Day 146; Footnotes of Look at Me, I fixed it.

 Well, technically, you might call it rigged, but it worked. And I figured it out.

I decided right around noon today that I was going to do some mowing, with my push mower.  That narrow section of my yard, the only place that grass seems to want to grow, needed attention. The grass had gotten to the point that it might seem inviting to reptiles so, time to mow.I dragged the mower that can, up to the area, pushed it inside the fence, and prepared to begin. Yeah, that stretch of yard is fenced off to itself for two reasons. One Molly seems to think it a game to pull plants from the ground, and two its too close to the road and the neighbor’s dog. There is also the fact that I once caught a neighbor reaching over the fence at my dogs. I don’t know, nor am I going to speculate, besides, that’s getting away from the intent here. 

I had the mower in  place, I gave a good yank on the pull rope, and I thought I heard an odd pop, but the mower started, then promptly died. I tried again. It would start, then die. I knew it was full of gas, I had filled it yesterday. There was nothing tangled in the blade stopping it from turning. I stood there for a moment slightly perplexed, but I knew if I tried, I could figure this out. I reached for the pull rope again and noticed something. The narrow bar that has to be pulled back wasn’t sitting properly. Following the cable, I saw where there was a pin type thingy that wasn’t right. That breaking must have been what I heard. With that not in place as it should be, the mower stopped every time.

 Leaving the mower I headed back to the house and our junk drawer. Electrical tape? No. Zip ties? No, they weren’t big enough. Duct tape? No. It had to be something better, something less temporary. Something like aha, a hose clamp, if I can get the end to come completely out. If I can remember where I last saw a screwdriver. Ah yes. Finding the screwdriver I managed to get the clamp apart. Walking up to the mower, I put the clamp in place, got it back together and tightened down. With a pull of the rope I was in business. I got that section of the yard mowed and a large section on the other side of the drive. I walked down to check on the clover around the garden but my niece’s son had mowed that so it was good.

 I was sitting here cooling down, when I had a brilliant idea. I had been contemplating trying to prepare smoothies for a while. I had purchased the Greek yogurt, I had Almond Milk and fruit, so why not? I pulled my magic blender out from under the cabinet and cleaned it up. I pulled the ingredients from the fridge and started dumping stuff in the blender. Recipe? I don’t need no stinkin recipe. Yogurt, milk, strawberry, a few raspberry, some blueberry and a bit of good for you seeds. Then blend like you’ve never done it before. Tasting it, I thought it was good, but would have been better cold. So, I put it in the freezer and left it there for about fifteen minutes. That did it, I liked it. I don’t have any more strawberries, but I have bananas.

 This evening, when the sun had dropped down behind the trees, I walked down to water my garden. Its much smaller this year but that’s fine. As long as I get bell pepper, cucumber and tomatoes. I’ll be a happy camper. Once I was finished I turned the water back off and locked the building securely. If dad is going to trust me with a key, I can at least be trust worthy. After finishing that, I walked back up to and around the house. I watered the flowers that are planted inside and around my walking circle, using the water that was in the hard shell luggage carrier that I have as a make shift pool. The mosquito have taken over the murky water so I dipped out a good bit, and hopefully will manage to empty them tomorrow and clean all the leaves out of the bottom. Once I get them cleaned and refilled I have some of those solar fountains that I’m going to put out there. I’ve had them for a while just sitting on the kitchen table waiting to be put to use.

When I sit down to write this entries, it gives me a chance to see myself in a different light. When I write down the things I manage to do, or accomplish, I don’t mean to be bragging. If it comes across sounding as if I am, I do apologize. I think, that in a way, I amaze myself when I figure things out like the mower. It isn’t that I really doubt my abilities but I have doubted my abilities. I have spent so much of my life having people make me feel less than competent. Most of us have been there to some degree, so I won’t expound on that. But when I get a mower to work, fix a leaky sink, clear away years worth of neglect or remodel not one but two rooms, I realize, that the me that had been shoved into a box, is finding its way back out.

Oh yeah, I have an odd often quirky sense of humor. I look at things the way a person with an imagination and creative side would. I love solitary, quiet, alone times. I have a writer’s curiosity and thirst for learning. The quirky side though, didn’t fit in with most and caused issues. I allowed it to be quieted, which caused other issues. Today, as I happily mowed the grass with a mower that I fixed, I realized even more, that I am not the person I was a year ago. I am learning to embrace me, all sides of me. I am accepting the fact that I won’t fit in with everyone, my thoughts and attitude toward that is adjusting to an acceptance. One that has been misaligned for a long time, but God with me, fixed it. The amazing thing…if you feel as if your abilities and personality has been silenced, you can fix it too.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to Day 146; Footnotes of Look at Me, I fixed it.

  1. Irene Melgoza says:

    What an accomplishment! 🙂

    • Thank you Irene. Its really good to see you. When I told my son about the mower, and that I ‘fixed’ it, his first words were, “Well…rigged” Of course, but it works and that’s what matters 😉

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