Day 209; Footnotes of Bee-lieve it or Not, All ended Well

 That little voice in the back of your head, poking you, telling you that something isn’t right… it.

The other day I purchased a gift card for a birthday gift. I goofed times two in the purchase. First, I learned a long time ago when buying gift cards, pay for them separately, I didn’t. Second, I had accidentally picked up two cards, when the cashier rang them up, I saw it was two and told her that I had made a mistake, didn’t realize there was two there and I only needed one. So she voids one, sets it aside, rings up one and I thought we were all good to go.

But that nagging voice. I didn’t give the card. I just couldn’t. I’m glad. I got my son to help me check the balance online. It showed the card being invalid. Great. Then began the great scavenger hunt for the receipt. Any other time the receipt would be right there on the kitchen table but nope. I searched the kitchen. I searched my car. I searched my bedroom-because you know, maybe. I even began digging through the trash inside and outside. Which was a definite yuck factor of plus times a thousand.  Coming back inside I scrubbed my hands up to my elbows, used hand sanitizer and rubbed my arms dry until I think I did a good job of scraping off two layers of skin. I came back in here and looked one more time through the stuff on my desk, YES!!  I found it that time.

Now, the question was, will the store refund my money or fix the card so its usable or will they laugh me out of the building? One thing I hoped would be in my favor, I go into that big box store …a lot. They see more of my money than anyone else does. 

So, I go get mom so she can get out of the house, away from dad and ride with me to the store. We walk inside, she tells me that she’s going to walk around and we’d meet after I get the hoped for refund handled. I told her that she shouldn’t be too hard to find since she walks slower now. Thankfully she agreed, smiled and wandered off down one of the aisles.

 As I make my way to the customer service counter I speak to one of the cashiers I hadn’t seen in a while. Sweet lady. I take my place in line and wait. Finally its my turn. I walk up and explain the situation. I immediately get the look of suspicion I was expecting. She does not argue with me though, she calls a manager over and they discuss it, I hear something about a camera and watching a video. Fine by me. As they are talking another cashier I know walks by and I speak to them. Another super nice person once you get to know their personality. I think the issue at first with them, is they aren’t from around here and there is always a bit of a difference in attitude. Not ugly, just different. Anyway, I’m wandering off track here.

Finally she comes back from the far side of the counter and asks for some identification which I give her. Now, all the while she has also been helping someone who was obviously new and learning the process of returns. At one point telling the cashier to make the lady swipe her card, then realizing what she had said rephrased the comment. The good part, she readily laughed at herself and her misspeak. The customer was smiling but not joining in the conversation. I did offer up my own error in tone back that life time ago when I worked and helped manage the department.

 In the end, I got my refund. Never once did they treat me as if I were trying to pull one over on them or lying. They simply had procedures that needed to be followed. Money in hand, I set off to find mom.

Now, here is the cool part of this story. Right after I found mom, we started past this aisle that caught my attention. On the end of the row, were North Carolina state flags. Something that has always been nearly impossible to find in stores. My husband always wanted us to fly a state flag along with the US flag. Not long after he died and some friends had helped me put up a replacement flag pole he had purchased but not got up, I went in search of a NC flag. One of our local representatives finally got one for me. That was over three years ago, the flag is showing signs of its age and needed replacing. Thanks to getting the money back for that card, I now had the money to get that flag.

 Now, with this part of my day, I’m wondering a bit over my sanity. Maybe I can blame it on the heat wave.

I knew that I needed to clean and refill the hummingbird feeders right outside my windows. The one the birds were eating from was empty, the other side was usually covered with a swarm of yellow jackets. The mean, mafia of the bee world. I made up the mixture for the feeders yesterday with the plan of changing them out this morning but forgot and the bees showed up in force. There were even a couple of hornets out there that were as big as the smallest hummingbird trying to feed. So I filled a plastic measuring cup with water, toss it at the feeders scattering bees in all directions and I grab the feeders off the shepherd’s hook. (That I have wrapped with tape to keep the birds safe) I bring them inside, clean them well and refill them. I hesitated in carrying them back outside as I was hoping in the least that the hornets would leave. As I watched from inside, the hummingbird kept coming back looking for their lunch. I stood here shaking my head, but told the bird I was bringing it back give me a minute. Yes, if it lives I talk to it, don’t judge me.

 I give in and take the feeders outside and hang them back in place. Returning to this room I see that everything from the bees to the birds had already returned. Then, I noticed something that ticked me off and raised my blood pressure quickly. One of the hornets was taking over the feeder that the birds had been using. The hornet literally chased the bird all around the back yard. Twice. Nope, not on my watch. 

So here’s where it gets strange even for me.

I grabbed a fly swatter and head outside. I’m swinging the flyswatter like an crazed baseball player swinging a bat. At a hornet. The bee finally flies up to the corner of the roof to my back porch and lands. It is watching me and waiting for me to leave. A bee. A big bee, but a bee. I go back inside and find the hornet spray. The stuff that sprays twenty feet. I am reasonably sure I got it, but it flew away. I never saw it come back. Of course my luck is that it will be back tomorrow with buddy bees. That’s okay, I have more spray.

I wandered down to the garden when it got later in the afternoon, hoping that it wouldn’t be too terribly hot. It was. I came back with squash, a zucchini, some sweet peppers and cherry tomatoes. And a photo that my son told me, “You’re proud of that aren’t you?” Just a little entomological humor here. And yes, I really do need to charge the battery for my real camera as the one in my phone really stinks.

oops, excuse me

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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10 Responses to Day 209; Footnotes of Bee-lieve it or Not, All ended Well

  1. John says:

    I would battle the bees as long as possible, otherwise, you’ll have a possible bee infestation.

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  3. Dia Jae says:

    What kind of phone do you have? I often buy online because I always got dirty looks whenever I would do ab in store return. They act like you’re committing a criminal act or something. Glad your day went well otherwise. LOL on the last pic.

    • Some something that my son bought for me as a Christmas gift. The phone itself is fine, I just have no luck with picture quality. And that may be my fault, subconsciously taking bad photos so to convince me to carry the real cameras.

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