Well That was Interesting

Bella and I went to Crowder’s Mountain State Park to hike the mountain. She loves to go up there and the minute I let her inside to get her halter on, she was sitting looking from me to it as if to ask please. Not fully realizing we were going. 

We got there without issue and began the hike. Now, I’ll be the first to  say, it is still a bit of a struggle. Not nearly as much as it was mind you. I do however still breathe heavily and my legs grumble, but at least they aren’t screaming as they once were. Still…

To the gentleman I passed who going down, as Bella and I were going up, no..sir, you are incorrect. Bella does not pull me up the mountain.  She is more apt to pull me as we are going down, especially the closer we get to the parking lot. If, you had bothered to pay attention, you would have noticed how much slack was in the leash. But, rather than get all upset over your incorrect summation, I smiled made some off hand comment about trying not to let her, and kept moving.

 That would have been enough but no.

We get to the top and I set up in our usual spot to give Bella her water. There was a couple girls (mid twenties maybe?) who were in front of us, one wasn’t feeling well at all. It was obvious she had gotten overheated. She managed to move off to one side in case she got sick. I asked the girl with her if they had any type of cloth, bandana, anything they could dampen and let her put across her forehead. They managed to come up with something as she sat off to the side.

I told them if they needed them, I knew the rangers would come give them a ride down. After a few moments one of the younger girls that was with them came running telling them they had found the perfect place for her to cool off. They moved away and I took a few photos of the landscape from where I stood.

It wasn’t too busy up there, but there was so much haze filling the sky, trying to take photos was basically pointless. 



oh no

It felt as if something had gotten under my contact. And it hurt. Bella was calm, it wasn’t too terribly crowded at the top, I figured I could fix my contact. I had forgotten that figuring, is related to thinking, and sometimes I shouldn’t be allowed to do that. As in this case.

I sat down on a rock, found the eye drops I always carry, and proceeded to remove my contact. I wear tiny, rigid contacts. Tiny. I thought I had what ever was on it, if anything was, cleared and moved to put it back in my eye.

Just as a nice, cool, stiff breeze came through. It didn’t feel as if my contact was in my eye and it definitely wasn’t on my clothing. I began to search the ground, and search, and search. Bella was past ready to leave and of course being a dog had no understanding of why I was literally crawling around on the ground, searching for some unknown something.

After several long minutes, I finally gave up. It wasn’t there. It wasn’t on my clothing. It wasn’t on Bella. Who knew where the breeze may have carried that tiny thing. Gathering everything up, we started down the mountain.

I wanted to get home so I could call and order a contact. One more thing in a strong of many.

But it didn’t bother me as badly as it once would have. I could see, very well with the one so there wasn’t any fear or risk of my falling off the side somewhere. It did however seem as if it took forever to get down, when it usually doesn’t feel that long.

 We got to the car and Bella jumped inside. I got her secure and I sat down in the driver’s seat. I pulled down the visor and looked in the mirror, just to see. There, way out of place near the back of my eye, was the contact. I hadn’t lost it. The wind hadn’t blown it away. I had simply tried to do something I shouldn’t have.

I am glad though that I stayed calm, that really would have been an interesting waste of energy and emotion.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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