Day 167; Footnotes of Calming The Storms

I was actually concerned over going out today. My allergies are showing out big time and that, I feared was going to be a potential problem. However, I needed groceries. The big box store might deliver way out here, but then, I’ve not placed one of those online orders for pick up either. They may be a wonderful thing, but for now, I still prefer in person shopping. I was going to have to get ready and go for those needed supplies.

So I medicated myself in the hopes of stopping the sniffling, sneezing, coughing that accompanies an all out allergy attack. I stuffed my purse with tissues and cough drops in the hopes they would not be needed. I got the two dogs inside, I grabbed my list and off I went.
I got to the big box store and parked my Jeep fairly close to the building. It really doesn’t matter how close I park, as long as it is on my favorite row and away from the cart corrals.  Going inside I helped a lady before me as she wrestled with a cart trying to free it from its entanglement with another cart. As she left, I pushed the other forward into the building with the vain hope of not spending too much.

 I stuck to my list with only two exceptions and those were for my son. Less than four dollars worth of items. One unusual moment, I was in line to check out when I remembered tissues. I relinquish my place in line and sally forth to find where they had hidden the tissues. Finally locating them, I returned to the front and took my new place in line only for my phone to start ringing. My son was calling, hoping he had called in time. He was wondering if I would bring him an energy drink. Yes. And thankfully the brand he wanted this time, was in a case just to my right. If I had not forgotten and then suddenly remembered the tissues, I would have been too far in the check out process to find what he wanted.

When the employee hit total, all my hopes of a low bill came crashing down around me. It really didn’t seem as if I had got that much. I trust this cashier so, yes, I got that much. The allergy pills I give Bella are eighteen dollars, it doesn’t take much like that for a bill to get high.
But I did make it through and out of the store without issues. I did sneeze a time or two, but no one gave me glares or looks of horror as if they suddenly realized there was a leper among them.

I worry that even though yes, this pandemic has not been easy. There have been way too many deaths, there are still too many who are ill and suffering the effects.I worry, that we have allowed fear too much control. We have heard all the commercials on television and radio, we have listened to strict guidelines and instructions and forgotten how to remain calm. I didn’t read the article, but I saw where yet another altercation in a store over wearing masks, caused an individual to get a gun and kill someone.

I don’t have answers to the pandemic. Part of me wonders though if in the madness of constant handwashing and sanitizers, we haven’t made it worse in some ways. Our body does need to face some bacteria in order for the antibodies in our body to work. Our bodies are incredible machines that usually work well, when well taken care of, and yes, I know that there are people who did take care of themselves who died.

My thoughts are ever evolving on this as I don’t believe there is any one definitive answer. Created in a lab? Conspiracy? Just another strain of the flu? A virus created in the wet markets? A virus mishandled that got majorly out of control? A virus that will be forever with us, just like the flu, just like colds, just like allergies? I can’t answer those questions so I keep researching, seeking truth as best as I am able.

We can treat it individually as we see best. Wear a mask or don’t. Wash your hands constantly, or not. Keep a distance from others, or gather together. Use vitamins, supplements, healthy foods, get outside in the sunlight and fresh air, sit inside in peace. Exercise your body and mind. Spend time taking care of all sides of your health, physical, mental, emotional, intellectual. The most important thing I think though, is to stay calm. Don’t allow it to make you afraid. Don’t allow the rules of a business to cause anger. Our emotions can be our worst enemy right now, if we allow them to be. This is not a this side that side, right or wrong event. It has many sides and many issues. We have to learn to act rationally, we have to learn to have faith and trust.

I see this as a storm. The thunder, lightening and winds, the pouring rain, are the shouts of anger and fear. The hiding inside, the staying away. There are still people getting very ill, this storm is not over. But we don’t have to make it worse. We can’t stop living, we can’t lose hope and faith. There is One who calms the storms, even the winds obey. Even the storms of life, such as illness, are under His control.

Personally, I have over the course of the recent past, come to better understand and accept this truth. Especially after losing my job that I thought was going to carry me to retirement. I learned that I had and was putting too much faith there. Now, I have learned better. I have learned contentment. My faith is in the One who calms the storms, all storms. My heart is at peace. Yes, I was concerned earlier. Not so much for me, because I know its allergies, but for those who yet fear. For those who may not yet, fully understand where peace comes from. Like the disciples on the boat in the storm, still learning of He who calms the storms. Of He, who even the winds and waves obey.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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4 Responses to Day 167; Footnotes of Calming The Storms

  1. Irene Melgoza says:

    Hope you get some relief from those allergies.

  2. Crandew says:

    My allergies have been in over-drive lately. Hoping the weather clears the pollen out of the air soon!

    • I was down at my folks and the weather guy was saying something about a storm in the gulf and that we should get rain over the weekend. I hope so as my entire face hurts right now..

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