Day 226; Footnotes of Barking Dogs and Suddenly Dark

Our poor mail carrier. I hope he’s okay.

Let me explain. I knew a package was supposed to arrive today. When the mail carrier went down the dirt road, I was watching for their return. When the jeep stopped at my mail box I was shoving my feet into my shoes to go for the mail. Hearing a noise that sounded suspiciously like the jeep, I saw it had indeed pulled down the drive. Walking out and through the gate I walked up to meet the carrier. Up until then Molly hadn’t realized the guy was there. Bella was still inside the house. Just as I was getting close to the guy Molly decided to bark. Molly, has a very deep bark by the way. I thought that poor guy was going to come out of his skin. I quickly told him there was a fence. The moment he saw the fence, which to be honest was partially hidden by the azalea bushes, he relaxed somewhat, met me holding out the package and was back in his jeep in record time. Olympians have nothing on this guy escaping dogs. My house is the last one on the dirt road so he wasted no time getting out and away from us. 

The package was filled with my so called rewards for money raised for Relay for Life. I had no idea the box would be that big but I also didn’t think that soft sided, cooler thing was that big. It will actually be nice for my son and his road rips to races. I did make a mistake. My son had let Molly out this morning but he never puts the training collar on. Usually I will once I get up, but today, I didn’t. I was sitting here looking at the cooler when Molly began barking excitedly. The neighbors were out, probably with their dogs, but I couldn’t tell. With Molly not wearing the training collar I had to go get her. I had taken my shoes off so I had to cross the yard barefoot. Rocks hurt. I got Molly finally and got the collar on her. I also put Bella’s on. I’m beginning to think that Bella’s suddenly refusal to go outside, is so that she doesn’t run risk of hearing the dreaded beep of her collar.

 I did manage to clean out the fridge and get the dishes washed. As I was finishing up my son came in from work. He was early but he said it had gotten slow and he had his hours so they sent him home. He never argues. He had not been home long when the crazy struck.

 The electricity went out, came back, went out again then began to do this odd flickering somewhat like a candle in a bad wind storm. My son immediately said something unintelligible except for, ‘that’s no good’. He hurried outside, managing to not step on or trip over the cat and flipped the main breaker off. Dark. In the distance I could hear thunder, from the yard I heard crying, whimpering dogs. Bringing up the power company app we discovered that something, most likely a tree, had caused the outage. It was somewhere around 1:30 in the afternoon when it went out. The app said it would be 5:30 estimated return.

 I watch my son as he walks out the front door and toward his camper. Within moments he has the generator running. Returning to the house he gets his television and tells me I could go out with him. I know my son and just how cold he likes a room to be. I politely declined even though he offered several times. He even went next door to his grandparent’s and invited them up to the camper but they too declined. I sat here scrolling through various sites on my phone while I waited. I did let the dogs in when the thunder got close but got them back outside when it calmed down. This happened several times, with me finally giving up and letting them stay inside. My son did come inside a couple of times, repeating his offer. He finally went back out and turned the breaker back on for when the power returned.

Which was moments after 5, so a few minutes before their estimate. One moment it was dark, the next the house was bright. Before I could move, mom was calling. My son had told her he had turned the breaker off and she wanted to make sure I knew the power was back. Then talked about all manner of things even as she repeatedly told me she was going. 

Now, supper has long been cooked and consumed. I’ve fed the dogs and will feed the cat once I know the dogs can’t  get to her food. I’m sitting here half listening to good ole Josh on Expedition Unknown as I write this. The crickets are having a wonderful time with their night time symphony. The neighbors have some odd type porch light that changes color, except right now thanks to the power outage the thing is blinking at a fast pace without changing. Off in the far distance, there are rumblings of thunder. What an evening.

My son had his camper and generator. He could stay cool and watch the race. He even heated water for me for a cup of coffee. In the face of darkness, he had light. He was prepared. Believers are told, be ready. Just as we had no idea the power would go out as it did, we have no idea when Christ will return, so we are told, be ready. Just as the power returned, so shall He. Suddenly. The electric company gave us an idea when the power would be back on. The Bible gives us warnings, signs to watch for, to help us be prepared. It was a good day, that is winding down on a good, peaceful note. Tomorrow, Lord willing, is another day.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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3 Responses to Day 226; Footnotes of Barking Dogs and Suddenly Dark

  1. It’s great that your son is so prepared and looks out for his grandparents. I guess this sort of thing happens a lot?

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