Thoughtful walking and Falling Down Rabbit Holes of Possibilities and Questions

Bella and I did go hike the mountain.

On the way up, we didn’t pass many people. There was this one middle age couple where the man took one look at Bella and said, “That dog looks tired already” he missed it, but Bella gave him a sideways look. If he was going on her panting, she always does that. I don’t push her, nor do I allow her to push herself. There is no need for it, and why take the health risk? 

We got part way up the steps and met a couple who were resting on a bench. A man was coming down, Bella and I moved out of the way and watched him go. We stood and talked with the couple and then headed on up.

When we arrived at the top, it was glorious! The sky nice and clear and you could see for miles. 

When we headed down, we passe several people, speaking to everyone, whether just a quick hello or a real conversation. I was having a blast, and I know Bella was because of how many people said she was a pretty dog. 

At one point on the way down, since we were alone on the road, my mind began to wander about. I will warn you in advance, my mind wandering about, can be a worrisome thing.

If there are levels of dimensions, which one are we currently in? Is this life, really a sort of matrix? If there are dimensions, does the way we live, bring about the progression to the next or is it possibly a timed event? How do we know, who do we seek out, where do we find accurate information?

 Thinking, Jesus said that He is the Light of the world. He is the Bread of Life. He is the Living Water 

I have read, that we are energy, in a physical body. The physical body, needs food, water, breath. I have read, that while many are waiting and watching for the appearing of Jesus, He is already here, within us. I know, that after His ascension back into Heaven, the Holy Spirit was sent to be with and within Believers.

The article though, seemed to read as if Jesus has already returned and is with us. That we are within the midst of the seven year tribulation period. If we are indeed energy, in a body that needs food, water, light, breath, and Christ is these things. Is He already here, or was the article mistaken and it is the Holy Spirit with us until Christ’s return.

 What does that have to do with dimensions? Are we, spiritual beings of energy, who are living here seeking to create…better? If so, how many know this? Are we meant to know this? Are all, spiritual beings and if not, who or what are the others and how does one tell them apart?

 Is this life, the world in which we live, really only the manifestation of our energies and thoughts? We think it, so it is. But, it was when we were children growing and learning, long before we would ever think of such things.

Faith says, believe and it will be so. If you have faith and say to this mountain will move. So, if we believe we can pass our hand through a wall, our foot through a tree, that we could climb a waterfall, can we? Peter walked on water:

We are told, if we have the faith of a tiny mustard seed, we can do wonders:

Then there is the flat earth thing, is it round? Is it flat? Have we been told true, or lied to all this time? Why would we be told it was round, if it was indeed flat? Why create such an elaborate hoax? If it is round, why are so many so dead set sure it isn’t? Is it flat, with a protective covering so that we really cannot leave? If so, and there are beings on other planets, how would they get inside? Would they really want to, unless they are checking to see if we have destroyed each other yet. For what reason, would it be deemed important that we believe one thing, if the other is true? What powers would one derive from such a thing?

 I have seen where photos of the horizon have been used to prove the flat earth theory. Now, I am not going into space, nor do I have access to a balloon to send up into space. All I have are the videos posted of my own limited views of the horizon from places like the beach or the top of the mountain. Those limitations do not allow for the curve that supposedly is missing to prove the world is not flat.

 If it is or isn’t, what if anything does that have to do with quantum physics..or does it?  Where do black holes fit into this? If the world is flat and covered with a shield, and supposedly you are unable to actually see a black hole, how do we know they truly exist? Are black holes, that draw things to them, where they cannot escape the gravitational force and are eventually, supposedly torn apart…a form of evil?

 And what about the wind? We know it exists because we feel it against out skin, we see it move through the trees or grass, the way it pushes a sail, but where does it begin? 

If we are, energy moving through dimensions, seeking to become light and or energy, what is the best way to accomplish this? Do we do this through our thoughts or actions or both? If we see and seek beauty, if we see and seek truth, kindness, compassion, if we seek and show love, does that progress us quicker? If we seek, are we more apt to find?

If our thoughts are dark, do we attract dark? Do we in our thoughts, create evil things?

  If our thoughts attract, and our thoughts are good, are we moving forward, bringing more light to a world growing dark? Slowing the darkness or even better, helping the return of light?

And if it is the acts of love that move us forward, how far separate is that from faith? To believe in Creator God, and all that has been given us, a world filled with plants, animals, land and sea..instructed to live a life of faith. A faith that teaches goodness, compassion, hope, love. Is that light? Is that energy? Is that what is next, or just the wanderings of a contemplative mind, once again fallen down a rabbit hole with no one to discuss the possibilities…

Where, will the road of our journey take us?

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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6 Responses to Thoughtful walking and Falling Down Rabbit Holes of Possibilities and Questions

  1. pkadams says:

    Hiking is so great for stream of consciousness thinking! I don’t think Jesus has come back yet. The whole world is going to know when he does and every knee will bow! Yes, I think it is the Holy Spirit that we have for now. I think he is the most underrated member of the Trinity. In fact, I think it’s almost like there is a conspiracy to keep people from knowing about the Holy Spirit.

    • I agree. If they can cause us to not realize and understand that the Holy Spirit is God within us, residing within us, the power that gives us, then they have that measure of control.

  2. Crandew says:

    If the world is flat then there would be no proof of planets or black holes or anything ‘space’ related. All of those things would be imaginary. The lie could be to protect whatever’s on the other side of the surrounding ice wall, the South pole.

    • I need I think to see if I can find the video that discusses that very thing. I have so many people sending me so many videos that the ones I do get to watch, some get twisted together and I really don’t want to confuse matters any more than this write did 😉 I do remember one though on an ice wall.

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