Day 173; Footnotes of Harvests in Life

  The first of the garden bounty was part of this evening’s meal. Squash, cucumber, cherry tomatoes rounded out the ham and rolls. It was all I could do to stop myself from going back for seconds. I love produce that I know I had a part in growing. I’m waiting on the larger tomatoes to ripen, I have the bread ready for those sandwiches that my mouth is watering for.

All of the work that goes into a garden, the working the soil and preparing the bed as you make ready. I will be honest in that I have not had any luck with seeds, so I do purchase bedding plants. Then baby them as I watch them grow. I make sure they have support in the form of cages or stakes, along with plenty of water and  fertilizer. I will admit that since my garden is on the small size, I put black plastic down to cut back on weeds and having to hoe. But, since I had to cut the holes for the plants, that leaves room for weeds which needs to be kept cleared away. There is also the concerns over insects, deer and what ever other critters that will come up thinking my garden is their salad bar.

But that harvest. Having the taste of fresh produce is wonderful. Having enough to share makes it better.

Just like finding our way in life and living.

As children, our parents and guardians prepare us as we grow. They teach us what we need to know to get along as family and to get along in society. It isn’t easy, with so many different opinions and attitudes these days, but having the good foundation goes a long way. The seeds of truth, respect, compassion, work ethics and more that take root in our life and grow, becoming stronger. As we grow from child to youth to young adult, what we learn, branches out into our mind and heart. They began to blossom and grow, producing the fruit of our guardian’s labors. Life though, has its own weeds. The invasive species that seek to weaken and bring to rot what makes us worthy and good. Growing thick so to choke out the very thoughts and beliefs that would allow us to make life better for all not just a few. Once removed, the fruits of our growth, can and will make a difference. We can find ways through our own growth to make things better. To strengthen and encourage. To create a good harvest.

For those who live a life of faith, your garden was being prepared as you were, before you were formed in your mother’s womb. You were known and loved even then. The soil of life was prepared for you, made ready for your foot fall, as you began your journey. Along the way you will meet many who will help guide you. Planting your feet on the right path, feeding your spirit and heart with words of wisdom and hope. Pruning away the incorrect, pruning away the false teachings, giving you through Jesus the Christ the Living Water. Along this journey you will battle the weeds that will grow up around you, that will block your way, attempting to strangle the faith and belief in your heart. Hoping to choke out the hope and cause you to fall. That is why it is important to gather with those of like mind, for they can help you as you grow. Instructing and guiding, pulling the weeds that would hinder your walk. That is why, it is important to pray often, talking with Jesus and telling Him all your concerns, praising Him, for all He has done and will do. As you grow, you too will produce and share a harvest of hope, faith and love.

Some times, as you walk and grow, life will throw some strange things at you. The important thing, is to remain calm and trust. I walked outside earlier to give the not so stray cats a bit to eat. The kittens were on the steps and one didn’t move very fast. I reached down and picked it up. Instead of panicking, instead of fighting, it lay very still in my hands. I gently stroked its head and spoke to it calmly. It was still afraid, I could feel its heart pounding, but it also trusted me that I wasn’t going to do it any harm. I only had its well being in mind. After a few moments, I gently sat it down on the ground and stepped back. The entire time, the kitten’s mother was watching me, she never made a move toward me. I believe she knew too, that I meant no harm.

I think, that there are moments, when we are given something totally unexpected and out of the ordinary just to show us, that we can trust and have faith in Christ. Even if we walk through storms, struggle in the dark, or are faced with those against us, He never leaves us, all He asks, is that we trust and obey. By remaining calm, listening to His voice, and feeling His hand on our life, we too, will be able to produce a wondrous harvest.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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  1. Gibberish says:

    Amen to that 🙏

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