June Twelfth; Humanity’s Cat Fight

Cat fight. Sort of, kinda, more like a hissy fit. Something that is a bit on the annoying side but also funny. Considering that its done with cats on opposite sides of the storm door and no one gets anything but their feelings hurt.

Our official, indoor only cat is Cricket. She is, eleven years old and she is Queen Diva Extraordinaire. With the exception of two rooms, being this room and my bedroom, she has the run of the house. She is restricted due to the fact that she wants to annoy the dogs and while they tolerate it for a long time, enough gets to be too much and since they are so much bigger than her, its best that she just be kept away.

One of her favorite spots is out on our enclosed back porch. She can sit on the hamper next to the window or even on the washer and keep check on her domain. Even though, she doesn’t go out there, it is still hers. As long as I don’t need the washer I don’t care because it keeps her out from under foot. Her Royal Highness does not appreciate being stepped on, even when she suddenly falls over directly in the path I am walking.

The not so stray cats that have taken over my backyard are still afraid and will run at the slightest hint of anyone or anything coming in their direction. I keep water out for them, and feed them once a day. I feed them on my back steps as that puts the bowls on different levels so they don’t argue over space.

Usually this is a set up that works well. The not so stray, who will sit just out of reach while I put the food out-even though I did almost get to pet one this morning-will come up to eat as I go inside. They will eat, then move on to what ever other adventures not so stray cats have, even if its napping in a sun spot.

One of the smaller not so stray cats, has taken to looking in the back storm door. They hear or smell Cricket and get curious. Cricket, also known as, her royal majesty Queen Diva Extraordinaire, will not tolerate such an act of insolence.

The moment the almost intruder is spotted, its game or rather fight on. The glass is closed so there is no risk of either getting anything other than pride hurt. Both cats are standing up on hind legs hissing and slapping at each other. Neither wanting to admit that they are wrong. Neither wanting to accept the other.  One indoor cat and one outdoor. Two different sides arguing with each other, hatred for the other obvious.

Are we, at this moment in time, much different than those two cats? We choose sides, whether it is over race, politics, economy, social status, the list is much too long to try and put here. What ever the differences, there is one side against the other, each thinking they are right. Neither willing to back down. The sad thing here, there is no door between the sides preventing injury. Way too many people have been hurt and killed over differences no one wants to work through.

How wide is that line in the sand? How far apart have we moved as humans? Why must we stand toe to toe like kids on a playground, fists balled and ready to fight? Over what? Different beliefs? Different lifestyles? Different…anything. It has become too easy to argue  instead of talk. To destroy rather than build. To divide rather than come together.

Humanity has one major problem, humans. Only humanity is not always humane. For as long as we have existed we have done cruel things to one another. People have been enslaved or murdered for many reasons. We have mistreated each other, ignored each other, excluded each other for the differences among us. As intelligent as we may be, we all have weaknesses due to being human. One of our worst singular beliefs, we are right. No matter what, we are right. Even if we’re wrong, we’re right. We can’t bother to slow down long enough to see anyone else’s side. We’re right, they’re wrong, that is all that matters.

So instead of anything ever becoming better, we continue to act like those two cats. Each on opposite sides of the door. Each divided by a pane of glass. Each hissing and slapping at their side trying to get at and hurt the other. All the while, nothing is being accomplished. One would think, we were better than that.

Photo taken last fall through the window. Beautiful cats, these not so strays.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to June Twelfth; Humanity’s Cat Fight

  1. Irene Melgoza says:

    Unfortunately it’s true….we can’t seem to get along because of our differences.

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