Day 105; Footnotes of Sure Mom

It is always good, to feel wanted and needed.

Mom called, was it today or yesterday?  She asked if I would mow their back yard. It was bothering dad that it was getting high. Sure mom. I’m not finished with my yard, but sure. So today, I crank up the push mower that can and set to work. I get their side yard and back yard mowed. I really hope that there wasn’t anything back there that she didn’t want mowed down because if there was, there isn’t now. It didn’t take that long to get it mowed since it wasn’t that long since I had mowed it and it really wasn’t all that high. Still, if it will calm dad and get mom and few minutes peace, while he thinks of something else, its all good.

 When I finished that, I worked on mulching the leaves between the two yards. I then moved to the upper part of my yard. The only area where grass will grow, and that growing grass was fighting up through last fall’s leaves. I spent what felt like forever trying to work my way around, mulching the leaves as much as possible.

I need now to get the bag for the mower and try to clean up the leaves that are up there and get as much as possible cleared away so the grass and flowers can grow. 

I did check out the area that was one of the first I cleaned up once it started getting warm. I had dug up and moved the Iris last year, but I noticed there are a few coming up. There are also various wildflower and wisteria growing. I debated on mowing anyway, but I didn’t. Maybe the wildflowers will look and do better since a lot of the growth has been moved. We’ll see. Or I’ll break down and mow it. 

As I was wandering around the front yard, cleaning, clearing, mowing, I noticed that my red azaleas are finally in full bloom and another flower that I wasn’t sure had lived is also in full bloom.

 I have flower seeds that mom gave me, something someone had sent her in the mail so I’m sure there isn’t much in a packet. I’ll try to get that in the ground tomorrow.

 I finally got around to raking the leaves away from the back of the house and into the edge of the woods. All of those up against the house bothered me. There was so much of them and knowing that a copperhead would be difficult to see in that, I raked it away. Thankfully there were no snakes to be seen. So far. 

At one point as I was raking, I stopped and simply listened. It was quiet, peaceful, relaxing. Even as I had raking to do, even as I had all manner of things I needed to do inside. I stood there and absorbed the peace that is nature. Of all the things I may not have, I do have this. I have my family, my home, my home in the country, a couple spoiled pets and some hilarious to watch stray not so stray cats. We have what we need, we are blessed.

So yeah, every time I get the call, and I am physically able, I’ll answer the same way, Sure mom.

that is how close the woods are to the house.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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10 Responses to Day 105; Footnotes of Sure Mom

  1. Vishal Dominic says:

    This is a wonderful post and a great reminder to be thankful for what we have. We’re all blessed in some way or the other when we think about it. Nice pictures too.

  2. You’re a great daughter! That’s a lot of work. ❤️

    • Thank you. I would be better if I did it with out her feeling as if she has to add the “When you have time, if you can, if you need something to do…” Or, if I would jump on it without having to be asked..but it really wasn’t that high 😉 but again, they do have some age on them so maybe to them, it was that high. Thank you for your visit and gift of kind words.

      • Parents often have the best way of guilting us, don’t they? I know my own parenting isn’t perfect. I hope they know how lucky they are to have you.

  3. Thank you. I really don’t think she means to see it as that. I believe she doesn’t want to be a bother, but because she can’t do the things herself-which makes her crazy- she has to ask, and she hates doing that. But, dad will annoy the hound out of her until someone does what ever it is at the moment..but yeah, she tells me often how appreciative she is over all that is done for them.

  4. Gorgeous flowers! You are such a sweetie, Rebecca.

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