Not Just Another Blogophilia Write; Hiatus (Three Bears in the Magic Wood)

When we were last with our story, the heroine was riding the back of a Polar Bear through the Magic Wood.  Attempting conversation with the bear and puppy and what ever other mystical, magical creatures seen or unseen happened along.

“Patience is an adventure?How is that?” oh wait, I’m asking a puppy? I’m fully losing my mind.

Hearing an odd sound I glanced down to see the puppy stretched out on the back of the Polar Bear’s head and shaking as if it were laughing. Deciding to remain silent I watched as the pond that did not come closer began to slowly change color. It went from purple to a brilliant red. Not blood red, but bright, glorious blind you red.

As the bear walked through the wood, I began to hear voices, or maybe it was the echo of voices from a time before. On the music of the winds played in the trees, I heard the words, ‘Do you remember? What images of memory, lives in your heart?’

This was so odd. I am riding the back of  Polar Bear, walking toward a pond of an odd color that really shouldn’t exist, and hearing the wind ask about memories? All while a puppy gives me lectures on patience? Deciding it was best to just go with the flow, I turned and reclining backward onto the bear’s back I watched the scene passing above me. The canopy created among the tree tops interrupted by a deep red sky. That’s wasn’t right, but I wasn’t commenting. If we could walk through water and not get wet, if I pond could come no closer and change color while a puppy laughs at me, no, I wasn’t saying a word.

I must have dozed off because suddenly I was hearing what sounded like the bear was walking on wood. When I looked, I saw that we had finally reached the unreachable pond and were crossing a narrow bridge. When the bear reached the middle it stopped and sat down causing me to slide off onto the floor of the bridge.

“Look there.” the bear told me pointing toward the center of the pond.

In the very center of the pond the color began to pull back, creating a perfectly clear circle in the water. The water never moved, there were  no ripples, no waves, merely a clearing away.

“What is going on?” I blurted out.

“Patience.” the puppy reminded me.

Giving the pup a sideways glance I looked back at the pond. As I watched, a dragonfly appeared in front of me and landed on the bridge railing.

“What do you know of magic?” the dragonfly asked.

“Things appear and disappear by trickery. That’s all I know. Its a slight of hand brought about by distracting the eye.”

Amazingly, the dragonfly shrugged. How is it that creatures that shouldn’t shrug, are shrugging? Staring out toward the clear circle the dragonfly began to speak.  “Magic, is a state of mystery. It is the different, the unusual, the creation of something amazing out of ordinary. Magic is blamed for evil things, but not all magic is bad. Magic, is a feeling. It is a seeing of things that others do not. It is believing in special moments, people, events. It can be past, present, future. As long as it holds special feelings, impressions, moments. Anything and everything can be magic…..Watch”

As I watched the circle, I could see the faces of friends from the mysterious place called the world wide web. That tangle of electronic magic and mystery that brought together people from so many different places and created a special bond and friendship.DJ Myke and Boomie. If I can talk with dragonfly, he can talk with a boombox. Irene who was almost always first to comment and acknowledge when someone had contributed. Jay, the mailman who couldn’t spend enough time on his feet with the mail that he has to run as well. Colleen, with her poetry. The only two I actually met face to face, Mary and Francis. Faces drifting across the clearing, so many who have gone from this earth, so many still here and showing the love through words. I watched the faces as the appeared, lingered then faded. The final one was Marvin and Commander K. By now I was leaning on the railing, enjoying the watery slideshow. As the last image faded, the water again became that odd red color.

“Why was I shown all of this?” I asked the dragonfly.

Instead of answering my question, the dragonfly instead asked me a question,”What are your plans for the summer?”

“I really didn’t have any. Sit at home, go hike a nearby mountain, enjoy my backyard. That’s all, why?”

“Did you know that Marvin is planning on taking a hiatus?”

I turned to look at the dragonfly. “You’re lying. Marvin never goes anywhere. He is always here, always ready to read and comment and award points. He’s here when others aren’t.”

The dragonfly remained silent but watched me. When I glanced around, the bear and puppy were watching me as well. “He’s really leaving? He’s going away? For how long? Is it a vacation just for a little while…or…forever?”

The danged dragonfly shrugged again. “No idea, but why should he come back? Have you shown appreciation, have you let him know how thankful you are for the magic he brings? How often have you missed writing challenges without so much as a, I’m sorry?”

I looked at the pond then up toward the sky. “Is that why the pond and sky are red? For Marvin? Will this remind him of home?Maybe show him that we appreciate him?”

“That is the magic of the wood, not from you. You need to find a way to let him know he is appreciated, respected, and even yes, though he is a Martian, loved. That, is your new summer challenge.” Then before I could speak another word, the dragonfly disappeared.

“They do come and go quickly don’t they? So…what are you going to do?”

I didn’t even bother to look to see whether it was the bear or puppy speaking. I had to figure out a way to reach Marvin before he left. But how?


About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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8 Responses to Not Just Another Blogophilia Write; Hiatus (Three Bears in the Magic Wood)

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  2. You can reach us if or when you need us. 8 points Earthling

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  4. I love this, and thank you for your kind words about my poetry, dear friend! I have been so busy lately with work and grandbabies that I’ve been missing reading all the blogs. Sending hugs! xoxo ❤

    • I need to get back to this but things have been a bit busy here as well. I’m trying to get my blog doing well, considering upgrading to a paid site and maybe monetizing in some fashion. Just to see if I can bring in an extra penny or two 😉 Sending hugs right back.

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