Day 245; Footnotes on Attitudes and Actions

What a difference a new month makes.

At least the past couple of days, even though we are only on day two. Sitting here now at nine at night, listening to the symphony outside and feeling a much cooler breeze coming in the windows. The temperature showing on both the computer and phone are more than ten degrees cooler than just a few days ago.  Which makes sleeping much easier. Less than a week ago I was really close to breaking down, closing windows and turning on the central air. Because it was uncomfortable trying to sleep, now, not so much. The day time temperature was really nice as well. Even though I am still not ready to let go of summer, days like this could change my mind quickly.

I had to make a run for groceries today. We were out of pet food and since they outnumber us, I thought it a good idea to replenish our supply. It is funny how suddenly Cricket, our official indoor only cat, has become less picky about what she eats. Still, I prefer to feed her the supposedly better cat food over the inexpensive stuff. I know the outdoor, not so stray, cats can and do supplement their meals with what ever critter makes the mistake of crossing their path. The good part about that is I’ve seen no snakes this year nor have I seen any mice. I have also not heard any bull frog this summer. I don’t know if something got them all or they just chose to have a vow of silence this summer. That however, is neither here nor there..

But back to my grocery adventure.

I had asked my son if there was anything he needed or wanted from the store. The only thing he asked for was a 2 liter soda. I go back to where the drinks are displayed and the drink I wanted to get him, only had two on the shelf. One of those angled jobs where the drinks are supposed to slide forward. These didn’t, and they were just out of reach. Climbing up on the bottom shelf didn’t help. Which I may or may not have done. There was an older lady back there also who asked if I got the drink and I told her no, but I’d figure it out. I made a lap around that area of the store and the only employee I saw was one who was doing that shopping for online orders. In the past, I’ve been told quickly by those doing that shopping that they cannot help me so I didn’t ask.

I came up with the brilliant idea of going just a few aisles over and find a broom or something I could use to reach the drinks. I grabbed a cleaning sponge on a handle and headed back. There tossed on a shelf was a large plastic hanger that looked as if it were for skirts as it had the clips and was angled oddly. I grabbed that and went back to where the drinks waited.

About that time I could hear the older lady telling the employee that I had avoided that I was back there needing help. Just as I was snagging the drink with the hanger and pulling it forward I heard her telling the lady that I had got it myself. Me, and that trusty plastic hanger that  someone had tossed aside, just where I would find it in my moment of need. And yeah, I may or may not have just tossed the hanger and sponge on a stick onto a shelf off to one side as I walked away.

I am trying to figure out one thing. When I parked my car, there didn’t seem to be that many people there. A lot of parking spaces were empty. Yet, inside the store there were areas you couldn’t get around there were so many people. I mean, how?  I still managed to find everything but one that I wanted and need. (Well except chocolate.)  Since they are vitamins if mom and I don’t make a run tomorrow for something she wants at another one of the stores I visited today, then I will head for a pharmacy and look for them there. The store may have had it, but that was one of the areas I couldn’t get to because of crowded aisles and it was easier to just walk away.

I’ve gotten a lot better at that actually. When I’m scrolling along on social media and someone posts something I don’t agree with, I can just scroll on by. Now, I will say that if what they share is wrong to the point that they are putting others at risk, I will comment, but I won’t argue. There is no point in arguing with anyone online. It ends up being like a shark feeding frenzy drawing in all the trolls that want to stir up a big stink. It would almost be funny if it were not so sad.

 So many online do not discuss anything. They seem to be lurking, waiting for a chance to jump in and stir the waters. Be the topic political, conspiracy theories, vaccine and pandemic related, or any of the infinite other topics that are dried tender waiting to be lit. Once lit, will almost explode in its intensity.

 I will admit something here, in all honesty and a bit of embarrassment. There have been times when I have disagreed with someone when I allowed emotions to get the better of me. Whether online, in person, or among my long distance friends. I have learned how to not allow that to happen so easily. I still get hurt. I still get upset. I still get angry. I have simply learned how to better control those emotions and walk away. My son once told me that I was acting like an immature teenager when someone upset me and I lost control of my anger. He hasn’t had to say that in over two years.

I’ve learned, and am learning. It is just another part of this journey of life. I’ve even gotten better at distancing myself from the disappointment of how I lost my job. Especially since I’ve realized the blessing it gave me of time to spend with my parents. I may not have a lot of money, but I have time. And that, is what they want and need.

 Kind of funny how a run of the mill grocery trip can bring about a better understanding of attitude and actions. I still wish I had bought some chocolate though.

Yeah, I really, seriously hate my phone camera. This is Cricket, curled up as close as she can get to this room without coming in as she knows she isn’t allowed due to past actions.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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3 Responses to Day 245; Footnotes on Attitudes and Actions

  1. John says:

    Many refrain from speaking for fear of repercussions. Legal assault. Sounds like wartime speak? Communism? Prison camps? It does to me.

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