Day 192; Footnotes Tomorrow is Another Day

 It was my day to be one of the ones to help out in the nursery at church today. I love doing this, the kids are so much fun. They are so imaginative and full of life. And I still say, there is nothing more beautiful, than a child’s laugh. After church as I was leaving, I ran into the friend who teaches a Sunday School class for three year olds. I’ll be helping her this coming Sunday morning. I better not be late, I’ll miss some of the fun. 

After I had been home for a while, and was sitting here dozing, mom calls. She again, did not have any water. My nephew was over there looking at her well. All mom could say was that she couldn’t afford another $400 bill. My son walked down to see if he could help. When he finally came back, he told me that the pipe that went down into the well had holes in it and that a wire had insulation rubbed off in two places. My son and nephew, pulled all of that pipe and the pump out of the well, all the while fighting and being stung by yellow jackets. In the ninety plus degree heat. My nephew knows someone and made the call. If all goes well, they should be out tomorrow. 

Mom walked up here at one point wondering if my son would go after some insect spray to get rid of the bees. I gave her the can I carry in the car and the near full can that we had used on a wasp nest. Then walked back down to her house with her. She wanted to check on my nephew so we walked across the road, he was doing better so we came back across the road to her house. 

I made it home to get a call from dad. Was I busy? Nope. Did I have a few minutes? Sure dad, what’s up? Would I drive him to get something for them to eat? Of course, I’m on my way. I told my son where I was going and he said that sounded good and gave me the money to get the same for us. I drive dad over and we walk into the restaurant. Dad places his order, then I place one. Since it was basically the same thing he had just ordered, I had to specify it was a separate order. Then, just as they were placing our order on the counter, dad decides he wants fries with that, but not ready made fries, he wants fries with no salt. When she told him that it would take three minutes dad turns and asks me if I had three minutes. Of course. I mean, three minutes. He pays for and gets his fries and we’re on our way back home.

 We get back, and my son and nephew were back messing with the well. They wanted to double check on something. I carry all the food and drinks in his house just as mom is coming out with some paper to show my nephew. By the time we all left, mom was exhausted. 

  All the while, I’m dealing with a toothache that won’t quit. I have some gel and it helps, but it never fully stops hurting. Are we having fun yet?   This toothache has me having to fully concentrate on not allowing it to make me ill and snap at those around me. This nagging, throbbing, never ending pain could do exactly that.

Just like stress and worry can cause us to do that. Just like life’s normal struggles can and obviously all of the stuff we have had to deal with because of the pandemic makes us less rational than we normally are. I know that a dentist would be able to help with this tooth. My faith and prayer keeps me calm in other circumstances. It isn’t easy. I don’t always succeed. But I’m getting there. I always remind myself, Good Lord willing, tomorrow is another day.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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6 Responses to Day 192; Footnotes Tomorrow is Another Day

  1. Silk Cords says:

    Toothaches are the worst. That gel never lasts for me either. :\

  2. Yikes..toothaches are so painful. I chomped on a corn on the cob..and cracked my tooth.

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