The Unseen

The wind is making itself known today.

The trees are alternating between calm and fairly still to doing an almost frenzied dance when the wind comes through. I thought earlier that it may be an approaching storm, but instead it is merely a cold front passing through. At last check the temperature was in the mid sixties Fahrenheit. It would be a perfect day to hike the mountain, but I have lacked the needed motivation.

I think in part, because Sweet Molly, needed me here. Because of the wind. For some reason, Molly is absolutely terrified of the wind. She has the usual fear of thunder, gunshots, and fireworks but this thing with the wind, is fear on steroids. I have no idea why. Let the wind start blowing as it is out there today, and its immediately obvious. She comes to the door to the outside from this room, to the front door and back. Crying. If I don’t open the door, she will scratch at it, she will back up against it as close as she can, staring out across the yard. You cannot rationalize with a dog. “Its the wind, you’re fine. It won’t hurt you.” gets you nowhere.

So both Molly and Bella-who takes the wind all in stride by the way- have been inside for most of the day.

Still though, even inside, Molly sits staring out through the storm door, watching. She is either right beside Bella, under my desk, or drags her blanket as close as possible before stretching out in a position that allows her to watch the unseen enemy outside. I know she hears the chimes on the front porch playing wildly. I know she hears and sees what the wind does as it moves through the trees. She simply cannot understand the what or the why. But in her fear, she comes to me for safety. If I leave this room for what ever reason, one or both dogs will come to the door seeking me. Where did I go? Am I coming back? Am I, are they safe?

As a child growing up in this house, there was one incident that always stands out. We didn’t have air conditioning, we had open windows.The front screen, because of the way to overhang on the front stoop was, had the corner cut off. This allowed the door to be opened, but others things as well. Such as this one night proved. We had all gone to bed, the house completely dark. Just before sleep claimed me, I heard the sound of something flying about in my bedroom. I called to my dad. By the time he got to my room and flipped on the light, what ever it was, was gone. This happened three more times, each time his agitation growing. The last time he moved quicker and when he flipped the light switch a huge bat flew across the room.

 He got it out of my room and closed the door. Also making sure my brother’s door was closed. I then heard my parents as they worked to get the bat back outside. After that the front porch was built and doors replaced. But I knew, to call on my dad in my need.

As adults, how do we face the unseen? The things that frighten us, worry us, bring us to a point of desperation, what do we do then? Who, do we run to in our time of need?

I do realize that there are many forms of faith. I admit to having limited knowledge and understanding of those forms. I know, that even as a Christian, there are differences. So what I share, is from my heart, not the doctrines of a denomination. There is nothing wrong with doctrines, they have their level of importance. What I believe in my heart, more than anything else, is the desire to have a relationship with God over doctrines.

Having a faith and trust, that I know, when I am afraid, or worried, or lonely I know who I can run to, I know, Who is my Shelter. My Protector. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and the act of praying. Not just in church. Not just before meals or the last thing before bed. But the daily, moment by moment conversations with God. Even if there are times, when on my knees I approach the Throne, but have no words. The Spirit knows the mutterings of my heart, and I am heard.

 It is not an unusual occurrence when I am distressed over something, that I will walk out to my ‘thinking circle’ and have a long talk with God. Afterwards, I can walk away feeling comforted, knowing I have been in the presence of the Almighty. I know, He hears. I know He answers. I know, in Him I am safe. There have been answers to those prayers. Not all held results I liked, but accepted.

Right now, both Bella and Molly are curled up asleep. They have come to me, and know they are safe. Many times, I have fallen asleep after prayer, or sometimes in the midst of, but I knew, I was safe. I knew peace and comfort. Just as these two do right this moment. Even as the unseen still carries on outside.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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