April Third; Guarding the Tomb

Three hours in and I’m finally getting to write. I do enjoy seeing everything that those I follow share, and it is easy enough to go through while  listening to mom tell me the same thing she told me yesterday and the day before and the day before, yet again. She will be in the  midst of a conversation and something will ping her memory and she will manage to make that story fit right in. I don’t mind, because it really doesn’t matter if I’ve heard that story before. There are times, especially when she is remembering things from her youth or the earlier part of her and dad’s marriage that she will remember something new. 

I’ve also been sitting here watching out the window, on guard against the cats who are showing an intense interest in the birds this morning. If I had not  set up the feeder, it would be different. With the birds visiting the feeder, it gives me the guilt feelings of almost having set them up for death by feral cat. Even as I know it is a cat’s nature, but this seems as unfair as baiting a field for deer. 

It reminds me of the Roman soldiers placed to guard the tomb. I wonder what they thought, what they discussed as the hours dragged by. From the moment the stone was rolled in front of the tomb and they were put in place, what were their thoughts? Was there a changing of the guard of sorts, where fresh guards replaced the original? Did they discuss their assignment of guarding the tomb of one considered dead? Did they question how there could be a threat?I wonder if the hours dragged by for them, slow and torturous in the passing. What or who may have come too near only to be ordered away? How attentive were they, to their assignment, there on that day of despair?

I wonder, how much we stand guard over our own life? How protective are we, to what is within our soul? What do we allow to move too close, or even enter within our life and life style? Have we possibly, pushed a stone in front of the entrance to our heart and soul, wrongly seeking to protect it from what life offers?

I will be the first to admit that I have made my mistakes in life. I have allowed emotions, desires, even people to enter my life and cause me to wander down the wrong path. The good thing is that the guard at the stone have always gotten my attention at some point and helped me to return to the correct road for my journey. I wondered often why, there seemed to be times that it took longer for the guards to appear, but I believe, that no journey is without lessons of worth.

It is in the realization that we have need to turn around that is important. Taking the lessons learned with us, we move to regain our footing and move forward. Understanding that it may take a while to return, we keep walking.

I know too, that life has a way of causing damage to the spirit of individuals. In an attempt to prevent further pain, we roll that stone before our heart and cry no more. Standing guard, seeking to protect and prevent. Storing life and living away in a dark, sheltered tomb. Waiting, until the day, wondering if there ever will be the day, when the stone will be rolled away.

About rebecca s revels

A wife, a mother, a full time employee. A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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12 Responses to April Third; Guarding the Tomb

  1. What a thoughtful post! Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter. 🙂

  2. alisendopf says:

    I know what you mean – it’s a battle against feeding the birds and then accidentally feeding the cats. What I’ve learned to do is to put the feeder out of the way of the cats. I now have the feeder dangling over open air from my balcony. The cats can look all they want, but can never get. When it is time to refill, I swing the feeder back over my deck, and fill it up.

    Here’s to many more months of joyful bird watching – by us and the cats.

    • It isn’t helping that the birds are now trying to steal left over crumbs from the bowls in which I feed the cats..seems almost like tempting fate. But yes, here is to many more months of enjoyment.

      • alisendopf says:

        LOL! That is too funny 🙂 It seems that once one bird ‘bites’ it, the other ones wizen up pretty quick when the cats are outside. When we lived in an acreage, the birds quickly figured out that they could eat in piece first thing in the morning, and then later in the evening when the cats were tucked away inside. Enjoy!

      • Most of the time it seems they know when its safe. I did see one cat appear out of nowhere and catch a cardinal unaware, but thankfully the bird was just enough quicker to get away.

      • alisendopf says:

        Whew!!! I absolutely love cats, but I do wish they would know the difference between mice and birds…

      • Its funny in a way. My mother next door has several bird feeders in front of her house. She lectures the cats to leave her birds alone, and they do. I may need her to come up here.

      • alisendopf says:

        A real life cat whisperer. That is so cool.

  3. flavolosa says:

    I really connected to this post. Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts. Happy Easter!

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