Thoughts of This Day -Then and Now

Thoughts then… These are comments that I made in the past that showed up in my social media memories. I left off the dates because it isn’t the year that is as important as the thoughts.

July 4th,

Today, is one of my niece’s birthday. We gathered together for grilled burgers, hot dogs, sweet tea and chips. Along with chocolate cake, laughter and fun. We needed no permits, no special license or okay from authorities. We gathered and we had a blast.

Today, Independence Day. Today, our country celebrates its birthday as well. All across this country people have gathered, will gather as the day continues to celebrate. There are places holding events of historical significance, there are places with crafts, food, music, games for the young and young at heart. I’ve read many posts from people who are discussing the things going on in their own neighborhoods, parades, block parties. All across the country tonight there will be fireworks filling and lighting up the sky. Celebration.

While we are having a grand time, do we stop, even for a moment..just a single, solitary remember? Do we think of those brave forefathers who believed in this country, who knew that this was and could be a very special place. Do we think of the many who died, who willingly stepped forward and risked their life for this land. Many who gave that life in the fight for what they believed in. This land, its people and freedom.The freedom to live, to speak, to worship freely, without restriction from government.To be able to cross this land without worry. to be able to stand on the shore or on the mountaintop and look out on a land that is free. Do we see, the tombstones that mark the graves of those who have fought and died to preserve the freedoms of this land? The freedoms that so many envy, that so many despise. The freedoms that we should cherish as the gift that it is. Independence Day. Independence from tyranny. Independence from the crushing control of others. Independence, freedom.

Thank you. We are blessed.

July 4th

Good morning all- I listen to and read, the comments of others..we all have such varied opinions of everything. I enjoy reading the posts of people who have positive attitudes, who are finding ways to see the good or create goodness. I empathize with those who are suffering through one storm or another as we have all faced our own particular storms. And yes, it saddens me when I read the posts from those who are on the attack. Who hold within such anger toward those who believe differently. I made a comment on a post recently that I was unable to continue the conversation not because I didn’t want to but because I was out of town and was with my husband who did not wish to sit in a hotel room while I spent time here on FB. Without getting back into that particular discussion here, I will say this, we don’t know everything. Everything is not as it appears, it is not always as we are lead to believe.

Appearances can be and often are deceiving. There are a lot of things in this life that I believe in and on the other side of that coin, there are a lot of things that I do not believe in. Just because I do not believe in something does not necessarily make me wrong or make me phobic or hate-filled. So many people blame religion on a lot of what is going on. Being Christian, having a real and true relationship with the Almighty is not what is wrong. Man-humanity is what is wrong. We twist and warp and rewrite the words to fit our needs and our wants and desires and there is where the problem lies. It has gone on from the beginning of time and will continue until the end because man is flawed. Given free will many have chosen to follow the wide path that is easier and yet filled with self-serving ways. Many give in to the dark side of life and cause pain to others. A true –relationship–with God is one of light and love, one of peace, mercy, forgiveness. A person in a true relationship, will stand their ground and hold onto their beliefs even when others scream against them.

Okay, lets briefly visit that discussion I wasn’t able to finish…Hobby Lobby..yes, they won their case, yes, they invest in a pharmaceutical company..are abortion drugs the only drugs that company produces? Granted, I have no inside information here, I have no clue as to how investments are handled with this or any company..but in my heart and clueless state.. I can’t help but imagine that there are good medicines coming out of there as well and THOSE may be the ones supported. Of course it is possible that some of that funding goes to areas that Hobby Lobby may not approve of but I have no way of knowing that and will not argue about it. As a Christian, I would support contraceptives much quicker than I would abortion- pills or otherwise. And yes, I do know that contraceptives do not always work. I know that not all pregnancies are due to promiscuity. So please do not scream at me.

Are you still with me? Remember where I said that we all hold varied beliefs? One of the things about this great country is our freedoms. We are still free to speak, to live, to worship as we see fit. If you want to believe in this or that, or not believe- fine- that is your choice. I won’t hate you for your beliefs. If you want to share..rationally how you feel about it, fine, I will listen. I probably won’t change my mind if I don’t feel as you do, but that does not make me a hater. In the same vein.. if I want to believe in this or that, or not believe..accept my choices. If I want to share…rationally..give me the same respect. One can believe in their choices without being haters. We can discuss our ideas, our choices, our beliefs without screaming at each other, without insulting each other, without attacking or condemning each other. if we do that…we will get much farther and bring about the right change and improvements that are so sorely needed…If we care more about the suffering, the hungry, the homeless, the sick..if we extend our energies to caring and compassion rather than anger and hate..much more would be accomplished.

July 4th

I’m sitting here at my desk, scrolling along, surfing the internet in an air conditioned home with a cup of coffee at hand and a kitchen full of food in the next room. I can read anything I choose to read. I can turn around and push a button turning on the television and watch what ever I choose to watch-believing is optional. I have a closet full of clothing and vehicles in the drive. I own my home. I can turn on the radio and listen to a wide variety of music. I can get in my car and travel freely from state to state without concern. I can go shopping and walk freely without being overly concerned. I am female…I do not have to hide that fact. Our children can be educated without fear, be they male or female. They can train to hold the career of their choice. We are free to worship as we choose. The list goes on and on. The main theme, the main word being free. How often have you watched or read news reports of other countries and how their citizens are treated or should that be mistreated? How often have you seen reports of attack on innocent civilians by military or by radicals of that country?? I will admit that we are not perfect here. There are many problems (which are growing) that need addressing. But we are still in a wonderful country filled with wonderful, caring and compassionate people.

While our own government seems to be attacking our way of life we are beginning to take a stand.. because we still hold the freedom to do so. Independence Day, a reminder. Independence Day, a celebration. Independence Day…a special day in the fact that it is our country’s birthday. It is a day to recognize those who have stood and fought so hard for what we have. It is a day to say ‘thank you’ to any member of our military. To remember those who gave all, to recognize those who have come back wounded, to acknowledge and celebrate those who are currently serving this amazing and wonderful country. Tonight there will be the sound of each explosion..may we take a moment to recognize what they are symbolizing. With each bright light in the dark sky may we salute what has been given.

July fourth, 2021 

Where do I begin?

 Do I begin with discussing how concerning life is at this moment? Do I talk about the pandemic and the vaccines? The conspiracy theories proven or dis-proven or in a limbo of confusion? Do I discuss the concerns over politics and politicians? Do I dare comment that we have gone a long way…seemingly in the wrong direction? Have some of us, in the desire to be better, done the opposite? Is it true, that we are more divided now than ever before?

 It has been shared before, that the best way to destroy a country is from the inside. The most efficient way is to get them accustomed to free stuff. Many of us may have become too accustomed to free stuff. In the past, we have been a nation of people determined to survive and thrive. We found ways to make our way. Victory gardens were planted, people used their talents to bring in money. People were not afraid or unwilling to put their back into what ever was needed. Neighbor helped neighbor. Where is that now?

Mistakes have been made, wrongs have been done for generations. If we do not find a common ground to correct and improve we will be torn apart. Past generations believed in this country and what she stood for. They loved this country and fought for her freedom and to keep her free. There are those who not only willingly but proudly join the various branches of service to protect the country and her people. Even those who don’t love her as much.

They go, so that some can stand on the street corner and call them names.So that people can yell openly about what they dislike. We can at the moment, still act freely. Worship and work freely.

Because of them. I am currently sitting here, in a safe place, enjoying my morning, my coffee, and watching kittens play out back. I have a home, I have food, I have peace. Thanks to those who went before. Thanks to those who battle still.

It isn’t a perfect country, because it is filled with imperfect people. But it is my home, and I am proud of all the good things that is this country and her people. I will stand for the National Anthem and I will salute the flag. Because I can do so freely and not by force. I can believe in this country because my heart tells me to, not the government.

 I know, that things are not the best right now and in the recent past. I know mistakes have been made, people have been lied to and mislead. I know that it will take a lot of work by a lot of people to correct and repair. I know, that this country is worth the effort.

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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  1. JoAnn says:

    Born on the 4th of July… that’s really cool. Thanks for the reminder to be patriotic and appreciative on this day.

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