Day 243; Footnotes Southern Summer

 For the last day of August, it hasn’t been bad. The usual hot and sticky right up until it started raining. Even that has eased off for the moment. The crickets are singing their night time serenade while they can as there is a chance the rain may return at any moment during the night. I’ll need to check the drain before I go to bed and make sure it is clear, making that one less concern.

For the last day of August, it was one more summer day in the south. At least here on this dirt road in North Carolina. Quiet and laid back. I did have one errand to run and that was to the bank. Mom in one of her many calls today asked if I were going to the grocery store but no, not today. The bank that we use closed the branch that was in the nearest town, so that means going just a little further in the other direction. Through another small town that has more traffic lights and is a lot busier. I don’t go to this bank on a regular basis, but enough that I had hoped they would know me. I found out that no, they don’t. I was in to cash a check and the teller looked at the check, turned it over and back finally asking me if I had an account with them. Confirming I have an account the check was cashed and I was on my way home.

 At one point I have a left turn that I almost always have to wait to make the turn. As I pulled into place in line for the turn I was watching the oncoming traffic. A large truck attempting to make a right turn ran into difficulties when the driver didn’t swing quite wide enough, and there was that big pole in the way. Stopping the driver was attempting to correct and move forward when the light changed and car drivers couldn’t wait ten seconds.  I feared for a moment that I was about to witness an accident but no, everyone managed to clear the traffic clog and move forward.

 Why, can we not have just a few moments of patience?

I was sitting here earlier this afternoon and heard the rain my computer kept telling me was coming, finally arrive. I had watched the sky growing darker and felt the air getting heavier. When it started raining, it wasn’t raining hard, just a steady shower. When I thought I saw an unexpected light, I got up to check it out. My son had gotten home, just ahead of the heavier rain. Minutes after he got in, the bottom fell out and the rain pounded the ground. The rain stopped a couple of hours ago, but the weather prognosticators have said that bands may come through during the night. Bands all from what ever Ida is called now. The mountains that have already suffered from heavy rains and flooding are again in danger.

Still, the worst happened to Louisiana. There, they are suffering. There homes have been destroyed, power is out, areas are under water. Again. I don’t forget them and the suffering as I sit here. As I listen to the rain, watching the winds cause the trees out back to dance, I didn’t pretend this was anywhere near what they went through. As I listen to crickets, I read the articles where people are searching for those who are trapped, listening for calls for help.
Hurricane season has months to go before it is over. We have no way of knowing how many storms may form and where they may strike. We don’t know, how much damage may be done or lives lost. On the other side of the country, fires burn. Large areas destroyed, cities burned, lives lost.

On what is here, a quiet southern summer. I don’t forget, I don’t shrug it off as just another occurrence. While I sit safe, I don’t forget those who are struggling. I sit here, some  program on television, “Man verses History” proving or disproving history, lights on, coffee at hand. I don’t forget, those who are without. Those trying to find ways to eat, ways to see, ways to survive. I don’t forget them, I wonder, who is helping. I wonder, how many places have sent help. To find those trapped, to get the electricity back. To help those so deeply in need.

In just a couple of hours, August 2021, will be history, September will begin. Summer will be winding down as Autumn arrives. But that, is yet to be, for now, as I contemplate this month, I have to say it has been interesting. It has been special in many ways thanks in part, to my son. It has been a good month of birth and good birthday. I know, I am blessed to see another year. Even as part of me has moments of disappointment, the bigger part knows that is going to happen. Even though there is part of me that tires of the struggles, the bigger part knows it is the struggles that make me stronger. There is part, that grows weary of the stress and worry, the bigger part knows that it is those moments, that draw me closer to God and leaning on His strength and peace. As the minutes tick past, the day drawing closer to its end, I know, that this month and its memories, will always be treasured.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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5 Responses to Day 243; Footnotes Southern Summer

  1. What’s happening is Louisiana saddens me. Hurricane and floods are devastating. To loose ones home and source of income is horrifying and tragic. I hope things will get better there soon and anywhere in the world disasters are happening. It’s easy to get caught up on life’s stress not realizing someone has it worse. It’s always a humbling realization for me and makes me grateful. Thank you for sharing post. Take care.

    • Thank you.
      It is sad in so many ways what is going on all over the world. Each place has its own disasters happening at any given moment. So many people are suffering. I don’t want to allow myself to wrap up in a blanket of ignorance of what is going on, safe and secure in my comfort zone. We need to know, and we need to act however we are able to help.

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