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May Twenty-eighth; His Desk

Mom was taking a walk down memory lane this morning. With Memorial Day approaching it had her remembering Michael and his always grilling out and inviting family to come enjoy the burgers. While the food was good, the family time … Continue reading

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Day 147; Footnotes of Calling and Calling and…

  I felt so badly for him. At random moments all through the day, I heard the neighbor’s child calling his dog. All would be quiet, then I’d hear his voice calling for Miya. I’m not friends with any of … Continue reading

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The Things I See

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May Twenty-seventh; Strong Fences, Make

I’m sitting here waiting on mom’s morning call and listening to one of the kids across the dirt road calling their dog. They’ve been out there for the last fifteen minutes or so calling. I know that it hasn’t come … Continue reading

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Day 146; Footnotes of Look at Me, I fixed it.

 Well, technically, you might call it rigged, but it worked. And I figured it out. I decided right around noon today that I was going to do some mowing, with my push mower.  That narrow section of my yard, the … Continue reading

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May Twenty-sixth; Clearing the Clutter

 This room, was at one time a disaster. I have photo proof. Not that I am proud of the mess, but it shows how far one can come. For a long time, this room was used for two purposes. My … Continue reading

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Day 145; Footnotes of I Really Can’t Complain

And so, it begins. Preparations for Vacation Bible School. I met with the teacher today, I found out that I am one of the helpers, the other is actually a relative of mine so that ought to be helpful and … Continue reading

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May Twenty-fifth; Just a Swingin’

 Many years ago, there was a song that came out by John Anderson by the name, “Just a Swingin” my dad loved that song.  I’ll admit that I not only liked that song, but many that were done by John … Continue reading

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Day 144; Footnotes of Rest and Reset

I’m sitting here, staring at the cursor on the screen blinking.  My mind void of ideas for tonight’s footnotes. As I sit here, I allow my senses wander. I’m listening to the ceiling fan humming above me, the sounds of the … Continue reading

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Snakes and Turtles and Bugs oh My!

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