Day 231; Footnotes of Simple Pleasures

It was that close.

 My son introduced me to a friend of his who is the wife of a man who once worked with him. They are members of the Jeep group that I joined and were the first friends I made there. Over the course of the last year we have become more family than friends. She had messaged me yesterday asking if I could drop by where she worked as she had a birthday gift for me, but wouldn’t be able to give it to me on my actual birthday. Confirming that I could drop by she promised to remind me today. 

Over the course of the day while I waited for time for her to get off work, I cleaned and did laundry and managed to get Bella to go outside for a while.I stood for a while watching one of the kittens sitting up in the swing, seeming to enjoy the motion she (?) had caused. Finally it came time to leave. Since the neighbors have been keeping their dogs under control I actually left both of mine outside while I ran to meet with Lori. Since traffic was busy, I decided as I drove through the maze of the shopping center parking, to cut in front of one of the bigger stores. As I pulled in, as pick up was pulling out. Just as I neared the tail of the truck a car ran a stop sign and zipped in front of me. If I had been a few seconds quicker my Jeep would have been t-boned. Something that didn’t sink in until later. 

After parking I waited until Lori came out. She dang near gave me a heart attack though. I was listening to the radio, car window down, scrolling social media when she suddenly appeared at the window and spoke. I just about gave my Compass a sunroof. After she stopped laughing, she gave me the gift she had for me. I wish I had the talent she does. Baby Yoda will definitely have a special place. In my house and in my heart.

I got home just in time. Within minutes of my getting inside I heard thunder in the distance. Of course both dogs came running to the door wanting in, but I made them wait until the storm actually got close. The reason being that I wanted to make sure the storm actually hit us here. A mile up the road is a river, it is not unusual for storms to follow the river and not reach us. Today, it reached us. With the first really bad explosion of thunder I opened the door and stood back. Both dogs barreled in and tried to gt under my desk. One barely fits there is no way both would manage. I got them out and sitting near my chair. Both staring out the door at the storm raging outside.  Every rumble of thunder sending them into a panic and trying to find somewhere to hide. When the thunder stopped, they both stared out the door as if expecting something to come through that door. I did video them but have no way to put the video here. It is up on my Facebook page though.

 Then, the storm finally began to ease as it passed over and off toward its next destination. But as it was leaving, the sun came out, while the rain was still pouring down. I grabbed my phone and headed for the front porch, both dogs following me.  I took a few photos trying to capture the magic and power of sun and water. Both dogs standing beside me, both looking somewhat confused as they watched me. Silly human taking photos of rain. 

When the rain fully stopped and the storm had moved on to where you couldn’t hear the thunder, the dogs went back outside to play and bark at the cats playing in the carport. Which also had them near the doorway into this room so they could cry and whine trying to get inside.

Now, the crickets are singing and the night air cooled down from the heat and humidity that made one feel as if they were drowning in a sauna. There is a peace, a comfort in listening to the night sounds. Right now, I don’t hear the owl. I don’t hear the folks down at the far end of the dirt road on what ever four wheel vehicle or dirt bike they were riding last night at this hour. it is quiet. It is calm. It is nice. Simple pleasures, how wonderfully nice they are.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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