May Tenth; Open the Closed, Close the Open Door

Will someone just open the door and let that package out? Checking the tracking this morning it still shows it to be ‘in transit’ in Concord, NC. That is, according to google, 43.9 miles from here, a forty-eight minute drive down the interstate. So the best I can figure is that my package, as I told someone earlier, is trapped in some kind of warped, broken, matrix, vortex. Simply circling and transiting around inside the facility, lost and by now getting dizzy. So, could someone please open the door and point that poor package in this direction?

Speaking of doors.

 “Close the door. You weren’t raised in a barn.” How many of us growing up, heard that statement? How many pretended not to as we hurried on our way out into the exciting day that awaited? I mean, closing that door was going to take a nanosecond away from our adventure time and we couldn’t allow that now could we? How many learned that, yes, we could allow for that? 

I am mildly claustrophobic. I love-need to have doors open. When this room was remodeled, I left the back windows bare of any covering. One because of the need to see outside, and two because it is to my backyard which is private and shielded by the woods. But, back to  the door. My husband when he was alive would get so frustrated with me for leaving doors open. We have storm doors, but he swore, depending on the season, I was letting all the heat and or air condition out. I would dutifully close the door only to open it again after a short time and he was distracted by some movie or other on the television in the bedroom. I do know, that depending on where you live, keeping the door closed is important for safety reasons. If you live in a development of townhouses, or apartments, closed doors are the way for safety and privacy. Same as in bad neighborhoods. So this mind wandering word bleed this morning, isn’t so much about the physical doors, but the mental and emotional. So, in no particular order…

 Open the Closed

 There are those, who think they know it all. Bring up any subject, and they know all about it. Sadly, some, most, all, of what they believe they know, may not be correct. It is important that we open our mind to learning new things or learning new information on the things we thought we knew. It isn’t bad to not know, it is bad to not be willing to admit that you were mistaken and refuse to learn what is correct. To take the time to learn, through proper channels, about the variety of events and times is important. It brings about a greater understanding and compassion. It brings about growth and an improved society. It will take us to a better way of living together through and with our differences.

Many of us have dealt with being bullied. They see a perceived weakness and use it against their victim. They see a difference and use it against their target. They see, or think they see, someone who is doing better than they are, stronger than they are, so they become determined to bring them down. They seek to destroy their victim through any and every means possible. The victim may then closes a door, locking their true self behind the door and away from the society that is hurting them. In doing that, they are denying themselves the life they are meant to have, and denying society the special gifts they have to offer.

 One who is different, is not odd, not strange, not an object to be ridiculed. one who is different has different gifts to give. Their creative side can bring color, music, magic to a bland moment. Their intellect can find answers to problems. Their compassion, can bring healing. Locked away, because of the pain brought on by someone who saw them as a target and threat.

The abused. Similar but worse than the bullied. While bullying is abuse, and is not something one should have to deal with, there is actually worse. The domestic abuse brought on by someone who is supposed to love and protect you. The physical, the mental, the emotional attacks that leave the victim wounded and deeply harmed. Closing a door to the memories. Closing the door to any future risks and potential of repeated harm.

I have mentioned being empathic, which for those who do not know, are those who have a greater perception of the emotions of those around them. They can walk into a room and immediately feel overwhelmed by the variety of feelings going on within the people there. I have told people, the only way I know to protect myself, is to mentally visualize a door closing with the mass emotions on one side, and myself safe on the other.

Open the Door

It is not healthy for one to remain locked away behind doors. Be they physical or emotional. It is important that we find ways to open the doors and step out into the world. Strong and accepting, proud in who we are.

 Every individual, every single one, has importance. Every single one, has something to offer. Every single one, has the potential to make life better, to add something. But every individual, has to find the strength and desire to look within themselves and discover where the changes are needed. What they need to learn. Where they need to grow. How to find the belief in themselves and take the chances that had been denied them. The chances,, they had willingly given up when they closed that door.

Life is a risk. Life is a challenge. Life is a journey that will have good days, bad days, detours and roads less traveled. Life though…is an adventure. Open the door wide, step outside and see the sunlight, hear the music of life, feel your heart beating within. You are alive, isn’t it time to throw open that closed door and actually live?

Life, is a journey to be lived, not hidden behind closed doors.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to May Tenth; Open the Closed, Close the Open Door

  1. Beautiful empathic post, Rebecca. I felt that!

    • Thank you. In all honesty, I was reminding myself as well. I’m not above learning new, being reminded of past, and finding the strength needed to open the friggin door 😉

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