July Thirteenth- When it Isn’t Being Lazy

  In a recent conversation with someone, they were talking about how difficult it is to do things any more. They are getting up there in age and what once they could do easily, isn’t so easy now. Several times during the conversation they made the comment, “I’m not lazy, just…..tired”. Throw in the fact that we are dealing with summer’s heat ramped up quite a few notches and that doesn’t help matters any at all. 

My now late husband, used to get so upset with me when the house wasn’t cleaned to his liking. It wasn’t until my son worked for a short time at the plant where I did, and saw what I did, that he was able to say, “but dad…”My husband had his old time memories on supervision in his head. The memories of supervisors who simply walk, point and expect results while they go back to sit in an office. Where I worked wasn’t like that at all. No matter your ‘title’ you worked just as hard if not harder than the machine operators. I was able to do at least some of every position in our department and was moving from the starting gun to the final bell of the day. That does tend to suck out any and all energy one might have.

 I have had dealings with children who had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or the supposedly lesser ADD. I have sat and listened to those who thought they knew it all, saying that these kids were just too lazy to do their school work. Parents were too lazy to teach their kids how to act and be responsible.

 I know of people who like my husband, carried extra weight. I’ve read online insults, listened to people with their snide remarks about people being too lazy to exercise. All the while showing their laziness in researching all the reasons that one can be carrying that extra weight, and that diets and exercise won’t always be the answer. 

Some people, whether it is in ignorance, or in an entitled arrogance, can be very cruel. They shout out their comments, their insults, their misconceptions and believe without doubt they are right and justified in every thing they say. Some, throw out their insults in a deliberate act to hurt and to stir up those ready and waiting to join in the mayhem that follows.

  The elderly have the issues of their age, and the fact that energy and strength levels are nowhere near what they once were. Younger folks need to remember, some day, that will be them. They aren’t wanting others to do for them, they only wish for the strength that once was theirs and the ability to take care of the necessary chores. Then there are the parents of young children. The ones who understand that a house that has that lived in look, is one where the children and allowed to be children and the parents are enjoying that oh so fleeting time rather than worry that not everything is in place. That isn’t lazy, that’s love.

No matter your age, a full time job takes a lot out of a person. No matter your energy levels, your strength, your stamina, working eight, ten, twelve hours a day is rough. If you were a very physically demanding job, no matter the hours, you feel it come time to go home. 

Have you ever heard it mentioned that ADHD or ADD children are actually incredibly intelligent? They miss nothing, have a great curiosity, and only need someone who can help them focus. One example, a student floundering in regular school, even the instructors supposedly trained to teach these students were failing. Every now and again, a teacher would come along who knew the right words, taught in a way that held attention, but they were rare. The student was removed from this school and finished their education elsewhere. Then did the unthinkable according to the words of the first school. They went to college and graduated Dean’s Honor Roll. No, they aren’t lazy. They see too much, absorb too much and need a way to learn to focus and have reason to focus on subjects less interesting to them. 

There are many medical reasons why one cannot lose weight.

 I know, that words from some random person out in the universe isn’t going to change many minds if any. We get set in our ways and our thoughts seem to become cemented into our reality. My thoughts here, are that I wish people would stop a moment and think really hard before they speak. Stop long enough to understand that just because a person is this way or that, does not I repeat, does NOT mean they are lazy.
 Even those days when you’re just hanging out, watching television, reading, sitting on a swing in the yard, it doesn’t mean you are being lazy, those are mental health, reset get your balance back days.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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4 Responses to July Thirteenth- When it Isn’t Being Lazy

  1. Hear, hear – Rebecca!

  2. Thank you for this reminder about being open and aware about other people.

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