Day 163; Footnotes of –To the Rescue!

 My morning did not go the way I thought it would. I was sitting here, scrolling through emails and blogs and sipping my coffee when the phone rang. My son needed a new contact. I reminded him that it would take me a few minutes as I hadn’t bothered to get dressed yet. But then, I had barely been up an hour, it wasn’t as if it were up in the afternoon. So rather than taking it easy and resting up from this amazing week, I got up, got dressed and grabbing new contacts headed for his work. Early on a Saturday, traffic was light so I made it in close to record time. Dropping off his contacts I reversed course and headed for home. 

I managed to work my way through notifications and work on getting laundry done, just putting the last load in the drier when the phone rang. Guess who, and it wasn’t mom. Who I did talk with. Once again it was my son. Now this was at lunch time. According to him where he works was bringing in spaghetti and it was just too hot for spaghetti would I? Yes, of course what do you want? So I head for the fast food place of choice and go inside to place the order. Other than the folks working there, I was the only one inside. I placed the order and was handed a cup to get the drink. I turned and faced this…monster thing of a machine. One I had no clue how to work. But, I figured it out, only his drink of choice was unavailable.  Looking at the options, none looked like what he would drink unless he created his own mixed concoction which I wasn’t going to attempt. So he got the soda I really didn’t want to purchase. When I gave it to him and told him what I had to get, he said that there was a problem…yeah, he’s too white but he got it anyway. Next time he needs to give me options just in case.

I spoke with my mother four times today. The first time I called her to let her know I had to take something to my son. When I got back, I called her and we spoke for a while. A little later, after I had gone and was back from the lunch run, she called. Then again about an hour later.  She gets lonely I know. I also know how blessed we are that my parents are still here and relatively healthy. So every time, I stop and talk, or listen. Either way, I am here for her.

My planned quiet day was interrupted. I wasn’t able to lounge around in my pajamas and drink coffee and watch the cats fight through the door. I did get my chores done, but it was a challenge between interruptions. But, the thing is, it doesn’t bother me. My family is here for me to take care of and be here for. I can make lunch runs or sit and listen to mom talk about her dog and what dad has or hasn’t done now.

But they are family. What about strangers?

Would we stop what we were doing, to be a good Samaritan for a stranger? Would we give someone food, water, clothing if we saw them in need? I see examples where we are getting better. I’ve seen videos of people helping others, knowing there will be no reward and not expecting one. Helping someone who has fallen, landscaping someone’s yard, sharing what you have, with those who have not. It doesn’t take a lot, cost a lot, to help someone.  But it could mean the world to them.

My day didn’t go as planned. But I couldn’t have planned it better. My son, even when it drives him crazy to call, still needs me from time to time. My mother, right next door, needs me. For them, my presence makes a difference. I volunteered and spent fifteen hours over the course of a week, helping with Vacation Bible School. I think I got more out of it than the kids.

Would you interrupt your grocery shopping to help someone reach an item? Would you help someone find an item or find an employee who could help? Would you let someone ahead of you in the check out line, or in the traffic line?  It doesn’t always have to be a life saving event, to be a rescue. But it can be a heart changing one.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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12 Responses to Day 163; Footnotes of –To the Rescue!

  1. Such a sweet time reading this. A son who needs his father. And the golden time you have with your mother, conversing with her. These are precious.

    • They are. I make it a point to never not talk with her. I’ve missed calls when I was outside or not home, but we always talk later. I know how blessed I am that she and dad are still with us.

      • You give them love through your time with them. 🥰🥰🥰

      • I went ahead and took early retirement so that I could be here for them. Financially its a struggle, but the other more important rewards make it worthwhile. They have always been here for me, its my turn.

      • You are doing the right thing. That is one of my regrets. Though, I did my best to spend some time with my parents when they were still alive, I knew I could have done better if I did not let my work get in the way.

      • It is the one good thing that Covid brought about. Because of it, I lost my job. I managed to get by on the unemployment until I got the notice that I had used it all up. When I told my mother I was going to go back to work, she got upset, fearful, not knowing what they would do. So I checked into my social security and saw I could manage and that is what I’m doing. It really calmed mom down when I did that so it was worth it. Sometimes, work does get in the way, I know if it were not for the virus, I would still be pulling long hours and be too tired to spend time with them. But we do what we must to make our way in this life. If nothing else, I have this time with them and this time is my greatest earthly treasure right now.

  2. Forgive me, but this is the first time I have ever heard it being “To hot for Spaghetti.”. Lol
    And Yes, I gave a bag of food to a Homeless Man, the other day. I totally get your point!

    • He just wasn’t wanting it for lunch. He brought some home with him to eat later. We tend to eat all manner of foods that most want to say its too hot for. I say eat what you want when you want, and as for my son, when it isn’t what you want, call me. I don’t want him going hungry 😉

  3. Those small acts of thoughtfulness and kindness often make such a difference. 🙂

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