Day 89; Footnotes of Don’t Cry Over Broken Eggs

I haven’t figured out yet exactly how I managed to do, what I did. But, considering it was me, it was probably easy.

Recently my son finished destroying his phone. He had dropped it weeks ago and put a slight crack in the screen. A week or so later, he managed to crack the screen more. He said the phone still worked fine so he wasn’t worried. Then, while in Atlanta to see the NASCAR race, while trying to find a restaurant after the race, he tossed the phone onto the car seat beside him and it shattered completely. His phone was now dead on arrival. Or at least that’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

 So he started researching phones, trying to decide what he wanted, what would work for him, what might be safe in his hands. He had settled on one, but after some discussions on the ordering of this phone- and the fact that there was at that time, still a humongous ship parked sideways in the Suez Canal meaning he might get the phone around Christmas.

I’ve heard many of the possibilities of what happened, but I’m wondering if someone was watching that old movie Every Which Way But Loose with Clint Eastwood and recited the “Right turn Clyde” just a little too loudly. That was an ooops sure enough.

He then came and told me he had made his decision on the phone he wanted. Showing me the phone which is a kinda slightly cross between a flip phone and a dual phone he added that a local electronics store had some in stock. Unfortunately as we were talking we noticed the hours and the store had closed three minutes prior to our beginning the discussion.

Since his work hours are unpredictable as to when he will get finished for the day, I bit the bullet and went to the store today. I had the phone information written on a scrap of paper because I knew I would not remember what sounded more like mere random numbers, not a phone. When I got inside, I made my way back to the phones and waited my turn. When it finally came, I simply held out the paper and told the man I was looking for that phone. It took the man a few minutes to decipher what was on the paper, yeah, my handwriting is that bad.

He walked around to this huge locked cabinet and searched through the contents finally bringing out the phone. I know I asked the man twice if it was the right phone, what it looked like and he pointed at one behind me. I’m sorry, that doesn’t look like what he showed me, but when I walked over and actually put my hand on it and the top screen moved, okay, he’s right, I’m wrong. I wanted to be sure, there was the forty-five dollar restock fee at stake. 

I get the thing paid for, get out of the store after passing through their check point of seeing receipt and purchase and then headed for the car. I was thinking since I was close enough, I could go ahead and get groceries. Then I thought of that phone. I tried to push it out of sight. I covered it, I convinced myself kind of, sort of, not really, that it would be fine. Instead I went back, got back in the car and took the phone home. 

As I neared our dirt road, I passed the mail carrier coming out of a road just before ours. So I went inside, put the phone in my son’s room then waited on the mail carrier. I was kind of, sort of, really hoping, that stimulus check would come. When the carrier got back up the road he did stop at our mail box. As I walked up the drive I saw a great big, box, delivery truck coming in. I shouted at the mail carrier to wait because of the truck. He stopped quickly and backed up, telling me he would have hit that. I’m still wondering about that. How do you not see something that big? Anyway, the truck got by, the mail carrier drove on and we didn’t get any checks.I put the junk mail where junk mail goes then headed back out to get groceries.

It was a good thing that I had taken the phone home. Just as I was parking the car at the big box store he called wondering where I was. When I told him I also told him his phone was in his room. That was what he was wondering about. If I was going to get it for him, nope, not going to, already have. Ending the call I made my way inside.

When I finally had found everything, I made my way to check out. I enjoy checking out through people that I’ve checked out through before. I get to speak some and try to offer a moment of kindness in case they are needed a kindness boost. As I approached the check out line, I asked if two people who were back away were in line but no, they were just visiting. I took my place and waited. The lady ahead of me had broken her purchases into two groups. I’ve done that so there wasn’t any problem. As she neared finishing her transaction, the lady who was on a motorized cart, who had been visiting with the gentleman passed by me and then the lady checking out. She then began giving the lady checking out a hard time, then telling the employee that she needed to get customer service over there as she was taking up too much of everyone’s time. She even told the employee at the next register the same thing. By now it was obvious they were related and I’m guessing sisters and the one was determined to tease and embarrass the other. Going so far as to pretend to call the police telling them they needed to get there and get this woman moving. When they finally left, the employee at the second register turned to the lady checking me out and told her she needed to keep her crazy customers over there. I’m glad for once for that stupid mask, it hid how hard I was grinning over the proceedings. After paying for my groceries I got everything loaded in the car and headed home.

 As I unloaded my purchases I picked up the bag containing the eggs. I had purchased a carton of eighteen eggs. I immediately saw the wet place where the bag had been. I had tried to be so careful with the eggs, but a bag containing cans of cat food had slipped. The eggs were the last thing I went to put away. Opening the carton it didn’t take long to discover that out of the eighteen, I had three left unbroken.What a mess.

 I took some food out to the feral cats. The one I’ve been calling Loud Mouth was in the mood for attention. He wanted some good old fashioned head rubs and ear scratches. Fuzzy Butt came closer than ever, but still just couldn’t quite do it. She (?) finally moved over to one side and sat down as if trying to tell me she could wait me out. And she did.

I saw my son come in from work so I went to see what he thought of that phone. Even now, hours later, I think he’s still checking out the bells and whistles since his old phone was a basic, not too much to it phone. 

Today I got groceries. I got his phone. A dear friend ordered a door dash meal for us that was soooooooo amazing I’m about to pop. So I managed to break a few eggs, it isn’t the first time. At least this time it didn’t involve my tripping, falling and basically slamming the carton onto a brick sidewalk while bruising both knees badly. So no, I’ll not cry over breaking these. I have enough for breakfast tomorrow then it will give me a reason to go back out into the real world. I’m pretty sure I can come up with a reason to drop by the handy dandy garden center not too far away.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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8 Responses to Day 89; Footnotes of Don’t Cry Over Broken Eggs

  1. What a lovely little story. So some eggs got broken, life still goes on!

  2. Irene Melgoza says:

    That’s a lot of broken eggs. I never place my eggs in a bag…always leave them on the top of the cart where people usually sit their kids. 🙂

    • I do the same, it was on the way home when they got broken. Usually I try to make sure they are in a safe place, something told me to move them to the back seat but I didn’t. At least the eggs aren’t that expensive. Live and learn right?

  3. Busy day. I can imagine you with the cats. We were in your position with our cats before, actually still am, we can only touch one, but sitting with the others is enough for now. I hope your breakfast was nice and that your son is happy with his phone.

    • He seems to be so far. He has been installing all the apps he had on the other phone and playing around with all the bells and whistles. My son keeps asking how long before we have one of the feral cats inside. I told him even if we tamed them all, they aren’t coming inside. Our inside cat would not allow it, this is her royal self’s domain no interloper allowed. Thank you, for your visit and gift of kind words.

  4. Siva jyothi says:

    Blooms r amazing 😍

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