July Fifth; Considering Art and Artists

 I loved art class in high school. Not because it was an easy class, because with the instructor we had, it definitely wasn’t one of those throw away, fill the time until a have to take class. This person was not only a good instructor, and a nice person, they were an incredible artist. Their work would cause one to simply stop and stare in awe. At least it did those who could appreciate what they were seeing. I will in a moment of complete honesty admit that my creations were mediocre at best, but the instructor knew that I had a love and appreciation for art and color. I do love color.

 I love to see the creations of which my friends are capable.

 I have a friend who can and has, taken multiple photographs and using techniques I have no understanding of, blending and layered to create amazing, otherworldly images. She is the one who created the cover for The Legend of Dragon’s Doom. A gift for which I will be forever thankful.

 I have a friend, who takes yarn and works her magic. She has made everything from blankets to animals to flowers. I tried to walk off with one yesterday but you know, that honesty thing, and it is a way that she earns a little extra.

 I see the photographs taken, whether they are enhanced or not, whether they are professional or not, they are amazing.

I have a friend who uses a vehicle as her canvas and after discussion with the owner, turns an ordinary vehicle into a work of art. Giving them their own special character.

I watch the many videos shared, those of dancers, singers, intellectuals. Each have merit. Each are a form of art.

Intellect and learning, is an art form. Each lesson a step forward to greater understanding and possibilities.

I want to take a walk through the seasons. Winter, when the trees are bare and the landscape quieter. Then snow begins to fall, covering everything in that amazing blanket of white. Where the world grows silent in wonder. The barren wood, transformed. Each snowflake different, each result amazing.

Spring, when life begins again, New and amazing. The colors begin to appear, the skies return to that variant of blue with the white puffs of clouds sailing by. The bees and butterfly return. Birds sing in glorious abandon. Each leaf, each petal, each feather and wing, a work of art in itself. 

Summer where the heat is intense, where life is slower, but yet, the magic is there. In dress, in activity, in living. Watching the kids and kids at heart playing in pool, lake, river or puddle. The water splashing upward, leaving trails on dusty skin. Bicycles of various color, skateboards or dirt bikes, riding trails or in the confines of parks. Colors catching the eye and filling the senses. Rocks smoothed by water, shells washed up on the beach. Each amazing, each special in design.

 Autumn, when the trees explode in color, leaving flowers and fireworks envious. Nature, dressed in its finest, one last hoorah before winter moves in. The leaves vibrant in color and pattern. Like the snowflake different by design. Walking through a forest at this time, similar to walking through a living kaleidoscope. The colors shifting and changing with each step.

 Man made architecture, the coliseum, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the smaller arches in older buildings, the bridges, statues dotting the landscapes of many parks and main streets.

There is no possible way, to list every piece and form of artwork. Taking the time though, to see the art where it is, a very important and special activity. It brings imagination to the mind, a soothing to the soul, and an uplifting moment to the heart.   

 Obviously, I like to look at life as a form of art. There is beauty in nearly everything if we take the time to stop and appreciate what is before us. From nature to man made, it awaits to be seen and understood. But actually, while the art around us, in everything we see and experience, it is the Creator of the art, that is important. Whether you believe or not, whether you see it as I do or not, is your right.  My words are merely my way of sharing my thoughts and beliefs. I leave the decision of how you feel, what you think, to you.

I do not dish science. All things, have meaning and purpose. You say all was created by a big bang, who or what, set off the explosion? Not meaning to be obtuse, but how does nothing, explode? But, that is not my topic here, my topic is art.

So let us not deviate from that. As I said, I see life as art. An art where everything fits together. Every part of the human body functions in a way where we move, think, talk, live. Flowers grow from seeds that are pollinated by bees that grow produce that create seeds. Well those that man hasn’t altered. And yet, man there, has become an artist.Along with plants are the construction sites.

Rivers flow to the lakes and ocean to evaporate to rain to flow into rivers to return to the ocean. Life is a cycle, an artistic cycle. 

Emotions controlled are art. Used properly they create works of art, and they find ways to answer the issues that created the emotional upset.  Anger over an injustice, seeks ways to change. Envy over another individual’s position or possessions, can encourage one to improve. Hate of violence or ignorance, or lack of tolerance for differences, can lead one to seek change. 

But love, in all of its many forms, is the greatest work of art of all. Love is vibrant in color, alive in movement, filled to overflowing with emotions and feelings. Love, is life in action. It is a verb that brings about change, that brings about difference, that brings about hope. It brings about the ability to create art.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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4 Responses to July Fifth; Considering Art and Artists

  1. China Dream says:

    so refreshing to see the snow… can you tell the summer heat is getting to me =^_^=

  2. Thanks for this..love these images as well

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