Day 202; Footnotes of Birthdays, Bouncing, Believing that God Does Still Speak

I looked outside earlier today to see pink towers across the road at one of the apartments. Unsure what I was looking at I moved out onto the porch so I could change my line of vision. It was an inflated bounce house. It must be one of the kid’s birthday. I was guessing that a party would soon be happening, which I don’t mind. The neighbor’s kids do not bother me, not when they are playing or fighting or creating an amazing amount of noise. The dogs were what bothered me, so far they are obeying the Animal Control officer and keeping the dogs on a leash.

 I was right about the noise though. By late afternoon there was plenty of laughter and screaming and even crying. I have no idea how many kids were over there, I never looked. My main goal was keeping my two dogs from barking with every scream. Other than that I didn’t do much.

I’ve been making sure though that Bella gets her medicine. It seems to be making her sleep more but she is also scratching a lot less now. By the time she finishes her medicine she should be much better. Hopefully she won’t be fully spoiled to the inside by then. I do hope to return to hiking the mountain but earlier in the day before the heat gets too bad.

  Now though, at this late hour the kids are quiet but the crickets are in strong voice. I kind of miss the neighbor’s jazz music, I was enjoying that last night. I could almost imagine the New Orleans I never got to visit when I lived in Louisiana. But I had time, to reflect more on a topic I was discussing earlier.

Does God Still Speak?   I went back and tried to find the original post on social media but couldn’t. So much has been posted between then and now. That doesn’t matter though, what matters is that I know, God Does still speak to us, in many ways.  Personally, I do not believe that someone who has died, can come visit those left behind. I do believe that angels can deliver messages. Bringing signs to comfort and bring peace to the grieving.

  When my husband died, and through a team effort, we were finally getting his body home from Indiana, I went to try and find a decent dress to wear to his celebration of life service. As I crossed the parking lot from a store I had been in, I was alone. Suddenly I smelled his cologne strongly. I stopped and looked all around me. There was no one else in the parking lot, there was no one in cars around me. Several days after the service I was in a big box store, coming around an aisle, there was a man who would have passed for my husband’s twin. And he was looking at a microwave dinner that my husband always bought. I had stopped to find something I needed, when I looked up he was moving on around the corner. I saw him again briefly then he was gone. That same day as I was checking out, the biggest butterfly I have ever seen was inside the building up near the ceiling. 

Since my husband died, I have had issues sleeping. One night shortly after his death, as I lay there, somewhere between awake and  light sleep I heard my husband call my name. He always called me Bec and that is what he called me then.  Not in a dream, it was so real that I sat up, tossed the cover aside and was preparing to go see what he needed when I remembered. I sat back down on the bed, staring into the dark, and I smiled. So many signs, so many messages. The last time that I spoke with my husband, his last words to me were, “Let me go.” he was trying to get a run home and he needed to be ready when it came. I see it now as very prophetic. That night, when I heard him call my name, in the tone of love, I could do that. Even though I still missed him. Even though I had those terrible times of loneliness, I knew he was okay now. 

One of my brothers died almost two years ago from Leukemia. He was diagnosed on Friday and he died on Monday. My parents have a wood burning stove in what mom calls her sitting room. When my brother would visit during the months the stove was not in use, he would sit on the stove saying he was leaving the chairs open for everyone else. I just think he liked it because it was higher and you wouldn’t sink down into it and get trapped in soft cushioning. His sitting on the wood stove, left the print of his backside in the dust.
After he passed mom tried to clean it, but it remained. It did start to fade at one point, but then came back just as boldly as if he had just taken a seat. Mom finds great comfort in that print on the stove. 

I was having a bout of depression and missing my husband one day recently and decided to take Bella and go hike the trails on the mountain at the local state park. We made it to the top, I gave her a good drink of water while we rested. We never stay topside long so after a few minutes we headed across to the trail (which is also a road to the top for the rangers) we always take down. We were walking along the roadway and walked around one of the many curves to walk straight into a butterfly ballet. If you were to see how many photographs I have taken of butterfly it would be obvious the love I have for them. To say I was awestruck would be an understatement. I watched the dance for a good while before the butterfly dance troupe began to break up and fly away.

 I have heard it said often, that when a cardinal appears near you, it is a visit from Heaven. I have looked outside my window on sad days and be amazed at home many cardinals would be flying about, resting on the limbs of trees, landing on the branches near the window or on the steps to the back porch.

To the lady who said that now God only speaks through His Word, you’re wrong. Yes, He does speak to us through His Word, but He speaks and comforts us in so many different ways. As our Lord said, He who has ears to hear… For me, I am glad to know, that He speaks to us, that He cares about our pain, that He loves us deeply. That He will never forsake us and leave us to battle this journey alone.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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8 Responses to Day 202; Footnotes of Birthdays, Bouncing, Believing that God Does Still Speak

  1. Yes! God speaks and perfect Bible verse for those who choose to hear His Voice. He speaks in so many ways. Thank you for sharing! May you have continuous comfort and peace, for you are loved dearly! Take care!

  2. My condolences to the loss of your loved ones.
    God, truly, speaks to us in many ways and not limited to one way. The key is discerning when He is truly the one speaking.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Wish you greater strength as you continue to navigate life without your loved ones.

  3. Yes, those messages are so special, they come when we need them the most, and when they stop, you know that everything is okay!

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