Day 170; Footnotes Because of People, There is No More Room at the Inn

As I write this, I am doing something I don’t normally do. I am waiting to hear back from Animal Control. No, not over the neighbor’s dog, but because for some reason a large Husky has decided to take up residence on my parent’s front porch.

 I really tried to not have to do that. I shared a photo of the dog on several places on social media and friends have shared my post. Nothing. I went to the lost dog pages and scrolled down until I was almost into last year, I saw several huskies, but not this one.

From appearances, this dog has been on its own for a while. Its looks dirty and somewhat lean.  It looks as if it has an injury on a back hip, but it was up and moving so it isn’t debilitating. It let my son check for a collar, which it has, but not tags.

It just can’t stay on my parent’s porch.  My mother goes to bed early so she doesn’t even know its there. Dad does, and he is concerned over its presence. He doesn’t know how the dog would act if it is still there in the morning and he tries to take their small dog out for her morning constitutional.

 When I got no response from all the posts on social media, I called animal control. All the while feeling bad about doing so.

As I was writing, they arrived. Very nice gentleman. He couldn’t check the dog for a microchip because it wouldn’t let the officer get close enough. I didn’t say it, but I’m betting that dog knew who he was. We had a dog once that I had adopted from animal control, he would be stretched out comfortably in the yard to suddenly disappear. Within minutes, an animal control truck would pull down the dirt road. Once the truck had been gone for ten minutes or so, the dog would come back out of hiding. Somehow or other, he knew. I think this dog did as well. Every time the officer got close, the dog moved away. So we have no idea if its chipped. He did say that it appeared to be an older dog, that it is shedding, the injury appears slight, and that possibly it just wandered off or was startled by fireworks and would return home during the night. They were full anyway.

I told him that my son had been from this nearby town to that one trying to see if anyone had lost a dog. I have it on social media, friends are sharing and helping. I really just want it to find its family. For now, it is safe, it has been given water and food and a dry place to sleep. Maybe tomorrow we will find its family.

All of that, to get to this.

Pets, are a responsibility. They are living, breathing, loving creatures who once you bring them into your family, it is up to you, to take care of them. They are not possessions. Don’t bring them home only to chain them up in the yard or stick them in a kennel and forget. Show them the love the deserve, and you will get it back multiplied. Dogs are amazing creatures. They love you no matter. They will protect you-or try to- no matter their size. They will rescue you. As in save you when your house is burning or near burning.

 They can be working dogs, service dogs, or pets, but they are a responsibility that you took on. They will need food, water, shelter, vet care, walking, interactions… If you don’t want the responsibility, don’t get the pet. This is a life time gig, not a short term job. 

Consider this, you bring a puppy home when its eight weeks old. It is part of your family for years, you are its family, You are all it knows. This dog loves you, is devoted to you, and darn near worships you. It knows where its food comes from, where it will sleep every night, who it is that spends time with it. Then you suddenly take this dog, who loves you, and dump it in a shelter. A cold kennel, that maybe has something to lay on with dozens of other dogs barking and carrying on. This dog has no idea what happened or why. This dog is scared, depressed, confused, alone. Some, do even worse and dump an animal out on a back road somewhere. Dogs are too domesticated, most dumped in this manner will not survive.

 Pets, do get scared. I can hear fireworks going off in the distance. My two are here beside me. If they had been outside when this started, they would have been afraid. Thunderstorms make them nervous as well. If you know your dog is afraid, make sure at the first sign or knowledge of fireworks that you have them in a secure place. 

Dogs, no matter their size, need training. They need to know that you are alpha and they are not. You can do this without being cruel. I talk to my dogs a lot, and they know those commands and they obey. They know what is expected of them, and what they are not supposed to do. That doesn’t stop them from trying to steal the cat’s food, but she doesn’t let them get away with that often. 

This dog may have slipped away. Someone accidentally left a gate open, a door wasn’t completely closed, maybe it jumped from a car. It happens. Now it is lost and in need. I’m hoping that someone, somewhere is looking for this dog.

  Dogs, are companions. They have a level of intelligence that can be surprising. Some humans lack of though, saddens me. The shelter is full, there is no more room at the inn.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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9 Responses to Day 170; Footnotes Because of People, There is No More Room at the Inn

  1. patrick101010101 says:

    cool animal picture. we belong to animal rescue groups.

  2. Beautiful dog. And I totally agree with this pertaining to any animal. If you can’t keep, you need to do your best to find someone responsible who will!

  3. A touching write up. Please do write in and let us know what happened. I have always had a pet dog in my childhood and I agree with all the points you made. Dogs have been best friends of human beings since time immemorial.

  4. robinwrites says:

    Oh. 😞 I truly hope something happy happens for this wonderful dog.

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