Day 182; Footnotes of Tossing Out the Old

I managed to move most of the stuff that I took out of the massive head of my bed, back today. As a reminder, the headboard of my bed is one of those monster things  with cabinets on either side of a recessed mirror. Under that is a big storage space. I had a LOT of stuff inside that thing. We’ve been having trouble with the knobs on the tub, and there was a small leak. My mother had reminded me that there was access to the tub plumbing through my bedroom wall. The wall behind that massive headboard. So the other day I emptied it so we could move it to get to the wall. One major problem. At one point mom and dad paneled the room, effectively covering the opening to the plumbing. To get to that would mean destroying the wall. Instead we moved the bed back and my son said he would come up with something else.

I finally got up the energy today to put the mess that was scattered through out the house back where it had been. Most of it anyway. After getting a second look at some of this, I believe I’m going to add more to the donate bags. Then there are things that aren’t clothing, that are well past their usefulness and simply have no purpose. There are a couple of things that I know my husband’s daughter gave to him, I’ll add those to the things I know are hers, like photos and birthday cards that she gave to her dad. I’ll find a way somehow to get this stuff to her, as it is hers.

 It is so amazing, the stuff we hold onto. Things that we place on a shelf or in a box, and keep. I’ve looked at a couple of containers that my late husband had tossed stuff into and placed on one of the shelves in the head of the bed. A few coins, a lot of screws, keys that I have no clue what they go to, a pocket knife and what is left of a pocket watch, among other things. I’ll go through it now that I have it out in the open and decide what is worth keeping.

 We need to do that with our lives too, not just our physical home, but our biological one as well.

We need to take the time to sit down and access what we may have been holding onto that needs to be done away with. What thoughts and ideas have lingered for too long? The ones that have held us prisoner in a solitary type confinement? Old memories from past mistakes? Old memories of being bullied, abused, ignored. The ones that we have allowed to make us feel less than perfect, less than capable, less than we actually are. 

The fear of anything.

The anger over past wrongs we have endured.

Jealousy over what someone else has or does or even knows.

Discriminatory thoughts, racist attitudes, hate. Ignorance, the lack of compassion, the lack of concern.

 I know, not everyone holds even a few of these. An individual may have one or two tucked away in the back closest of their mind and it only sees light every once in a great while. There are others who may have one or two that haunts them on a regular basis.

 It is important that we clean out that mental closest and once we clear out all the negative, we replace that with positive. We learn to appreciate ourselves for who we are. We accept we are who we are and are who we are for a purpose. We also take the time to educate ourselves on ways to be the difference. Learning ways to help, to encourage, to build up. To show others ways to clean out their own collection of wrong thoughts. In the place of all the negative thoughts and beliefs, replace them with the understanding of who God thinks we are and what He thinks about us.

Its also very important that as we do that cleaning, the items removed, are not put back. They are removed and done away with. Tossed into the rubbish and hauled away. They have no place in your mind anymore. New thoughts, new attitudes, new beliefs.

Every new sunrise, a new beginning, a new chance to try again.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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4 Responses to Day 182; Footnotes of Tossing Out the Old

  1. Amen! This is so true.

    “Its also very important that as we do that cleaning, the items removed, are not put back. They are removed and done away with. Tossed into the rubbish and hauled away. They have no place in your mind anymore. New thoughts, new attitudes, new beliefs.”


  2. Mamalava says:

    This so the second blog post I’ve read today about cleaning stuff out. I am inspired! Thanks for posting 🙂

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