May Seventeenth; Render Unto Caesar

  Its the new tax due date. Past years have always seen me get a tax refund, not this year. This year I owed, a lot. I drew unemployment due to being let go from my job and I didn’t have taxes taken out. I did attempt to put every dime I could in savings. Take that increase the economy hope. It still stings, reading or hearing the words of those complaining about the unemployment benefits. Did they not understand I would rather be working? But God needed me to be here, taking care of my parents. I needed to be here, to learn lessons.

I had my taxes done months ago, and was given this frightening amount that I owed. Then whispers and rumblings were heard about changes. Certain amounts of that unemployment would be made exempt. The financial advisor said pay the state, hold off on federal. So I did. Then the due date got closer and closer. After a call to said financial guy, the updated amount was discovered and I prepared to render unto Caesar what was owed. I have since mailed the check. I was thankful for the change. I was thankful for the ability to save. I was thankful, period.

I have friends who send me videos and links to articles about taxes being unlawful. I have been in long conversations about the topic. Mostly listening as some of my friends are very vocal and set in their beliefs so most comments from me are “uh huh” One can learn from discussions more if they listen more. You at least know better which direction to point your information search.

But this isn’t so much about taxes, it is about the many Caesars in our life.

1) Family.

As children, we should listen, learn and obey. While I will not deny that there are parents who should never have been, parents that are severely lacking in life skills much less parenting skills, most are not that way. However, parents are human and being so can make mistakes. The results of those mistakes vary as much as the mistakes themselves. As children we respect and look up to our parents, they are our first heroes. (Or should be)
As young adults, we take on more responsibilities. We help around the house. We do our best in learning. We set goals. We get jobs. We prepare to take the steps into moving into our own life.
As adults, we reach for and grab the life that stretches out before us. We aim high, and head out. We prepare to live, whether that is as a single adult, or one that seeks a family of their own. We respect the lessons we were taught, and seek to live a respectable fulfilling life. Keeping all family members in some manner involved. Eventually, we face choices with the parents that brought us to where we are. If they reach a point of need, do we take care of them ourselves, or seek a trusted residence where we know they will be safe and taken care of well? As some needs are beyond our abilities.

2) Friends and acquaintances.

Those people who come into our lives, enriching them in various manners. Many becoming family that is not blood, but heart. Not all will stay for a lifetime, some will appear in and out of our lives, some will stay. The right heart, will treat them well. Through time, through conversation, through adventures, through understanding that there will be times of closeness and times of silence.There will be times, when a friend suffers. Through a loss of job, in a relationship, during a challenge in life. To be there for them, is the greatest rendering. To listen when they talk, to respond if needed, to be silent but there.

3) Jobs.

  There is always someone over you. Someone more important to answer to and obey. What ever your position may be, it is important that you do the best of your ability. If your position is running the company, do so in a manner that those depending on the company will thrive. If you are one who sweeps the floor, do so with pride in your work. You represent not only the company, but yourself.

4) Social life. 

We represent many things when we are out and about among others. We represent our upbringing, our education, our beliefs, our personality. Who do we owe here? Ourselves. ? We owe it to ourselves to be the best individual that we are capable, for we share living space with millions of others. Even if you live in a rural area with few to no neighbors, eventually you will need to be in contact with someone. Are you respectful? Are you kind? Are you considerate, compassionate, generous, encouraging? When we show our best side, we shine a light of better. We shine a light of encouragement. We are a difference where a difference is needed.

 5) Governing bodies.

There are many things about the government, any government that we do not like. The list would stretch out so long I won’t even attempt to write any down. While it is important that we do not simply sit back and allow those who are ‘in charge’ to act in a corrupt and illegal way. It is important that we seek ways to correct the wrong while understanding that leadership is important.
Within the makings of government, are various divisions. The politicians, the judges, the police, none are above corruption, but that doesn’t mean all are corrupt or bad. Laws and regulations have purpose. Those that are incorrect do need changing, but in a responsible manner. Those who are different. No matter the difference, are still deserving of respect, until the individual proves it is not warranted. An individual does not represent an entire group, but only themselves. However, the actions of one, can damage the whole. It is important that should you be among the different-and we all are different in our own ways-you take care to act in a responsible, reasonable, respectful manner. Entitlement not allowed. Excuses, not allowed. Hate definitely not allowed.

6) Faith.

 In all the world, there are many beliefs and teachings. The rendering should come in the form of following and believing. In the actual living of that belief. As a Christian, I believe that the gospel Christ shared was one of love, peace and hope. A lesson of compassion and charity toward others. A lesson that no one is more and no one is less important. My rendering to Caesar, is to live the life of faith, the life of a relationship with God as I am lead, to love God and to love my neighbor.

No matter the road we travel, along the way we will face many Caesars. it is up to us, to determine how we handle the meetings.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to May Seventeenth; Render Unto Caesar

  1. Astrid says:

    I’m sorry this year you owe the state and federal govt a lot of tax money. I’m so happy though that you’re still able to show gratitude. That’s so inspiring. I’ll check out that Bible study you linked to too.

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