July Seventeenth; What creates my Biggest Moments of Dissatisfaction (Yellow alert for possible mild ranting)

 Yesterday I wrote about the things that bring me satisfaction. All day thoughts  bothered me, what of the opposite? What things in this life, leave me dissatisfied?

 I would imagine that for those with heart and conscious, the causes of dissatisfaction are all pretty much the same.

Hate. Not the, “I hate those marsh mellow candy chickens or I hate when my chocolate melts or I hate what ever sport, hate. The hate that is irrational. The hate of people due to their race, age, political or religious beliefs. The hate of people, just because they are different from you in some way.

Discrimination. When you tell someone that they can’t _______________ (fill in the blank) because of who they are or any handicap they may have. Again, wrong wrong wrong.

Feeling entitled, and acting ugly because of those feelings. To me, now tell me if I’m wrong it won’t hurt my feelings, but to me, some of these folks out there acting all entitled remind me of toddlers who aren’t getting their way. Someone who is wanting attention and think this is the way to get said attention. Now y’all entitled folks, you may have a bigger, fancier house. You may drive a more expensive vehicle and wear designer duds. None of that makes you any better than the rest of us. Get over yourself and wait your turn.

Lack of respect for others. Kind of along the same lines of the feeling entitled. A person is a human is a human is a human and have human feelings and unless they do something illegal, immoral or indecent they deserve a level of respect simply for being human. As far as that goes, if they have paid their dues, if they have turned their life around, then they too have earned respect. Homeless? Unemployed? Illiterate? Poor health? Elderly? A different nationality, faith, political affiliation, those are just trappings, they don’t take away their humanity and deserving of respect.

Lack of compassion. I see them, you see them, those folks with the cardboard signs. We’ve seen the folks pushing the carts with all of their earthly possessions, or sleeping in doorways or on benches. The elderly struggling, the very young not yet knowledgeable of how to be safe. We’ve seen those who are seeking help when they are down. To turn away deliberately, even when you can help, shows that lack of compassion. Okay, yeah, those folks with the cardboard sign, may or may not be legitimate. I have no right to place judgement, if one is able, help. Let it all be sorted out by the One whose place it is and again, that’s not me.Not just people though, there are instances of animals in need. Those dumped. Those mistreated. Those who are hungry, injured, lost. It isn’t that difficult to help or find help.

Am I stepping on toes yet?

My not so Christian, Christian family. Oops. (How dare I??? Easy. Just keep reading…all the way to the end)  My dear Christian family, my brothers and sisters in Christ. I and others see you going to church, your cars parked prominently in the lot out front. You’re dressed in your Sunday best, your Bible in hand. Your children at your side as you enter the doors. You seem attentive as the message is delivered. Oh but wait, that isn’t meant for you. You are not that type or this type of in need of that particular lesson. That had to be for someone else today. So you may or may not ‘get it’ and you daydream or scan the bulletin or glance around to see who is or isn’t there that morning.

Then you sing that last hymn and you leave the building, smiling at those you know. Offering a greeting as you pass on your way out. Leaving the message behind you, trapped within the doors. You’ve done your duty and now church is over and life awaits. You may even head out to a local restaurant for lunch. How do you talk to your server? What attitude are you giving the world at large? Those who see you still in your Sunday best but not seeing you being Christ like in any manner.How are you at work? In the stores? Driving? Along the streets or parks of your neighborhood?

 My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, that building you were in, is not the church. ? No, it isn’t the building. It is you. Yes, YOU are the church. Your life, your actions and words. Everything you do outside that building shows whether or not you are indeed Christ like. Real church begins the minute you step outside those doors.  There is where you need show compassion and respect for others. There is where you should do as we were instructed and love our neighbor who is every…single…person you meet. To those in need in any form. To those who hunger and thirst not only the physical needs but the spiritual as well. To teach and protect the young. To care for the elderly and widowed. To not simply act Christ like, but be like Christ.

 Am I passing judgement here? No, that is not my intention. My intention is simply to draw attention to the fact that it is not how those who call themselves Christian should act because those actions are in no way Christ like. Am I perfect and above reproach? Am I satisfied in my actions? Oh no, not by any means. I fall. I stumble. I make mistakes. I say things or act in ways that I should not. I neglect doing the things that I should. I find excuses to not open my heart and strength to assist when needed. I know, I am weak. I know I fail and fall short. I do however have that indwelling of the Holy Spirit Who calls me on it and lets me know the errors of my ways. That way I can not only ask forgiveness, but correct my errors. To go forward in all humility accepting correction and gaining knowledge, strength, and love.

 Because as I finish this, every thing I mentioned in this post, all those things of which I am dissatisfied, would all be done away with, should we all act more Christ like. Showing the compassion and love in all aspects of life. Because the greatest, is love.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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12 Responses to July Seventeenth; What creates my Biggest Moments of Dissatisfaction (Yellow alert for possible mild ranting)

  1. Doug Goodman says:

    Well said, Rebecca! Hate has always bugged me. It has no value and it has no use.

    • The only ‘hate’ I can see useful, is the hate of an injustice, even then I prefer rather than hate something, get up and get busy changing it. Don’t waste time with an emotion that doesn’t accomplish anything.

  2. I have often said that hate is an over used word and emotion that I can’t be bothered with except in the circumstances of hating seeing others mistreated or hurt. Thank you for dropping by and honoring me with your presence.

  3. Webb Blogs says:

    Wonderfully written 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh!!! You nailed it!!! Not how dare you at all, but what guts to broadcast the truth!!! Thank you so much for your compassion, honest and humble appreciation of the Truth!!!! Love it!! “To not simply act Christ like, but be like Christ.” Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks Rebecca for sharing your writing.

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