Day 124; Footnotes of This May Sound Silly

 I do not even try to hide the fact that I am technologically challenged. My son laughs at me, then tries to teach me. So far I haven’t been a very good student even though he knows what he’s talking about. I don’t, but he does. But I’m trying.

 The Jeep group that I am a member of, has adopted local firefighters, recognizing them on special days, like today which is national firefighter’s day or something more official sounding. Anyway, I was supposed to meet them at a grocery store not far from the fire station. The sad thing is, I had no idea where this store was. My son came in for lunch and saw me fighting with the computer maps trying to find the store and how to get there from here. He pointed at my phone and I told him that my phone won’t talk to me. At which we got into a discussion on how yes it would if the blue tooth was off for the car, or if the car was on the right setting. He then gave up on me and picked up my phone. He got the directions to the station on the phone and had it ready for when I was ready.

When it came time to go, I looked at the phone hoping it would work.It Did! It took me a different route than I was expecting, but it took me to the store. I was there first so I found a place to park where I thought I would be seen, well my Jeep anyway. It would have been fine, but some lady in a bigger vehicle pulled into the place beside me and called someone to have this conversation about how someone had already left and someone else had been causing drama and telling lies and.. it was then I moved to another parking spot. Right after that I saw one of the others pull in and park. I pulled up beside them and got out of my Jeep to talk. Not long after that, the third member showed up. We talked, we discussed what and how we were going to treat our chosen firefighter, and we prepared what we had today. Then we pulled out.

Now, what happened next is why I am hesitant about getting into a caravan. A big mini van pulled in between me and the others. Thankfully one of them was driving an orange jeep that is easy to see. Even though we were separated I still managed to get where we were going. Only our firefighter wasn’t there. 

Back outside we had to do a rethink. We made plans to meet around 7 PM. Now I had to find my way home. Taking my chances I brought up maps on my phone and tried my hand at putting the directions in. Pulling out of the station parking lot, my phone actually told me where to go, politely. I did it! I managed to get the thing to work for me and found my way home, going a completely different route but I got home.

 Looking at the time I thought I get get Bella and go hike the mountain. I wasn’t home twenty minutes when I heard the first rumble of thunder and the immediate crying from my two big babies. I was going to ignore them but then the thundering got worse so I let them inside. A short time later the wind picked up and the bottom fell out of the clouds. My new cement block wall is doing what I hoped it would so the drain isn’t overwhelmed now. So the dogs and I were comfortable in this room listening to the storm rage outside. All the while I’m thinking my son rode his motorcycle back to work. I really hoped that the storm would be over and the rain stop by the time he got off work.

 The worst was over when he came in, but he was still pretty wet. He changed and we took my mother’s birthday gift down to her. I gave her a ‘lucky bamboo’ according to the tag and my son, gave his grandmother….ear plugs. So she would have a way to not hear my dad when he gets on one of his long winded ‘what are you talking about?’ conversations. While we were down there he talked about everything from his truck needing to be inspected, when was the last time my son brought him a hat from a race track, did we get any cake, are we going to the beach ( nooooo idea where that came from). My son did end up getting my dad’s driver’s license renewed online and drove his truck up here to take tomorrow to be inspected. We left mom with her new ear plugs to deal with dad.

 Then suddenly it was time to go back to the fire station. He drove me over in his Charger. When we arrived there was a different lady there who had brought something. I had a nice long conversation with her, then the others began to show. This time several others were with us for the fire fighters they had adopted who were there as well. We got in, we met our adopted guys, we had photos taken and we left gifts.

 When my son and I finally left, he was coming home the way he wanted to drive. We reached one point and I asked him where we were going. He calmly answered, home. But don’t we need to be going that way? Nope. When I finally saw where we were, and that he was most definitely right, I asked him, “Now do you see why I hate going anywhere by myself? I would have ended up in Charlotte (miles in the wrong direction). He was laughing at that and said “You’d be wondering where all that water came from.” As if I had driven all the way to the beach. I think I would have figured it out before then, but ya know…the beach does sound nice. So, maybe, it doesn’t sound so silly after all. 

I think though, that it is important that we let people know they are appreciated. Whether they are first responders, coworkers, friends, family, it doesn’t matter. Everyone deserves to feel appreciated every once in a while.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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