Have I Mentioned…

A voice from my phone frightened me. The alert for a tornado watch in our area doing what was intended, it got my attention. I pretty well knew it was coming, the possibility was too great. The skies had remained too overcast. The winds coming in waves. I have turned on the television and the weather is obviously the most important as reports of warnings, watches not only for tornadoes but thunderstorm and flash floods.  Currently the tornado watch is until seven this evening. More rains are headed in this direction from South Carolina. Cricket the official cat, is hiding under my desk. She knows she isn’t supposed to be in this room, but under these circumstances, I let her stay. Both dogs are outside, Bella is quiet, Molly who is afraid of the wind, is crying to be let inside. If the winds get worse, I will let them back inside.

 As it is, the trees behind the house are doing a wild, crazed dance in the winds. Alternating between swaying to swirling. Leaves torn free, spiral downward toward the ground. Ever so often, I hear a branch falling, making its way downward. Outside, the lighting almost an early evening dim. At times, the sunlight will break through an opening in the clouds. Its moment brief, bright then gone. Have I mentioned, that like Molly, high winds concern me? Being a dog, Molly doesn’t fully comprehend the winds. To her, they are an unknown demon that threatens her safety. She wants only to be inside hidden away and safe.  As a youth, winds fascinated me. Not only for that go fly a kite activity, but for  the feeling of being cooled and teased by the winds. Amazement at the dances preformed by the trees. But Hurricane Hugo changed all of that innocence.

 Currently, there are possible tornadoes, that were in a county not far from here. Trees are down and there are power outages. So far thankfully no reports of injuries.  Right now, as I sit here listening to the various weather reports and watching the trees out back one of my concerns has been answered. My son who is usually late coming in from work, is already home. He had ridden his motorcycle to work, should the storm have increased, he would have been in a bad situation. Yes, I have gone after him in the past for these reasons. So he is home, he is safe, and I am no longer physically alone. 

One thing though, even as I was keeping up with the reports and watching the trees, I wasn’t as afraid as I have been in the past. In the past, immediately after my phone had alerted me, I would have been pacing. I would have been near panicked. I would have been overly anxious over something I have no control over. What has changed? The level of my relationship with God. He has drawn me closer, taught me what I need to know, helped me to have a greater understanding. Given me, calm. Gifted me with a greater faith. Strengthened the peace within my mind, heart and soul. Have I mentioned, that once where I was afraid, right now, all is well with my soul.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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8 Responses to Have I Mentioned…

  1. John says:

    I’ll bet the rain, winds, and tornadoes are due to what’s left of tropical storm Fred. I’m glad you are all safe there.

    • They are, yes. There have been reports of tornadoes, and flooding closer to the foothills but we’re in for high winds and possibly more through the night. I could close the windows so as not to hear the winds, but they are cooling down the house nicely.

  2. btrb says:

    I’m glad you are safe.

  3. pkadams says:

    I found this comforting . Thank you. I know you lost your husband and yet you are doing okay . I am in the place of not knowing if my husband is going to survive this COVID . I’m very dependent on him for everything and the thought of being alone is quite frightening. I’m praying that I can trust God no matter what happens . Thanks for prayers. He’s getting worse .

    • It has been a slow process, with my learning lessons along the way. Even though my husband was a long haul truck driver and gone for weeks at a time,, I still depended on him. The fact that our son who still lives at home, was already an adult has helped me. It is not easy being alone. I had to learn to be happy and comfortable with my own company. I do pray, that your husband will survive this, and for strength for you.

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