Day 199; Footnotes of Storms and Concerns They Bring

All it took was one rumble of thunder. Both dogs are inside and safe from the thunder demon but with every rumble they look toward the sound. Rain is falling fairly hard, I need to move my car into the carport, but….kittens.

Working as a team, we got the Jeep into the carport and no kittens were seen. I know that they are safe behind that old console television set in the corner. If too much water gets into the carport there is plenty of stuff in there they can climb up on and be safe. I know the bigger kittens are under the house and not in the drain pipe as they have gotten almost too big to fit in that pipe. I will need to check in a few minutes and make sure that the grate that I have across the pipe to keep kittens from coming out into the front yard has not got blocked. I definitely don’t want water backing up as it has in the past. It was because of that incident that caused me to build the wall. Okay, its a line of cement blocks placed end to end to divert the water away from the front of the house but it works. We haven’t had a rain this hard in a while, I need to keep check.

If it wasn’t for the concern over that drain pipe, I would be enjoying listening to the falling rain.

It has been an overcast day all day, one that started out with a light rain falling. Even as the weather spot on the radio kept saying the morning would start out dry. It was a rain that I prefer, slow, gentle, the kind that sinks into the ground and does good. The stuff falling now will mostly run off and down the hill. It will however add water to the pond and the creeks. I’m also not afraid to think that the cucumber vines down in my garden are also happy.

 As I listen to the pounding rain, I feel the breeze coming in the open windows. A gentle caress against summer heated skin. I’m still managing to not turn the central air conditioning on. I can deal with the heat better than higher bills, even though my son helps pay, why run them up higher than necessary? Besides that, I tend to prefer open windows. Maybe because that was how I grew up. Maybe because I don’t do cold well and I have the feeling that once I cave in and turn it on, my son will attempt to turn the house into something akin to a freezer. 

The thunder demon has moved on off as the sound is growing more and more distant. For the dog’s peace of mind, I hope that it was alone and doesn’t have relatives following along behind. If it wasn’t for their fear, I would enjoy the sounds as much as I’m enjoying the drumming of the rain.

Yet then again,  I sit here, dogs close to my side, my son off in the far side of the house, the official cat has created a new perch on the top of the cans of dog food. We are dry. We are safe. Our evening meal long over with, human and critter. Even the not so strays are tucked away safe from the storm.

As I am thankful for our blessings, as I listen to the storm, I think of others. Where do they go? Those who have nowhere. When the sounds of the storms begin, off in the distance, and it is obvious, it is going to be bad, what do they do?  Where do they go? If there are no shelters, no official place for them to wait out the storm, then what? Some may have tents, purchased or created, but would they stand up to the pounding that is going on outside? What if, the wind picks up to the point, their tent, can’t withstand?

 It isn’t just the summer storms that concern me, the heat can be, and is, a killer. If there is no way to escape the heat, no way to get water, what will they do? And this is just considering summer, that doesn’t go into the other seasons.

With all that has been and continues to go on around us, the pandemic, politics, unemployment, mental health issues, the homeless have been seemingly forgotten by many. Many do not understand about the homeless, they aren’t all drug addicts, they aren’t all worthless, scum that deserve to be homeless. Yes, some are and some do have mental health issues. There are those however who have fallen on hard times. The unexpected loss of a job. Physical health issues. The list of possibilities are endless. Some, only need a hand up. Someone who can do something that will help the homeless escape from what could become an endless cycle.

What can one do? There are organizations who do everything possible from their angle to help those in need. Clothing, food supplies, medical supplies, job training. We can support those places through donations of time, goods and yes, money. Individuals who are in need of help in yard work or minor repairs, or even those with a business who can offer a job, will help. One who is talented in crafting, can take the time to help teach another to do similar projects.There are many, many ways to help, if you have the heart.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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13 Responses to Day 199; Footnotes of Storms and Concerns They Bring

  1. MousumiSays says:

    You are absolutely right, there are many many ways to help, if one has the heart.

  2. John says:

    I wish we had your rain down here in the desert! There are too many homeless here that live in the drainage system tunnels and elsewhere, small rows of makeshift tents dot certain areas of the city with the Vegas Strip in view. It’s all so wrong. I hope those kitties are OK. Is the photo of where you live? It’s a beautiful, lush, and green place!

    • I had to go back and see which photo I used. This is actually the Blue Ridge Mountains a few hours from here. I’ll search up some shots from closer. The kittens are safe, both litters have very attentive moms.

      • John says:

        I’m glad the cats are OK! I am guessi g that the Blue Ridge and the mountains around you look basically the same. We have 6000 footers around us here but they are bald until you drive into the Spring Mountains and get into the Alpine altutudes.

      • I think it is like anything else of that sort. From a distance they all look similar. When you are able to get a more intimate time with them you see the beauty, differences and characteristics they possess.

    • So I have a few photos from around here posted to give you and others an idea of my little slice of wonderland

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