Day 195; Footnotes of Balancing It All Out.

Let it rain, let it rain. We’ve had a fairly steady rain falling for several hours now. It did upset the dogs when it was thundering but all that has passed over leaving that steady rain that was so desperately needed. I’m hoping that it will help my cucumber vines as those were what the heat was doing the most harm. Everything else was holding up fairly well.

Molly right up against me, Bella directly in front of Molly. Scared? Or protecting me?

 I will say that today has been a much better day as far as this tooth goes. My face is still badly swollen but the pain level was much less. It does still hurt to try and eat though so meals have been less than exciting. Merely something to ease the hunger pains until the tooth has been extracted. Then there is the matter of deciding how to handle the gap left. Do they have go fund me pages for dental work? Never mind, I’ll figure it out.

 I had to make a grocery run today. Something that would be much cheaper if I lived alone with only one dog rather than two dogs, one official cat and I’ve lost count of how many not strays. But, my life would also be much less interesting. My son does tend to create adventures…I share today’s in a few minutes. 

Back to the grocery run. Well, stops prior to the grocery store actually. 

My Jeep had around a half a tank of gas. I keep seeing  in my mind’s eye, my son sitting out of gas in the worst possible place. So I went to fill the Jeep up, you know, just to be safe. I pulled up to where I usually do, knowing I was going to have to wait as there were lines. The lady in front of me at the pumps, was rather young, wearing scrubs and had pulled up to the pumps with her gas cap on the other side of her car. That meant pulling the hose across the top of the car and wedging it into the access. Then, when she saw me waiting, proceeded to take her own, slow, sweet time in every move after I pulled up. Fine, I have all really, I had all day. I’m retired with no real schedule. I was finally able to pull up and fill the Jeep, then it was off to stop two. 

My wireless carrier. I parked and went inside. Met at the door I told the gentleman what I needed to do. I needed to take the insurance off my phone and stop that humm thing that I agreed to when we got our first smart phones. I was then informed that they didn’t do that there I had to call a certain number- which he gave me. So the building there is just for you to come in, buy a phone, then go away…far, far, away. Fine. I meant to do that, but by the time I got around to making the call, it was too late.

Then, finally, the grocery run. I love this store, its never boring. One simply never knows what might happen.

It thundered, now they must watch the door diligently to prevent thunder monster from getting inside

I needed eye drops because these contacts tend to dry my eyes out. The aisle where the products for eyes, is on the same aisle as the vitamins. Several people needed vitamins today and needed to block the aisle. Lesson one in patience. I finally managed to get up to where I needed and find what I wanted. Then off and moving for the next on my list. I made it to pet food, stocked up on a fresh supply and was headed for my next scavenger hunt item when something told me I needed to go back to the pharmacy area. I had been watching for them to get more walking canes in as I wanted to get one to keep in my car in case mom or dad forgot theirs. I’ve been watching for weeks with no luck. I went from one end of the store back to where the canes were supposed to be stocked and low and behold, they finally had a couple. I only needed one, so I grabbed the prettiest color and headed back to my quest.

 I actually managed to get everything I went in for and a few that I needed but neglected to write down. If I hadn’t bought that butter, okay plant based butter substitute, I would not have been happy with myself. I finally make it to take my place in the check out lane. There was the person in process, a lady after them, then me. I happened to glance behind me and a gentleman had walked up carrying his purchases in his arms.

I offered to let him go ahead of me. He politely turned down the offer. I tried again as the last of the lady in front of me, items were scanned. Again, he refused. The lady checking us out even asked if I would allow him to go ahead of me. I told her I had tried to get him to but he said no. She told him, he was shaking his head, nope. His mother would have a fit if she knew he had gone ahead of a lady. Poor fellow ended up having to tolerate some good natured teasing as she rang up my purchases. At one point telling him that it wouldn’t be long. As I was taking my receipt, I couldn’t help but tell him that even though he took a lot of teasing about being stubborn, I’m sure he did his mother proud. I know he impressed both me and the lady working the check out line. 

Speaking of mothers, mine finally got her well repaired and was able to start doing all the cleaning that couldn’t be done without water. Hopefully this time nothing will go wrong.

 Home again, I managed at one point to catch one of the younger kittens. The poor baby had no idea what to do. It didn’t scream, it didn’t try to scratch, bite or jump. It simply lay still in my hand allowing me to rub its ears. Talking to it all the while, even thinking at one point it was trying to purr or not to purr I’m not sure which. 

At one point this evening my son..yep, the adventure..anyway, he called me to come look in the bathtub. Why? Just come look. Even having already taken my contacts out, I could see that spider. It was huge. My son is of the catch and release mentality. I think highly of him for that. Me, that bad boy would have been dispatched to meet its maker. But after getting his chuckle out of my reaction, I found him a plastic bowl and slip of cardboard for him to do his catch and release outside thing.

 As I’ve worked on this, the rain has stopped and the crickets have started. There is a giant bug of some sort trying to get through the screen to the light. The storm brought the temperature down a lot, that breeze is going to feel nice coming in the window tonight.   Today has been one of those days that due to the insanity that it was, and I only hit the high points, could have been this annoying, aggravating, frustrating mess. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t because I was given the opportunity to practice patience and see patience in action. I found that it is possible to ignore when someone is deliberately baiting you. That it is possible to be the bigger person, smile, wave, and let it go.

 As it is, I have a car full of gas. I have groceries in the house. We were protected from the storm.A kitten, a tiny little kitten, allowed itself to be held for a time without struggle. So what if there were moments along the way that attempted to try me and ruin my day. Those moments, allow me to see and acknowledge the good things. Without the dark, we can’t appreciate the light. Without the times of drought, we don’t appreciate the rain. Without the …well you get it. The things that could ruin a day, are nothing but gentle reminders of what we have to be thankful. Moments, where when it is all said and done, it all balances out.

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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  1. Plus, your son saved one of Gods creatures, so, there’s that.

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