Day 221; Footnotes of Missing


I kept watching almost all day, I only saw three of the seven kittens. Maybe four, because two of them are very close in appearance. Still, that means at least three were nowhere to be seen today. I’m hoping they will make an appearance shortly, as they tend to make a late night check to see if there is any food left in either of the bowls. When they come out of their safe places I can hear them pushing the bowls around on the steps. Knocking them off, spilling out what ever dry food may have been left. 

Last night when I heard them I got up, grabbed a flashlight and crept through the kitchen to my back porch. The kitchen window is open so they hear every sound coming from the kitchen. I made it to the door and turned on the flashlight shining the light onto the steps. There is what is left of a plant growing next to the steps, the shadow created on the ground seemed to confuse one kitten and intrigue another to the point of wanting to attempt to play. Turning the light off I returned to this room and listened to the sounds they were making drift through the window.

 If there is no sign of them tonight or tomorrow I’ll go and check around the house and yard just to see if they are still around and have simply gone into some stealth mode. I have been making attempts are showing the kittens I’m not going to hurt them if they allow me to touch them gently on the back or around their ears. I even had one today, stop eating, look up at my hand then for all the world get this, ‘screw it I’m hungry’ look. then proceed to ignore my hand allowing me to continue petting it while it ate.

 Another thing that is missing are the hummingbird feeders. I went out late last night and took them down. I did notice a hornet or two come around today, to check out where the feeders should have been, and maybe, just maybe heard one hummingbird, otherwise its been very quiet out back. I don’t remember right off the right time to take the feeders down for the season, but since the bees seem to have driven the birds off, I seriously doubt I’ll put them back out this year.

 I don’t know what is up with the kittens. It doesn’t seem likely they would readily abandon a safe place that comes complete with food and water. But they are cats. People do it all the time. They have a safe place. A place where there is food, shelter, what ever they need and they for what ever reason walk away. Something…out there, tempts them to the point of wandering.

 Many years ago we had two lassie type collies. A female named Princess and a Male called Chewy. We have a large fenced yard. Those two dogs, no matter what we did, could manage to get that gate open and get out of the yard. They would go down to the creek, play in the water, then return. This was fine, it was before leash laws and they stayed on our property anyway. Until the one time. Princess was found dead one day, it looked for all the word as if she had been poisoned. Almost a year to the day later, Chewy got out of the yard, and instead of going to the creek, went up to the side of the main road where he was hit and killed. Because he wandered away from his safe place.

 Some people, for  what ever reason, allow temptation, wrong thoughts, wrong desires, wrong considerations to cause them to walk away from the light and into the dark. To walk away from families, from homes, from security,from love and into something they think will be better. Something that destroys families and can often destroy the health and life of the one who leaves. The good thing about people, they can turn around. They can return if not to the family they deserted, but they can return to the light.

I have walked in some of that darkness, I can recall, the storms, the struggles, the fears. I am so very glad, that I knew to turn around. I am so very glad, prodigal that I was, I was welcomed back with love and joy. Arms open wide for all who seek to return.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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3 Responses to Day 221; Footnotes of Missing

  1. Wise Hearted says:

    I am glad too you do not wander anymore. We have three kittens of my grand daughters that are around most days. It’s such a joy to watch them and sometimes pick them up and hear them purr. There are dangerous animals all around us where we live, a road too near for them to cross. Lots of ways they could be killed and it would break my grand daughter heart. The momma cat gave bith to four but one died as my grand daughter watched. Lovely creature God created.

    • I understand. We live in a rural area with many predators and people who drive this dirt road as if they are on a race track. I was glad when they were close, I can only hope she hasn’t moved them far. Yes, I agree, they are lovely as are all God’s creatures.

  2. Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji says:

    “Something that destroys families and can often destroy the health and life of the one who leaves. The good thing about people, they can turn around. They can return if not to the family they deserted, but they can return to the light.”

    Beautiful and I love the image

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