September First; Welcome To The Coming Changes

I’m going to have a positive attitude. Welcome September, I hope that you bring good things.

Today has had a soggy beginning. It has rained some, but no storms. The wind has been blowing, but nothing frightening. Not to me anyway. Molly our younger dog for what ever reason is terrified of the wind and has been unhappy outside alone. Bella refused to go out. Molly would come to the door and look in at Bella all curled up and comfortable on the dog bed and cry about the unfairness of it all. I had been trying to get Bella to go outside with no luck. Short of trying to pick her up and carry her outside it has become a mind game of sorts. What will work today?  Which, today, ended up being my son coming in very early for lunch and making her jealous by spending so much time loving on Molly. Of course mom (remember my parents live next door) called up here to make sure that my son wasn’t sick when she heard him come in. His car is deliberately loud thanks to modifications.

 I’m honestly not ready for summer to end. I can tolerate the heat much better than I can tolerate cooler temperatures. Here it is September and I did not one time turn on my central air. However, winter and cool temperatures are approaching. I have to figure out a game plan for providing warmth for the house. I have firewood, but my wood stove either needs to be repaired or if that isn’t possible replaced. I have a furnace, but it runs on propane and the tank is nearly empty. Living out in the rural area means no gas lines. I have that big tank in my back yard. That big, nearly empty, tank. But, it will work out one way or the other. I have faith. 

One of the things that I do love about the changing of the seasons is the colors. While Spring and Summer have all manner of blooming plants, Autumn really puts on a show. It is as if nature decides that it is going to go out in a real blaze and showing of glory. Walking in the woods behind the house, among the trees all dressed out in their Autumn finery is an amazing feeling. To smell the aroma of the earth as it prepares for its time of rest and renewal is healing. To simply walk and feel without over thinking, without allowing anything other than the peace of the moment to fill your consciousness, is an incredible moment.

While each variety of tree seems to have its own main color, there is this one Maple tree that I don’t know the official name, but I call God’s crayons. Each and every leaf seems to be a different color or shade of colors. I love being able to capture these trees in the height of their color in photographs, a reminder. It is one tree with many branches. The branches covered in leaves of many colors. Showing all who pass that variety is beautiful. 

There are two Dogwood trees near my house. One in the front yard, one in the back. Soon their leaves will take on a reddish hue. One that when the afternoon sun hits just right, they seem the color of blood. There is a Maple at the back corner of my carport, the leaves will turn a golden yellow. In the woods there are Sourwood trees that have a purplish red color of leaves. Across the woods, I will see an amazing kaleidoscope of colors that mix and mingle, changing as the season progresses. I have walked these woods at that time and felt amazed at the difference in feeling. 

What if we thought of the earth as a tree? The many continents roots, the countries branches. The citizens of those countries the leaves. A great variety. Differences vast, but incredibly amazing. Each holding their own beauty and purpose. Each and every individual holding importance. Yes, just as a forest can be attacked by various invading insects or disease a country can as well. Each need be handled in the proper methods, but that is not the main thought here. At this moment, my thoughts are on the good, the important, the beautiful. The things that make us as humans special and beautiful. 

Time and life goes through seasons and changes. We go through periods of rest and reset. That doesn’t mean we lose the beauty. It gives us opportunity to make it better, more clear, stronger in definition. If we see this through not rose colored glasses, but through eyes of compassion and love. Nature changes, people change, relationships of all manner, change. In the beginning it may seem tragic and sad, but with time, adjustment and growth, comes understanding.

 The day is still overcast. The trees still sway in the intermittent breeze. Every so often a leaf will break away and drift downward. A limb will break away and crash to the ground. Nature every changing. A new month has arrived, soon a new season. May we see this as opportunity to grow and to see. May we recognize change as good. That seasons end and seasons begin as does all things in life. May we look out from our place of comfort, and see what comes, dare to step outside and offer it welcome.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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18 Responses to September First; Welcome To The Coming Changes

  1. John says:

    I’m guessing that you have a 500-gallon tank, pig as some Michiganders call them. I had a house that ran on propane only, it had a 1000-gallon tank and that was really costly to fill back in the 90s. I hope you didn’t get hit by the remnants of Ida!

    • We’re dealing with bands from it but so far where I am hasn’t had many problems. They are warning us though that anything can happen today so to be prepared.
      Right now the only thing using the propane is the furnace. We had a gas water heater which was amazing but my late husband had it swapped back out to electric. I don’t have near the hot water as I did with the gas. Ah well.
      I only have then bring out the minimum they will deliver. 100 gallons doesn’t last long when its cold. But, with the wood stove it isn’t an issue. I just need to see what I can do about that.

      • John says:

        Everything is natural gas in my house and it’s so nice. Especially the stove, instant heat! I’m not familiar with the seasonal temperature. Does it hit 32?

      • It does and colder at times. The good thing is that it isn’t a really long lasting temperature event. Last winter really wasn’t all that terribly cold most people would say that they didn’t think it was cold at all. But, their tolerance for cold is better than mine has ever been or will be.

      • John says:

        I see, thanks for that. Som it’s nothing at all like Michigan or certainly down here.

  2. Webb Blogs says:

    Sounds so beautiful and peaceful there. I live in the downtown area of my city. The police station, fire department, and the train station are all within walking distance…….meaning, I hear the sirens and horns throughout the day. I talk about moving all the time but sometimes its not that easy. 🙃 I’m sure you already thought about it but how about little space heaters that you plug in? Might help with the cold a little. 🤔

  3. That would be noisy with all the sirens and traffic sounds. I guess one becomes accustomed to them but wow. We do have space heaters, so we aren’t totally without.Thankfully the weather rarely gets extremely cold, I just have zero tolerance. And yes, it is very beautiful, thank you.

  4. Signs of Beautiful Autumn are slowly unfolding this September. Can’t wait for the rest of Fall magic to explode. I’m about to put up our Fall Tree. That’s how much we love this season. Beautiful post. Thank you.

  5. Dia Jae says:

    It’s been overcast here too. Starting to rain. Or just thundering. Rain is weird around here. It can rain in your front yard, but not in your backyard. I have to put the air on even if I’m cold. You can get mold very easily where I live. It’s not like when I lived in NY. I mostly walk around the house in a sweater! LOL. Here’s to positive new beginnings! I’ll try to do the same! The new year is less than a week from now anyway.

    • Same here as far as the rain. My son looked at me like I was trying to pull one over on him when I talked about it would rain on one side of the road and not the other…until he saw it. I and he at a different time, have driven down the road watching it pour down rain on one side of the yellow line and be bone dry on the side I was on. Rain can be an amazing bit of magic.

  6. Let’s hope time will be peaceful and happy days will arrive. Love these peaceful words.

  7. Happy Joyful Days of December. Can’t believe it’s another Christmas Time and the Holidays. Thanks.

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