Day244; Footnotes of the First Day

It began like I would have imagined. An overcast, cooler, rainy day. But wow.

Most of the day was calm, the sun would peek out from time to time, the day was comfortable with the temperature cooler than what we had been dealing with. I fed the not so stray cats, annoying them a bit when I divided the dry up over the course of the day. I didn’t want to put too much out and them end up with cat food soup. Something would end up eating it but I didn’t take the chance today. 

At one point today my dad called, which is unusual unless he wants to talk with my son, but my son was at work. It turns out he wanted me to look for something online. Cornmeal. Not just any cornmeal but a certain brand. When I tried to ask more specifics his answer was he wanted the kind to make cornbread. Dad, put mom on the phone. I had already found the web site for the brand, but there were several types and I wanted to make sure I was ordering the correct one. Mom told me which one, I told her that they offered a six pack of 24 ounce bags and for how much. She said that was fine, gave me her information and I went to order, only I had to call her back and ask a question. I got that answer and hung up. Then I saw the final cost, I called her back and told her that, it was fine. I just wanted to make sure she wasn’t caught by surprise.

Mom just wanted the cornmeal. The store she had been getting it from closed and she couldn’t find it anywhere else. She had tried several other brands, but dad swore he couldn’t eat those. Each one she tried had something wrong. I knew she had been talking about it and trying to find it so when he called, I jumped on it for her sake. I had offered before but she had told me to wait. Now, the cornmeal is on the way and dad should be happy and they should have enough to last a while.

At one point this afternoon, just before my son should leave work, I heard it begin to thunder. We had been warned that we could have storms, but this sounded off in the distance so I had hope it would miss us. It didn’t. With each rumble of thunder the storm got closer and the dogs which were outside more afraid. When there was a really loud, thunder close by that sounded more like an explosion, I let both dogs inside. Both immediately turned and looked out the door as if thinking, ‘HA, we’re safe now. What do you think of that, thunder beast?” And of course it thundered loudly in response and both dogs tried to get under my desk. I turned on the television and watched the weather reports of the approaching storm system and it looked mean. Just as I looked away from the television it seemed the bottom fell out of the clouds and the water poured down. My yard quickly became a swamp. The drain was clear, I went out and checked. The water was flowing freely and not backing up. The block wall barrier was doing its job, but earlier rains had created this log jam of sticks that held the water back. I ended up with a small, shallow pool for a while.

The rain seemed to go on for a long while and I was glad that my son had driven his car to work and not ridden his motorcycle. He finally pulled in just as the worst of the rain was ending. Turns out he had been doing the mechanics thing on his own car for a change. Oil check, tire rotation, what ever else he mentioned that just went over my head because I was just glad he was safe.

 I was already in the process of preparing the baked spaghetti that he likes, not because he likes it but because I really need to go to the store and it was almost all that was left. All that wasn’t frozen hamburger patties or frozen chicken fillets or pizza. This dish is big enough that he’ll eat off that for a couple days.

After we had eaten, I was sitting here and suddenly decided to take a look at the wood stove. It appears (and I may be wrong) that the nuts that held the metal plate in place simply over time worked their way off. All but one anyway. I hadn’t cleaned out the wood stove so tomorrow at some point I am going to dig through the ashes in the stove and see if I can find even just one of the nuts or get the one left in place to break loose. Which I will have to do at some point anyway. If I can get it off, I can go find some the same size and see if I can get it back in place or get my son to work on it for me.

It won’t be easy as that plate isn’t horribly heavy, but there is so little room to work. I’m thinking that if I can get the bolts, I will have to put something under the plate to hold it in place while the bolts are replaced. Of course I’ll have to get the bolts cleaned off first as they are a bit rough looking. I’m hoping that we can somehow get this to work and it looks doable to me, but since my son has already called it a night, I’ll have to wait to ask him. This would sure make things easier.

For a first day of the month, it has been…interesting. Not overly exciting, not challenging so much, not frightening to the point of barricading doors and hiding, but interesting. The storm that came through brought a lot of noise and rain, but it moved on fairly quickly. Both dogs have been back outside for a while now. The not so stray cats were out earlier attempting to con me into yet another meal but no. At one point our official cat decided it wanted to not only come into this room, knowing that isn’t allowed but to hide behind my desk. I had to get my son in here to relocate her to the other room. For now though, there is a slight breeze coming in the windows, the temperature is a comfortable 73 degrees rather than upper 80’s and the crickets are singing. Other critters of the night are joining in, harmonizing this night time serenade. All too soon, the night will become quiet as the cold settles in and the insects take their time of rest. I will enjoy the symphony while it lasts.

It has just been a reminder, that the only thing constant, is change. Seasons change, our lives are altered through change in job, relationships, our own growth. Every moment of every day is change. It is up to us, how we will face the changes. The attitude we will have with each challenge, with every difference and struggle.  As this day winds down, even as I look at the calendar and see days disappearing, I am content.

The metal plate from my wood stove
Where that plate should be. yes, I know the stove needs serious cleaning.

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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8 Responses to Day244; Footnotes of the First Day

  1. leendadll says:

    Look at you… bragging about free water from the sky!!

    I’m glad all is mostly well!

  2. Dia Jae says:

    Well, I was at work and it was raining a good portion of the day! I don’t know why, but things at work always get chaotic whenever it rains. I’m the same way about cooking food. Sometimes I just don’t want to go to the store, and so I will cook whatever is in my fridge/cabinet.

  3. Sarah Davis says:

    The Kentuckian in me sees and honors your dedication to helping your parents get the correct cornmeal. This is one product where brand loyalty is absolute. House brand is an abomination.

    • Mom had spent a really long time finding the brand that dad could eat without issues. When the store where she had been purchasing it closed, and she couldn’t find it elsewhere she began experimenting again. Nothing she tried was acceptable. I was really glad that I was able to find it online and get it ordered for them. And yes, I agree, loyalty is absolute here.

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