Day 168; Footnotes How Does Your Garden Grow, How Does Your Day Go?

I spent today just doing today. But today, made sure I didn’t get slack.

I enjoyed my coffee. I enjoyed reading. I enjoyed watching the hummingbird as they visited the feeders outside my windows. I learned a much safer way to prepare the food for them. I don’t recall whether it was here or over on my social media page. When I went the other day to prepare more nectar, I measured the water, poured it into an extra- large glass measuring cup- and heated the water for six minutes in the microwave. Then I poured the already measured sugar into the hot water and stirred well. Yes! No destroyed pots, no smoke filled house, no embarrassed but honest forgetful person.

I emptied what was left in the feeders outside, brought them in and cleaned them thoroughly.When the nectar was completely cooled, I filled the feeders and returned them to the hooks outside. And yes, I have wrapped the hooks with tape to prevent any birds from accidentally getting trapped. Since I did this I’ve had more birds visiting. One thing I noticed about the hummingbirds, the not so stray cats don’t pay them much attention.  Maybe they are too small or too fast to bother with. Either way they seem safe.

A friend has some wood for us but they need to borrow dad’s splitter. I asked dad if it would be okay because it is his and they will be hauling it to somewhere he doesn’t know. After getting permission I walked over and asked my nephew if he would check and make sure all the fluids were good. Then I let the people with the wood know everything was a go. They are supposed to arrive early in the morning to get it and take it with them. I’m wondering if they will need my help. Knowing me I might just get in the way, but I’ll ask.

At one point mom called and told me that two of the kittens were on her back porch if I wanted to come see them. I took photos through the door because I didn’t know if they would run. They didn’t, but they still were not going to allow me to take good photos of them. The little buggers are playful wigglers and really cute.They are eating on their own, but finding a home for them may not be easy. They are still half wild even if they aren’t afraid.

Terrible photos, adorable kittens. Looks to be all black but for one tiny spot on its chest.

The rest of my day, other than getting in just over 6000 steps, was spent cleaning and slicing up squash for my freezer. I also grated up a LOT of zucchini for bread. I’m thinking that after the bread is baked you should be able to freeze it right? If you freeze it, will it still taste as good once its thawed? I’ve never frozen any..or would it be better to freeze the zucchini in the proper proportions and just take it out when you want to bake bread? As it is, if I don’t go help split wood tomorrow I do believe I’ll be baking bread. I have the recipe that a dear friend sent me, though someone told me of a swap they did for one of the ingredients. I know I kept it, but that was a year ago so that recipe could be anywhere between here and Wonderland with the Mad Hatter serving it with their tea.

I really meant to go back down to my garden tonight, but I got sidetracked and before I realized it, the outside space was all nice and dark. So, I’ll check the garden in the morning to see if there is anything ready to be harvested. I am sooooo waiting on fresh garden tomatoes, as my mouth is watering for a good sandwich. Even though as a kid we would go grab a tomato fresh off the vine and eat them like apples.

My nephew made the comment that maybe it was his imagination, but it seemed that the produce out of his garden just tasted better. No, it isn’t your imagination. It really does. I took him a copy of the recipe for bread as he planted zucchini as well. I will admit to being a bit envious, as his garden is incredible. But, he does have a lot more room than I have and can plant more. He also has chickens providing a good, natural fertilizer. I would love to be able to plant a garden in my yard also, but my yard doesn’t get enough sunlight and I’m not cutting down my trees. So I will make do with what I’m allowed at my folk’s place and be happy. And I am, limited space may mean limited results, but it also means limited work.

All in all, it was a good day. Even as I continue to battle allergies, even as I was still feeling the residual effects from the dream, my dream about my husband. Not my son’s dream about Charlotte being nuked. Today was nice. I am happy. I am at peace. I am content.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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7 Responses to Day 168; Footnotes How Does Your Garden Grow, How Does Your Day Go?

  1. Silk Cords says:

    Allergies are the worst. I live in Claritin at a couple points in the spring and fall. The kittens are adorable too 🙂 As for the wood splitter, it’s use is a good trade. 🙂 Offering to help is the right thing to do also, even though you’re probably right about them declining.

  2. the grey kitten looks like one I just trapped .. we’re taming for adoption.. so cute. 💖

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