Day 218; Footnotes of I Can See

As the song goes, “I can see clearly now”. It was my own fault that I couldn’t. Silly me.
Due to having an eye condition called, Keratoconus and no, I still haven’t learned exactly how to pronounce that, I have to wear rigid contacts if I wish to see well. Glasses or soft contacts would be no help. The rigid are needed to get my cornea back in the correct shape.

I had gone for years have that yearly eye exam, purchasing overly expensive glasses only to be seriously disappointed because the improvement I expected in my vision wasn’t there. I was then told I had cataracts, but two separate doctors. My now late husband went to a group of doctors due to needing cataract surgery. I decided that I might as well go see a member of that team for my next eye exam and see how bad the cataracts were. I then met, a miracle worker. This doctor examined my eyes, talked with me, looked once again and said he wanted to try something. He left the room then came back. He wanted to see if contacts would help. I had always sworn that I couldn’t, wouldn’t wear contacts. I simply did not believe I would be able to put anything in my eyes. He put the contacts in my eyes and asked what I thought. When I looked around, I must have had the appearance of someone seeing color or hearing for the first time. I was dumbfounded. I was seeing clearing, really clearly again for the first time in years. And this wasn’t even my prescription.

I was excited, but nervous. He told me they would get my contacts ordered and let me know when they were in. Could I actually do this? I had to try. When the contacts arrived I went to pick them up and get lessons on putting them in and taking them out of my eyes. They were smiling telling me I was picking up on it very quickly. They gave me all the instructions I needed, my first contact case and a bottle of solution. I was now a wearer of rigid contacts.

They told me to wear them at least four hours to a day to start and work my way up. I was wearing them all day from the first day. I was like a kid in a candy store. I could see again, this was what I had been missing. I did have to get safety glasses for work because I worked in a textile manufacturing plant which meant stuff was flying in the air all the time and anything under a contact was agony. I also needed to get readers, as if I held my arm straight out, anything from the elbow out I could see fine. anything from the elbow back toward me, was blurred. No big deal. This was six years ago.

Here lately my contacts have been giving me problems. I could put them in and within a short time, I could not see. It was as if a cloud had settled over my eyes. No matter how many eye drops I used, no matter how many times I tool them out, cleaned them and tried again, within a short time, I couldn’t see. I began going days without them. That brought on headaches from straining my eyes. I was also waking up with my eyes gritty and hurting.  The other day I had purchased a tube of stuff the doctor had recommended on my last visit. It is a salve used at night for dry eyes. So I finally decided night before last to give it a try. Its a salve that you put a small amount just inside your eye lid. It clouds the eye making it difficult to see which I guess is why it is a night time thing.

The next day I put my contacts in because I needed to run some errands. I was able to wear my contacts for hours with no issues. By the time I took them out, realization was setting in. Last night I used it again. I woke this morning with no gritty, locked down dry eyes. I’ve just taken my contacts out after wearing them all day. An all day event with few eye drops and no clouded over, can’t see much of anything issues. Issues I had dealt with simply because I didn’t like putting the salve in my eyes. Silly me.

 I still have this storm door that needs repairs or replacing. I hadn’t done anything to it for several reasons. Finances being the main one but anyway. It wasn’t bothering me that much, having that big open spot where a glass window should be. Except for one thing. It let bugs in. What ever flew by, few in, Flies, yellow jackets, moths, mosquitoes. The light of the lamp especially drawing them at night. There was nothing to stop them, nothing to protect me from them.

I can’t help but wonder, how often so many walk blind, because they refuse to do what they know will make a difference? How many refuse to seek assistance? How many refuse to accept that one small act, can make all the difference? How many refuse to seek the answer to the betterment of their life and the knowledge of salvation?How many refuse to hear any and all answers that are shared? How many have this wide open place that allows anything and everything into their life, knowing that those things will cause discomfort and problems? How many simply wave away the flies rather than seek ways to cover the hole?

Yes I did today, finally cover that opening with screen wire held in place by duct tape. Yes, its rigged. Yes its temporary. This life is a temporary journey where we will be faced with many struggles, battles and valleys. We will need to be willing to hear and understand what is being taught. We need be willing to use the things given us, to make the journey better, that we may see. Ready to use what we are taught, to cover the openings and gaps and stop the things that would get into our life to annoy us and make life difficult. I’m more than a little frustrated with myself for waiting so long, and struggling so long with an issue, that would have been so quickly rectified had I followed directions. Since I finally realized that maybe I don’t know more than the doctor and used the salve, I can see clearly now. Just as I see more clearly when I pay attention to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in my life, and things go much easier.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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