what he set out to do and say hello and ask a question or two. Going back to the camper he cranked up the generator.

He then headed back toward the store planning on getting something from the deli and I went to remove my contacts as by now they were making themselves known and very uncomfortable. After a while my son called to let me know the deli was closed but he found some canned chili. I asked if he would see if they had any microwaveable cups. Then I waited…and waited..and waited and began to worry as is my super power. Remembering the day before I began repeating the same mantra of faith over fear.

He finally got back and his first words as he shoved them at me were, “red solo cup” I do love you Toby Keith, but I seriously hate the video for that song which means I don’t care much for that song either. The chili was actually plentiful and good. We also still had snacks to munch on should we still be hungry and I now had coffee.

One of the bad things about the camp ground, very poor cell service. He could not get the television to work because he couldn’t get enough signal for his phone for his television app. I could scroll social media as long as I didn’t want to see photos or read comments. Forget anything more elaborate. But, it was only for one more day, and Sunday was the big day..I stretched, I yawned, I prepared to spend another night sleeping in a box. But, I was thankful that everything had gone so well and so safely. I really had no complaints and plenty of gratitude.

Noah and Miss South Carolina? He rocks that tiara

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4 Responses to September Seventh; Looking Back-Day Two of Darlington and Schmoozing With Drivers

  1. John says:

    That tiara, so lovely! 😂

  2. So lucky to spend such times with your son!

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