Day 138; Footnotes of Just Because I Could

 I left the house today. My mother needed some stuff from the store and I needed to make a grocery run so, I got in the car and off we went. I have only driven once since the gas mess began and that was to church this past Sunday. I have looked at it two ways. One I’m not using up all my gas leaving me searching and hoping. Two, I’m leaving at least that small amount of gas for someone else.

But today, mom needed, so we went. She mainly wanted two things, bottled water and bird seed. A forty pound bag of bird seed. The way she feeds these birds its a wonder they aren’t the size of pterodactyls. But, simple pleasures in times like these are important. She didn’t get the water though, so I may make a run to the warehouse store tomorrow and see if they have the type she wanted. It will give me a chance to see if they have gas so I can fill up. There is that Jeep event I want to go to this weekend, I’ll need gas to get there. 

After we got back home and I got all of her purchases inside I came on home to unload mine. I had a lot more than she did. I still managed to spend under a hundred dollars today. That doesn’t happen often.  Of course we won’t mention the separate purchase I made of moisturizer and eye serum in the hopes of looking younger.

My sweet Bella is not happy with me. She looks at her leash every time she goes anywhere close to where its hanging. She wants a trip to hike the mountain but that one has to wait for now.

Since I’m not going there, and I do still want to try and get that ten thousand steps in, it was another day doing loops around my thinking circle.  I think what I am going to start doing, is trying to increase my speed in making the laps. Start out walking, then speed up a bit, move at that speed for a while and speed up some more, then do some slow down laps. I would love to be able to get myself to where I could run. But I haven’t done any running since I was a kid so that’s going to take some practice.

 At one point I grew tired of doing the laps so I decided to hike down the road and back a couple of times. I would have gone through the woods but mom heard on the television news that ticks are really bad right now through June. She had stopped me and gave me a nice lecture on what she heard and how careful I need to be and if I were going through the woods I needed to check myself for ticks…because they are really bad right now. I’m reasonably sure she took a breath or two in that but she did get her point across.

So I stuck to the road since I didn’t feel like digging out my bug repellent. I walked down to where a huge power line crosses the road, turned around and walked back almost to my garden. Turned around and headed back to the power line. This time though I did step off the roadway to take some photos of wildflowers. After that, I walked back up to my house and decided to take a break.

I started a load of laundry and poured a cup of coffee. On the way back my fitness band had let me know I had made my goal. I rested a bit, but since my son hadn’t come in from work, I walked around and did some more laps just because I could.

When I am out there, my two dogs are on the inside of the fence watching me, letting me know when some one or thing is around that shouldn’t be. As I walk I hear the neighbors, I hear dogs from all around. I hear the birds and squirrel in the woods. I hear my thoughts as I walk, free thinking. There are times I think about things I have thought about before. It allows me to look at it from a new perspective. It gives me new answers and reactions. It brings me to points of accepting some things, knowing the things I can’t accept, and helping me to move on either way.  Oh, and I ended up with 12831 steps or 5.66 miles. Why did I do this? Just because I could.

ah vanity, thy name is Rebecca

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to Day 138; Footnotes of Just Because I Could

  1. Absolutely love your post and the Title and Ending of ‘Just because I could’.
    To be honest, I really enjoyed reading this and will follow your journey too. Lots of reading to catch up on now….

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