August Thirty-first; Month In Retrospect

Good-bye August.

How in the world, has this year sped by us so quickly?  How, can today be the last day of August? The child in me doesn’t want to say good-bye to August and to summer. I love the overly warm days and mild nights. I love the windows open and listening to the crickets. Now, that will all be ending soon. But it has been an amazing August.

 I wasn’t able to get out and hike as I wanted. I don’t go without Bella and its been too hot. If I could have gone earlier before it warmed up, but I have to wait on mom’s call and I never know how long that will last. Mom’s calls can be anything from a good morning not much to say today, to a full recap of everything and anything that has happened over the course of the history of mankind. I don’t mind. I sit here and listen to her talk. I know how blessed we are that we still have them with us. But, it means that its too hot to take Bella hiking by the time the conversation is finished. I’m not risking her health for a walk. It will start cooling down soon and we can return to our hiking. 

My son made sure that this my month of birth has been filled with various treats and adventures. If I am not mistaken, he has another adventure in the making but that is yet to be seen.

I am grateful for his attention, but would also be happy if he were to find love and happiness and have a life of his own. Taking care of his own family and maybe even making me a grandmother. Those words though are not spoken out loud. If it is meant to be, it will. 

My birthday was filled with well wishes from friends and a dinner out thanks to my son. He had hoped that the staff would make a big deal out of the day, but they didn’t. I was glad, even though the desert was free. A dear and talented friend gave me a hand crocheted duck and baby Yoda, with a few other items. My son looked at the baby yoda and commented, “You don’t even watch Star Wars”. True, but there are a lot of things I don’t watch but think the souvenir stuff is cute. I’ve never been to Loch Ness, but have a small stuffed version of Nessie thanks to a friend who lives there. I guess they still do, I lost track of them years ago. Something that is sadly too easy to do. 

Our camping trip to Tennessee was wonderful but if we had paid attention and timed it just a little better we would have been there for the Smokey Mountain Jeep Invasion. It officially began the day we left though there were plenty of Jeeps cruising the streets and filling parking lots everywhere. Even the camp ground where we stayed had an event where top jeeps in the park were acknowledged. We did get to participate in an event that was held on the other side of town. A gathering in miniature for what was coming. We saw some friends, we walked around and looked at various Jeeps and enjoyed yet another moment of memories in the making.

 The most frightening thing for our entire trip was on the way up when I watched an eighteen wheeler get so close I feared they were going to hit my son’s camper. We were going up a mountain, the wind caught the camper and caused it to drift to the line in the road. Not over, but to, still that truck scared me. It may have been yards away, but being mom, the concern went into over drive. Yet, we made it there and back safely. We made it through August safely here. I do look toward Louisiana though and at the destruction left by the hurricane. The loss of electricity, the flooding, the destroyed buildings.  I look to see where the remnants are going and what damage may still be caused.

I look back at this month and see how we have managed. I look out from this vantage point and see those who have suffered loss of various types. Even as I am grateful for our well being, I hurt for their pain. Even as I say thank you, for our blessings, I pray for the blessing of others. There is so much suffering and struggling going on around us, so many people hurting. Those who are not, need to remember and act as able for the suffering. 

Many years ago there was a movie called The Neverending Story. In the movie the nothing was destroying Fantasia and a young boy, Bastian, was the one who could save it from total destruction. There are moments looking out at our world, where it seems that it is slowly being torn apart. Pieces falling away into the void of the nothing. What was once known, is gone or in the least changed. Heroes are needed to rise up and take a stand. Through kindness, through compassion, through strength of mind and will. Through prayer, faith and love. 

August seemed to come and go so quickly, but then, in retrospect, the entire year seems to have passed in a manner making it seem to have happened in the blink of an eye. Just hours away, a new month begins. The next chapter in the year of 2021. I do look forward to opening that door, and closing the one to this month. Looking forward to the adventure that awaits as I file away the memories of this month’s adventures.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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8 Responses to August Thirty-first; Month In Retrospect

  1. Your son sounds lovely and reminds me of my own who still hasn’t found someone to share his life with. I don’t bring it up, either, but I do pray it will happen because he is such a nice guy and someone deserves him as much as he deserves someone nice in return.

    I’m also looking forward to getting out with the dogs as it’s been too hot here! Plus the grizzly bears have been especially mean this year. I can’t wait for them to go back to sleep for the winter! 🙂

  2. Okay, so yeah.. grizzlies would definitely keep me in, mean grizzlies would have me reinforcing barricades. The nice is the important part. I too pray for my son for someone nice but wouldn’t take advantage of his gentleness.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday. Wishing you tons of blessings, love and joy. I share yours heart and thoughts as to what’s going on around us. I love watching the Never Ending Story, and I can see how it resembles our world now. May hope and change happens for the better of all. Take care.

  4. Wise Hearted says:

    All too soon it will be Christmas. I am a fall gal, love the colors of fall, the weather, the feeling of being able to relax. We have had a busy August, full of doctors visits due to my health. Just today I had a visit to my heart doctor, Friday an appointment to the female doctor. I am holding onto the fact they are working with to find out how to fix my bladder, the dreaded UTI’s that keep happening. On meds now for another one, ugg. Thankful for doctors, nurses who work to get us healthy. Blessings.

    • I pray that I stay healthy since I have no insurance. One wrong illness would spell disaster. Hopefully they will come up with the answers you need for your health.
      Christmas will indeed be here soon. Thankfully my extended family understands my limitations now. Though it is still a favorite time of mine. I too love the colors of fall, the only thing I dislike is knowing how quickly winter will be arriving.

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