July Thirty-first; Priorities

 How in the world, have we already reached the last day of July? What happened to time that has made it pass so quickly? And yet, so very slowly at the same time?

I had planned on attending an event that the Jeep group was participating in, but mom called this morning and was having a bit of a rough start to the day. So, I didn’t go. Mom is the reason I also haven’t sought employment as she and dad need me here and here I will be for them. There are priorities in life, it is up to us to decide what they are. Right now, mine are being here for them, whether to take care of things they can’t or to simply listen when one needs to vent a bit.

Mom keeps talking about dad wanting to go to the new casino. She may be hinting but that is one I can’t do. Not because I have anything against it. Not because I don’t want dad to have that time of doing something he enjoys. Not because I don’t want to drive the interstate. Its mainly because the casino doesn’t want anyone there who isn’t playing and I don’t have the money to hand over to them. So I don’t volunteer that one and I don’t feel guilty either, well a little.

I think, part of what is bothering me, is that the faster summer passes, the closer we get to the more expensive time of year. I either need to get my propane tank filled or replace my wood stove. If I want to be warm that is otherwise I’m good. Holidays are coming up where treats and an excess of food is needed. Gifts are needed. So I let that bother me and cause my sleep to be disrupted. But, priorities.

In the end, none of those things will mean a lot. Oh yes, there would be that temporary discomfort. I would have to layer ..a lot. It doesn’t get as cold here as other places. The nieces and nephews have gotten old enough to help out more with food for gatherings. Their kids for the most part have gotten old enough to understand if Aunt Becky is a little broke this year. She had to take care of priorities.

Other than being here for my family, there is me. I am my own primary caregiver. We all are, our own primary caregiver.

I have tried to eat healthy. I don’t always succeed but for the most part I do. I would much rather cook my own food, then eat fast food too often. I avoid sodas but for the rare ginger ale. If I’m working out in the yard or hiking, I drink plenty of water.

I do try to get plenty or exercise. I love those hikes whether up the local mountainside or in my own backyard. Especially when I get my heart rate us. In this heat though it is important to be careful.

I take care of my mental and emotional health. Seeking peace in nature, seeking distraction and calm in the watching the happenings out my window, aka kittens.

I seek intellectual stimulation through reading and studying a variety of subjects.

I seek a an outlet of sorts through friendships and being with others.

I seek peace in my spiritual life. Through prayer, through study, through gathering with those of like mind.

It is important that we seek out, understand and set our priorities. A guideline to living and thriving. There may be those times when we aren’t the happiest, or that the priorities limit us in some way, that doesn’t change their importance. What must change is our own mindset about them.

New parents may find out that their new little one has completely changed what they are able to do and when. That doesn’t change the fact the child is a priority.

Elderly parents may develop more needs and the requirement of more time spent helping them. They are still a priority as if not for them..

.Decisions for the future, not this time, but eternity and where one will spend that time, is a priority.

Do you agree or disagree? I’d love to hear your rational and polite thoughts on your priorities.

Life is a journey where we will be constantly making decisions. They must line up with our priorities.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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15 Responses to July Thirty-first; Priorities

  1. I think you first priority should be you darling, and YOUR needs ❤️

    • Thank you. I don’t neglect my needs, I simply attempt to place them in order of importance. There are always ways that things work out. I simply need to trust.

      • Trust is okay, but action is even better. If you trust enough to take an action with your financial situation you will be a lot less stressed ❤️

      • Which is true. I don’t deny that. I haven’t been actively seeking as far as applying anywhere, but I have been watching what and who are seeking help around me. Being I’m not desperate, I can be a bit more picky and careful in my choices.

      • I mentioned weeks ago you could earn from your posts on here. Many people do I know you were reluctant to use a paid service to enable you to receive donations for your time and thoughts. There isn’t even an email address to contact you on for which you could use for PayPal.

        I would personally be delighted to donate for your posts today, right now. I can’t bear to hear you stressed when you give so much to others. I believe you deserve more, but do you? I enjoy reading your posts. What bothers me is that you trust in god but you also close the door to god by not allowing anything to come to you. I don’t even believe in god but I believe in your words and I wish you would find a way to allow something good to happen to you. What’s your email address?

      • Okay, here is this. A little while ago I was off through the house trying to find something and not thinking of much other than the item I was looking for. As I looked, the thought came to mind, almost exactly what you said. Many years ago a friend contacted me and told me that she and her husband wanted to fill my vehicle up with gas. They had earned a lot of points or something and would like to do that for me. At first I politely turned them down, then realized that I was preventing a blessing for them, by refusing their blessing to me. I met them and accepted the gift. There were a couple of times when my husband was alive that we hit rough spots and people blessed us financially. He wanted to refuse, but the preacher at the time explained how not only was it a blessing to receive but also to give. I know I have mentioned a couple of times about finances. More to vent than anything else, often to attempt to make a point in something I was writing about. I have had others who have told me that they knew I wouldn’t ask, but the offer was there. Your comments even though you said you don’t believe, to me are a direct reminder from God to allow other people to be blessed through blessing. The sad thing is, I don’t have a paypal account or any of the other money share apps.

      • But you have a bank account right? How do I contact you? I would like to help in exchange for reading your wise words if that’s okay with you

      • It’s very easy to set up a PayPal account. You do it via your email. And you can contact me directly on notontherocks@hotmail.com

  2. Wise Hearted says:

    I think you are using wisdom in the situation. Lack of money may become a top priority, especially if you want to live alone. Priority change as aging settles in. We moved up to our daughters so she could be our care given when it comes. they fixed an old cabin up for a stone throw away from their place. I took care of my Dad after a stroke, we moved him in with us, long four years till he died. My Mom ended up in nursing home. We wanted her to come live with us but she fought that. I could feel guilt a lot but refuse it when it comes, it’s not healthy. I know it is important to take care of one self because when the care given gives out…what then? And life goes on, if you need money, you will have to work and trust others to help with your parents. Last words, God’s bless you.

    • Thank you for your wise, well thought out response. Things, can be done without or worked around. My son does help as he is able. The money situation will work itself out one way or another. There is no amount of money that can take the place of the blessing I am getting being here for and with my parents. Because at their ages, I don’t know how much longer we have with them, I won’t waste the time given just to have things. May God bless you richly as well.

      • Wise Hearted says:

        I do not have one regret for the time, money and efforts we used helping our parents. We are thankful our two adult children love to be with us.

      • I understand. I don’t regret what I’m doing here, I know that every day is a gift. And I’ll sit here and let mom tell me the same story fifteen times or more and never say a word. Mom and dad are all that are left of their families. Cancer too mom’s brother and dad’s brother and sister. Cancer took my brother. To be able to see my folks every day, is something I cherish. My son still lives at home while paying off student loans. I’m glad that we get along well and he has turned into a fine man. Who does try to keep me out of trouble of my own making 😉

  3. My spiritual connection with our Creator is first. I must take care of myself first to be there for others including my children…I’ve had many conformational events that show me self-care is a priority, including a bout with pneumonia…then hubby and kids.. and others

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