August Sixteenth; In This My Month of Birth, If I Could Ask For a Gift, I Would Request

Lessons in the raindrops.

I went to bed last night, or rather this morning as it was just past the stroke of twelve, listening to the sound of rain. Not a heavy, dangerous rain, the slow kind that soaks in and does the earth good. The ceiling fan drew in the cool, night air making for a good night to sleep. I awoke this morning to the sound of the rain still falling intermittently. The sky is overcast, the woods a deep green. Their true colors when not bleached out by the power of the sun. The trees swaying a slow dance to Mother Nature’s music. From somewhere in the woods, I hear the sounds of the birds calling. It is a day that would be good to sleep in. A day good to find a good book, pour a cup of coffee or preferred drink and relax.

I have fed the not so stray cats and kittens. Molly is outside, taking up her position on the front porch as guard and protector. Bella is stretched out on the floor beside my chair. My son, somewhere in the other end of the house, enjoying his day off. A quiet, peaceful, normal, safe day. I am blessed, and yet I am uneasy. There is a guilt that filters in and creates an unrest in my mind. A curiosity as to why my life is this way, when others struggle to simply survive? I sit here, listening to the falling rain, each drop a reminder. As the clouds above create countless droplets of rain that falls, so is the earth filled with a countless number of humans. No census will ever tell how many walk this earth, no guess will be flawless.

  I remember growing up hearing the words of a soap opera, “As sands through an hourglass, so are the days of our lives”. How true is this? Each day a grain of sand, a raindrop falling, a moment in time to pass from one to the next. How many of us, as we rush from home to work then from work to what ever errand calls us? How many are so wrapped up in our day to day, so focused on us, that it seems that us and our small circle, no matter how large it may be, is all that is important?

 Growing up, seeing the evening news was a must. The newscasters deemed dependable and trustworthy. Today, often we see people telling us to turn off the news. How much is truth and how much sensationalism meant to scare and raise viewer numbers as we seek to know what nightmare may be coming next. Already this morning I have seen reports of what is going on in Afghanistan. I have read reports over the past couple of days of earthquakes Haiti. I’ve read the comments of those who desperately need rain and seen the photos of flooding from too much. I’ve seen the lines of cars waiting for help with food. All across the globe, things are happening that are causing hardships and the loss of life. I wrote yesterday about hunger. The truth, hunger is simply the tip of the iceberg of suffering. Side note about icebergs, what you see above water, is usually only a small portion of the actual iceberg. They often extend deep into the ocean even extending outward creating hazardous conditions. The iceberg of suffering in humanity, extends very deep and wide.

borrowed from wiki-media

 I want to consider raindrops as reminders that every individual on this planet, has issues of some sort. They may be short lived, they may be continual. They may be minor, they may be devastating. All across this planet, people are hurting, people are afraid, people are in need. There are situations in which we are limited in how we are able to help, there are things that we have no way to address. Then there are those times when we could, can, will be able to step up and be the difference for others. Be it an individual or a group. One important thing, is to realize that there are problems, Recognize that these issues to exist. Step outside our comfort zone and reach out as we are able. Speak up and speak out against the wrongs. Speak up and speak out about the rights, the progress, the healing of hurts.

We should not place all responsibility of help on governments. We have seen incidents of where corrupt governments have kept aid from reaching those in need. Humanitarian aid, best comes from fellow humans. When we are at our best, is when we are reaching out to assist others. As I have seen the hurting, I have also seen the helping. I have watched trailers filled with items needed in a disaster. I have watched groups come together to collect donations, be it toys, food, clothing, yes, money, to help the suffering. And do it joyfully. 

My Christian family, as we were instructed, we should be the first to reach out. We should be the first ready to assist. To feed, to clothe, to house. Remember though, works will not save you, will not earn you a heavenly eternity. Salvation is freely given through faith, not earned through works. It is the salvation that brings about the desire to work. To assist in the Kingdom here on this earth. To show the love through loving.

 As I have written this, the sun has broken through the clouds, sunlight is splattered across my back yard, creating a mosaic of sorts among the grass and weeds. The insects all around the house have begun their songs seeking attention. The sounds an obvious showing of their numbers though the exact count unknown. Just as the exact population is unknown. A reminder, in great numbers, rest great need. A rain drop, a grain of sand, the populace of humanity. Each individual, lost among the many. Each carrying a burden. Each carrying a need. Also each carrying the potential for building and creating a difference for another. May the raindrops always remind me.

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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4 Responses to August Sixteenth; In This My Month of Birth, If I Could Ask For a Gift, I Would Request

  1. John says:

    The world needs Him more than ever today, Rebecca.

  2. As Christians, we must reach out first! Well written!

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