August Fourth (2021); If I Could Ask For A Gift

How can I say this, that won’t get me in trouble?

Be aware…there are many possible trigger points within this write. Homelessness, addiction, abuse, suicidal, hunger, religion.

I want, to be hungry. Not so much for physical food, though that plays a part. I want to be hungry for other things. I want to be hungry, to the point of trembling and hurting, for the immaterial things. Some may sneer at me, or simply shake their head, thinking, that is easy for you to say, you have material things. The things that so many don’t and too many, have given up on ever having. And that, is a large reason that I want this hunger, to better understand and be able to find ways to be a difference and resurrect that hope. By my being hungry, will find ways to feed the real physical hungers of others.

I want the hunger to understand.

For the homeless…
Why. What has brought them to the point of being without a place to call home? A lost job? A disagreement within the family or possibly an abusive parent, spouse, family member? Addictions? Possibly unaddressed mental health issues? Why? Why are you out on the streets, why are you hiding away in the woods or in a park or some alley?

How. How does it feel, to seem as if, or actually, have no one or nothing on your side? When you face all the struggles alone? Fighting to survive, struggling to live. Battling to feel human. How does it feel, when people walk past you, looking the other way? How does it feel, when they look right at you, obvious judgement in their eyes and expression? How does it feel, when you are out in the weather and you try to be warm or cool or dry and you see others who are safe, ignore your plight?

What. What would it take, to get you off the street and into a safe place?

For the abused…
Having been in this position long ago, I know my answers, but hunger for the reasons of others.

How. How did you get into this relationship? Were warning signs missed or ignored? Were they so well hidden they were easily missed? Did you feel that this person, was your only option?

Why. Why do you remain? Is it fear? Is it you are locked in and controlled, a prisoner in the home? Do you feel, hopeless and trapped? Are there children involved and have they been threatened if you should attempt to leave?

What. What would it take, to free you? What will it take, to save you from another round of attack? What would it take, to rescue you and your children, and get you to safety?

For those who are suicidal..

What. What or who, has brought you to this position in life? What abuse has driven you to this place?

Why. Why do you feel as if there is no other way?

Where. Where does the desperation for escape come from and where do you think this will take you?

How. How can we help you? Tell us, share your hurt, your desperation, your longing for relief.

Trust, its hard, nearly impossible. You may have tried before, and no one understood. Try again. Try again. Try again. Tell us what we need to know, to understand. To help.

For the grieving and lonely…

For the struggling to learn, to grow, to be better than…

For the ones being bullied or even for the bully…

For the ones who simply feel trapped in an uninspired life…

For the ones who feel as if they have missed their opportunity…

For the lost…

What. What is your thoughts on faith? Not religion, relationship. There is a difference.

Why. Why do you believe as you do?

How. How does one converse with you on those beliefs and share with you, their walk? Would you listen to them, if they also listen openly to you?

Do. Do you know of Jesus and His purpose? Do you believe in the power of prayer, of forgiveness, of love?

I want a hunger. A deep, hurting, trembling hunger for understanding and answers. I want to know, how to help. What will help, who wants that help, how, can I be the difference? How can I, one individual, sitting here in a rural area, help bring about a difference?

I don’t have all the answers, or I wouldn’t be asking the questions. But I want as many as I can find. I do know that there are many who are doing what they are able, to feed all they are able. They accept donations and hand them out without question. There are places that offer clothing and shelter. There are the places who feed the homeless. And yet, the real issues go unresolved. I don’t see government aid as the answer, it seems they always string miles or red tape, making it more difficult. If not them then? Where are the answers? Where is the resolution?

Maybe, just maybe, there aren’t enough people who are hungry. Oh I know, thanks to everything that has and continues to go on around us, there are many struggling. Many who are barely getting by themselves. But, I have seen those who have the least, give the most. Amazing thing that sharing. The understanding that we are all one step, one storm, one struggle away from being where they are.

So I want to be hungry. Fed with a diet of understanding, compassion, hope, a thirst quenched with love. Bring me Lord, to the point of hunger. Hunger for answers. Hunger for the ability to assist. Hunger to share the plights, the needs, the pain. Help me, to create a hunger in others to seek out the answers. Help me, to share a hunger with others that will in turn cause a response that will find ways to help those so desperately in need. Create in me, a hunger.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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6 Responses to August Fourth (2021); If I Could Ask For A Gift

  1. Dia Jae says:

    I’m always curious about things like that too. I have a constant hunger for knowledge. Nice pic!

  2. Dia Jae says:

    Very true. I believe that too

  3. Thank you for following me ☘️🏵️

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