June Nineteenth; Which Unstoppable Force Would You Prefer?

I looked at the word prompt of the day and wondered, ‘what was I thinking?’. I’m guessing that when I first wrote the word I was thinking that would be something different and cool and a good challenge. But…juggernaut? Then, I looked the word up. While down the rabbit hole I found a site new to me; https://www.wordnik.com/words/juggernaut.

Lets go  with, unstoppable force.

When the Covid pandemic began, a lot of people I know brushed it off. Calling it another variation of the flu. We watched as changes began to be made. Jobs changed, soon we were watching people halfheartedly at best, wipe down door handles. Not much else, just door handles and usually of doors that were only touched twice a day. But, what- ever, right?
Then, only so many people at a time were allowed into the canteen and only so many at a table. But, I saw no one cleaning tables afterward and the machines weren’t wiped down.Then, we began leaving early so to be gone when the next shift came in and don’t bother clocking out, everyone would be written in by their managers.Then the layoffs began. I drew the short straw in one of those and found myself unemployed. All the better to watch what was going on from a safe distance.

A lot of people got sick, very sick. Many didn’t survive. Things became very serious.
Many businesses, such as fitness centers, were forced to close. A lot of small independent shops were lost as were many larger restaurants. Some are still being effected. To stay alive, many restaurants went to drive through, take out only. Delivery services have thrived. Taking needed items to people trying to stay safe.

It has become a political, societal, individual screaming point.

The virus having all the appearances of an unstoppable force.

I am not going into all of the many theories about the virus. My thoughts here, are on the effects it has had on society world wide. I will say one thing, if it turns out to be true, that this is a created virus that was released on the world, someone, singular or plural, needs to pay. That aside, if we take the time to stop and consider what the last year and a half or so has done to the world as we know it, if we fully comprehend, we would be stunned.

The horrific loss of life, lives forever changed, jobs gone, the way we interact with each other, changed, fear has become deep rooted in many, shortages every time you turn around. Things that would be small grievances, become blown up. Things that shouldn’t happen, do. Things that should not be said, are. We as a world, have become more divided that ever before.

Because of a seemingly unstoppable force.

But, on the other hand.

I have seen people and groups step up to help their neighbor. Groups and individuals, have provided essential items for those in need. I’ve witnessed lines where people are giving food supplies. I have seen health care items given. I have seen, people coming together to create a strong presence in good.

There are vaccines available, and many have and are taking them. People began to pay attention, even as much was from fear. Much also was a form of trying to take care of others.
If we so choose, we can take this seemingly unstoppable force, that has caused so much harm, and turn it for the good.

We can become an unstoppable force of our own. Seeking to assist those in need. Those who need a job, those who need food, those who need-anything.We can be much nicer and respectful to each other. It isn’t that difficult if we try. A simple hello how are you, can go a long way. If it isn’t received well, shake it off and move on. You don’t know what they may be going through and it may actually have nothing to do with you or your greeting. 

Check on those you know, your family, friends, neighbors. Especially the elderly and alone.

Take the chance to use the circumstances that have been bad, and turn them around for good. Make good, make caring, make compassion, make respect for others,..make love..the unstoppable juggernaut.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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  1. Discover and Explore says:

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Funny, I wrote my post before reading this. We are on the same wavelength.

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