March Thirty-first- I’m Alive!

“Number 5…is alive” I’ll admit it, I absolutely loved that silly movie (Short Circuit). I’ll admit even more, I’m a fan of all movies of this genre, along with animated and some of the newer computer generated imagery movies. Senior citizen body…big kid at heart. And you know what? I feel no shame. 

As a child growing up with two brothers, there wasn’t a lot on my mind other than play. We had our magic kingdom here on our dirt road. We played, we laughed, we had the best time. While there were boundaries, we being children, would bend or break them from time to time. There were always lessons to be learned though and punishments to be endured. The sheer torture of being made to sit on a porch looking out at the fun waiting to be had, only to have to do the time for breaking the law of the ones in charge. 

As we aged, the restrictions were less strict but they did still exist. Go have fun, but at dark thirty, you better be home. There were no street lights along the dirt road, so when the sun set, dark it was. 

But oh how we lived. The woods filled with the magic of imagination. Land to be explored, kingdoms to be created and discovered. Hills to climb, creeks to play in and drink from. Chasing crawdads, tadpole and minnows. Watching a water spider skate across the water’s surface. Finding amazing rocks that had no monetary value but felt so right in pockets. Helping in the garden, knowing that the fruits of our labors would produce vegetables with a taste like nothing less than amazing. How different the taste of that which is home grown. Is it because it was planted and tended with love? Not forced, not doused with chemicals or engineering of any sort?

Here I am now, well beyond my childhood years, yet my heart still seeks the things of my youth.

I hike the woods behind my home, alone but for my camera. I seek the solitude of self, but the company of memories. I hear the laughter that echoes, the voices of family members silenced from life by death, but not in the heart. I see the shadows of those who have walked these trails, worked the gardens and enjoyed this place as much as I do now.

I work in my yard, seeking to clear away the debris of Autumn and Winter so that Spring may thrive. I wait the tilling of the soil so I may plant my garden and hope for the same results of the past. I watch as I clear for the life that hides among the leaves so that I do no harm.At night, when the warmth has brought them from their rest, I will watch the lightening bugs dance among the trees, I will remember the times of chasing them, capturing and holding them within a glass jar until finally releasing them once again into the night. Allowing the continuous of their dance.

I will watch the rising moon, see the stars as the sparkle in the night, listening to the symphony of the resident of the woods singing their nightly songs.

I call my dog Bella, and we go to hike in a local state park. She knows that I will stop constantly to look, to photograph and to feel the magic of nature. She knows, that I will follow the butterfly, if not physically, I will watch with fascinated eyes and heart until it has moved beyond range.From the top of the mountain, resting from the climb and drinking water to quench the thirst created, I will look out across the land before me. I will breathe in the air and feel the sunlight on my face. I will rest on the granite rocks and wonder of their age. Who or what has passed here before me? Who in lifetimes past, stood on this mountain top and looked out across the land stretching away?

We are in odd times. So much has been taken away from us across the world. We have been locked down, masked and isolated from others. Distance, stay home, stay covered, be afraid. BE very afraid.

But as I look out the window at the softly falling rain, as I see the shades of green and the flowers sprinkled within. As I see the Dogwood tree breaking out in bloom at the edge of the woods, I smile. As I feel the returning warmth of Spring, as I open windows and hear the songs of birds, I smile. As that gentle rains fall and the feral cats peer through the opening in the foundation of my home, I smile.I smile, because I am alive!

Along this journey of life I have walked, I have often struggled. I have felt beaten down. I have felt abandoned. I have felt alone. Along this journey I have sought answers in an apparent silence. Then, I learned to listen. I learned to talk to the One who hears. I learned to pay attention to where I can feel the presence. Through every part of my journey, through every storm and battle, I have not been alone. I have been guided, been protected, been comforted, even when it went unrecognized.

This coming Sunday, is Resurrection Sunday, the tomb was found empty. He had arisen. Because He lives, I am alive.

Thank you Chris for the use of your photo.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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11 Responses to March Thirty-first- I’m Alive!

  1. You have just reminded me of a worship song I had intended to include in my post today. Because He Lives! Have a blessed Easter.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Beautiful post, Rebecca. Memories of the past, blessings of the present and hope and peace for the future because of the Resurrected Lord. I hope you have a Happy Resurrection Day!

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